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Transform Your Brand Identity with Our Graphic Design Services

Your brