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Top 10 Best Law Firm Logos that Raise the Bar

Top 10 Best Law Firm Logos that Raise the Bar

You know what they say – judge not a book by its cover. But let’s be honest, we all do it anyway. First impressions count, and in law, one of the first things potential clients will notice about you is your firm’s logo.

If you were going to hire an attorney, which logo would make you feel more confident: a dull and generic design or a sleek modern one that screams “professional and competent?” Yeah, that’s what I thought.

A good logo isn’t just decoration. It’s a vital part of your brand identity that can communicate the firm's values, experience and expertise before the client walks through the door. And with such fierce competition in legal services – having this advantage could mean everything.

The Laws of Attraction

So, what exactly makes some logos pop while others fall flat? Let’s break it down.

Simplicity Speaks Volumes: You’ve heard the phrase “less is more,” right? Well, more valid words have never been spoken regarding logo design. The best logos are simple; they’re clean lines anyone can recognise. Think Nike’s Swoosh or Apple’s Apple; these symbols are iconic because they’re straightforward yet memorable.

In law, however, we want our logos to speak professionalism, trustworthiness, stability, etcetera… Busy designs may appear cluttered or disorganised, which we do not want to associate with our law practice by any means, shape, or form.

Colours That Command Respect

Colours have deep emotional connotations tied back to psychology. Classic colours for legal firms include navy blue, burgundy forest green as they portray confidence, intelligence tradition, etcetera…

That said, though – don’t play safe all the time either! You can use bold accent colour splash somewhere within your logo to catch people’s eyes and leave an impression on them forever after seeing it once. Just be careful about what message you are sending out; loud reds and oranges might come off as too aggressive, while pastels may read unprofessional.

Typeface Matters

You wouldn’t wear a Hawaiian shirt to court, would you? The same goes for your logo’s typefaces – skip those frilly decorative fonts, which could undermine credibility.

Instead, use clean-serif or sans-serif options that are easily read in print and on screen. While you want something weighty and authoritative, try not to pick anything too bold or intense, which feels like letters are screaming at people, because this can seem overbearing if done incorrectly.

Symbolism That Stands the Test Of Time

Some of the most fantastic logos ever made use simple, timeless symbols like scales (representing justice), laurel wreaths (victory), or columns (strength stability). These classic motifs instantly communicate the core values of a law firm along with its legal areas of practice focus, etcetera…

Of course, though, you will need some modern take on these traditional symbols so that your logo stays fresh and unique; just don’t get carried away by gavel icons, etcetera… It starts coming across as cheesy or clichéd

The Top 10 Best Law Firm Logos

Alright, enough with the logo lecture. You want to see some brilliant examples in action, am I right? Well, you're in luck! Here are my top 10 picks for the best law firm logos out there today:

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1 – White & Case

White &Amp; Case Law Firm Logo Design

Since 1901, White & Case has been a prestigious global law firm with an exciting background. Based in New York City, the company has become one of the world's largest legal practices by establishing offices across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The company's emblem is a graphical representation of its personality and principles. The central part of this logo is “White & Case” – written in a clean sans-serif typeface. This typography expresses professionalism, dependability, and contemporaneity while staying true to the organisation’s idea that it must provide excellent legal services to its customers.

Being a connector between two names, the ampersand (&) sign appears on the logo uniquely, reflecting collaboration among individuals within this enterprise who consider various points of view and their expertise when tackling complicated legal issues. It is usually set apart from other elements by using different colours or treatment options, making it a more noticeable element that contributes to the recognition factor associated with any given logo design, such as white and s mark.

2 – Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance Law Firm Logos

Clifford Chance is a world-famous global law firm with a great history and a unique brand image. The company was created in 1987 when two top law firms, Clifford Turner and Coward Chance, merged. Since then, it has become one of the most prominent legal practices.

Clean, modern typefaces were used for their logo design to represent transparency and simplicity in communication. The boldness of the sans-serif font style reflects confidence and authority, which resonates with their standing as leaders in the legal field.

In general, Clifford Chance’s emblem is an excellent visual representation of what this organisation stands for worldwide: professionalism at its best coupled with tradition meeting innovation. It shows that they have achieved eminence among other international companies dealing with law matters and hence should be respected by all people who work there or seek services from them.

3 – Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells Lawer Logo Design

Hogan Lovells is an international law firm with a long history and unique identity. It was created in the US in 1899 and has since become one of the world’s largest and most respected legal practices, with offices all over the globe.

Its logo represents a visual representation of the firm’s brand and values. This was designed to give off a sense of professionalism, modernity, strength and any other necessary quality. The design combines typography with symbolism seamlessly, expressing excellence and the ability to deal with complicated legacies.

The centre of attention in this logo is taken by the company name ‘Hogan Lovells’. The font used for writing it down is clean and bold, indicating confidence and authority resulting from their solid legal expertise delivery reputation backed up by unwavering client support during litigation processes or any other required legal action on behalf of clients.

4 – Morgan Lewis

Morgan Lewis Law Firm Logo Design

Founded in 1873 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Morgan Lewis is a great international law firm. It has transformed into one of the world’s largest and most reputable law firms, with a presence all over North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The company’s emblem represents its brand identity and values graphically. The wordmark uses a bold sans-serif typeface, which gives it strength, professionalism and modernity. To signify trustworthiness, dependability, and intelligence – highly regarded qualities in the legal profession – the colour scheme is comprised of deep blue.

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With its simplicity and cleanliness of design, the logo looks sophisticated and confident, thus showing the excellence achieved by the organisation while dealing with complicated legal issues skillfully. This visual system demonstrates Morgan Lewis’ position as a leading global law firm with an unparalleled commitment to providing top-notch legal services to clients worldwide without compromising professional ethics or integrity standards.

5 – Weil, Gotshal & Manges

Weil Law Firm Logos

Weil, Gotshal & Manges is a prestigious worldwide law office with a long and storied history that dates back to the late 1800s. The inception of this firm was credited to Frank Weil, Horace Manges, and Ira Millstein in 1931 in New York City as a small commercial litigation and corporate law practice.

Over time, it has grown into one of the largest global legal services providers, with offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. The company specialises in many different areas, including mergers & acquisitions (M&A), private equity (PE), bankruptcy/restructuring/insolvency (BRI), securities litigation/enforcement defence counsel work related to intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets etc.

The design simplicity reflects clarity found through rigorous analysis applied during their legal practice; wherefore no other creative elements or symbols were added apart from words representing its name, which are presented frontally, thereby signifying robustness inherent in Weil, Gotshal & Manges brand awareness across all markets served by them.

Essentially, the Weil, Gotshal & Manges logo represents rich past achievements and innovative thinking for future success within the legal profession.

Logo Personality Quiz

It's a fun break for a quick interactive element! Answer these five questions to find out what type of law firm logo matches your personality best:

What’s your ideal office vibe like? 

A) Warm and traditional 

B) Modern and minimalist 

C) Bold and in-your-face 

D) Efficient and no-nonsense

Your colleagues would describe you as 

A) Classic and professional, 

B) Innovative and creative 

C) Assertive and confident 

D) Practical and hardworking

In court, your style is: 

A) Polished and eloquent

B) Tech-savvy and visual 

C) Commanding and decisive 

D) Meticulous and prepared

Which of the following brand colours do you prefer? 

A) Deep burgundy or forest green 

B) Bright, poppy hues 

C) Power colours like red or navy 

D) Neutral tones like charcoal or tan

If your legal career were an object, it would be: 

A ) A vintage fountain pen 

B ) An architect’s ruler 

C ) A Brandenburg gate keychain 

D ) A sleek, leather briefcase

Primarily As: You’re all about tradition. You value professionalism above everything else, so classic serif wordmark logos with burgundy, navy, and hunter green are perfect for establishing your polished image.

Mostly Bs: Innovation is your middle name – but not literally because that would be weird (unless it is “Innovation”). Anyways… modern logos catch your eye; look for clean designs with striking colour combinations, such as bright coral against seafoam green alongside yellow accents somewhere, too?

Mostly Cs: You have this boldness about yourself that demands attention wherever it goes – even when choosing company logos! Powerful symbols make sense, given how strong-willed people describe themselves like yourself. Try incorporating thick lettering into words representing things like “firm” or use some other assertive-looking typeface paired alongside deep purple blues, etc.…

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Mostly Ds: You do not like to waste time or beat around bushes – you get straight to the point. Simple sans-serif wordmark logos are your best bet; something clean, efficient and legible, like charcoal grey on forest green, might do the trick.

6 – Reed Smith

Reed Smith Logo Design Law Firm

Reed Smith is among the most well-known global law firms with a long history and unique brand. It was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1877 during what could only be described as exponential growth, leading to its worldwide presence with more than thirty offices across the globe. Altogether, they employ over seventeen hundred attorneys representing clients from various industries and sectors.

Simple and clean, the typography of Reed Smith’s logo represents their dedication to clarity and simplicity. Using sharp angles and geometric shapes in lettering indicates strength, stability and accuracy – all highly valued qualities within the legal profession.

This emblem is a robust branding device for Reed Smith; it effectively communicates professionalism and excellence while reflecting on company values. Clean lines, bold typeface selection, and an appropriate colour scheme contribute towards creating a memorable visual identity among clients and stakeholders alike.

7 – Ashurst

Ashurst Law Firm Logos

Ashurst is a prestigious international law firm with a long history and unique brand. Its foundation dates back to 1822 in the UK, but it now has offices worldwide, including London, New York City, Sydney and Singapore.

The Ashurst logo represents the company’s background and beliefs. In the middle of this emblem is an enlarged letter “A” written in a stylised way, which serves as an abbreviation for Ashurst. The typeface used for this initial differs from others; it looks strong, stable, professional, and legal.

The Ashurst logo is well-designed and meaningful, reflecting its values, traditions, and worldwide presence. The simple yet elegant design makes it easy to recognise, while small details give more depth to its interpretation.

8 – Shearman & Sterling

Shearman And Sterling Law Firm Logo

Shearman & Sterling is a law firm of great age and many years. It was founded in 1873. Originating in New York City, it has expanded to become one of the world’s largest legal practices, offering outstanding services across many areas such as mergers and acquisitions, finance, litigation and international arbitration. For many clients, this company has always been regarded for its top-quality advice on any matter of law, from multinational corporations to governments or non-profits.

Shearman & Sterling has permanently changed with times where laws change or markets shift to stay at the forefront among innovators and service providers for their customers; they have thus positioned themselves strategically based on this principle throughout history. The core values that make this possible include excellence, integrity, and teamwork, which have enabled the firm to achieve recognition as one of the leading international law firms worldwide.

9 – Faegre Drinker

Faegre Drinker Law Firm Logo Design

Faegre Drinker is a well-known legal firm created in 2020 after Faegre Baker Daniels and Chicago-based law firm Drinker Biddle & Reath merged. Both companies have long-standing records dating back to the late 1800s when they were recognised as some of America’s top lawyers, especially since they offered unparalleled service levels and had knowledge across various sectors. The joining together made it one of the 50 most extensive US practices, with over thirteen hundred attorneys worldwide.

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Their logo design represents professionalism, trustworthiness, and innovative thinking by following these principles: Firstly, most law firms tend to select logos that depict reliability, authority, and conservatism; hence, this should not be an exception for F.D. It uses pure fonts to enhance professional outlook while at the same time maintaining credibility through simplicity. The colour scheme would probably be conventional: green combined with black – both known as serious shades within legal circles and signifying seriousness beyond them.

10 – Seyfarth Shaw

Seyfarth Shaw Logo Design

Seyfarth Shaw is a well-established law firm that has a history and visual representation of itself. It was established in 1945 near Chicago, Illinois, but now it operates worldwide, with offices in different countries.

Seyfarth Shaw Firm's logo is eye-catching, representing their brand and values at a glance. The design comprises “Seyfarth Shaw” written in bold sans-serif typeface with modern, clean lines that are easy on the eyes. This font choice gives an impression of professionalism, power and transparency required by the legal services industry.

To sum up, the Seyfarth Shaw logo combines typography with symbolism while adhering to some basic principles of graphic design to create something visually appealing yet meaningful too – one that reflects not only what this organisation stands for but also its hopes and dreams within the field of law where it strives for nothing less than excellence.

Top Firm, Top Logo

That's my definitive rundown of the best law firm logos today! As you can see, there's an incredible diversity in approaches, from bold iconography and striking colours to understated wordmarks that speak volumes through clever typography and geometry alone.

But what they all share are some key hallmarks of practical, strategic logo design for the legal industry:

  • A sense of gravitas, authority, and timelessness while still feeling contemporary and unique
  • Clever use of classic symbolism and colour associations
  • Restraint, simplicity, and maximum versatility
  • Typography and composition that reinforces the firm's core brand personality and practice areas

An exceptional law firm logo doesn't just represent your business – it means your capability, standards, and promise of outstanding service to clients. It is a powerful, persuasive visual rhetoric before meeting a potential client.

So whether you opt for a crisp, iconic wordmark or a bold emblem loaded with symbolism, always appreciate the power of a great logo to shape first impressions and elevate your firm's credibility and brand identity. After all, in an industry where attention to detail and professionalism reign supreme, you'd better make sure your logo is Clear as day.


What colours should be used for law firm logos?

Navy blue, burgundy, forest green and gold or silver accents are among the most popular and successful colour choices. Such tones express professionalism, intelligence, and tradition, which are highly valued in the legal profession. Moreover, brighter accent colours like crimson or bright green can work well if applied sparingly.

Should I use a wordmark or an emblem/iconic logo for my law firm?

There is no correct answer because each approach can be efficient. Wordmarks create a classic authoritative feeling and allow your company name to take centre stage, while emblems/ iconic logos offer more opportunity for symbolic meaning and visual interest. Consider your firm’s brand personality, the practice areas it serves, and whether you want a more traditional or modern look.

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How much does it cost to get a professional law firm logo design done?

The price varies greatly depending on whether you hire a freelancer or work with a large branding agency. However, expect to pay about $300-$1500 for simple logo design; comprehensive branding packages, including guidelines collateral, etc., may range from $5000-$15000+ for elite firms (quality/strategy costs).

What makes a law firm logo timeless and versatile?

Keep the design relatively simple without too many stylised/trendy elements; avoid gimmicks; stick with a limited colour palette, preferably classic hues only; ensure the logo looks clean & legible at any size; choose iconic meaningful symbols over literal illustrations that can become dated.

How do I ensure my logo reflects my specific practice areas?

Colour psychology combined with subtle, imaginative symbolism is essential here – e.g., green logos could imply an environmental law focus. At the same time, scales of justice or laurel wreaths indicate litigation expertise (but don’t overdo clichés like gavels). An experienced designer will know this stuff.

Can I design my law firm logo or hire a professional?

Unless you possess fundamental graphic design skills & brand identity experience, hiring someone who does is highly recommended. Professional logo designers will ensure your emblem follows best practices, looks polished, is unique to only your brand and reflects its positioning/voice accurately. DIY rarely achieves those goals effectively.

How do I keep my logo from becoming dated?

Avoid overly stylised graphics or typography, which could feel trendy/gimmicky in a few years; build around vital, timeless concepts; create thorough branding guidelines so that the system remains consistent while still being able to change with the firm over time.

What are some familiar logo design mistakes made by law firms?

Busy, cluttered designs; too many colours (1-3 hues max); overly complex imagery/illustrations; copying competitors’ logos or lack of differentiation – anything which undermines professionalism / looks flashy or gimmicky; clichéd legal symbols like gavels or scales of justice etc.

Should my law firm symbol be traditional or modern?

The answer depends on how you want your brand to stand out among others and who you want it to attract. Going for a forward-thinking logo that is modern with geometric parts might work well with younger tech-savvy customers, especially those attracted by bright colours or such firms could opt for tradition and stability, which older people are comfortable with represented by muted shades combined with serif word marks when their target audience is conservative.

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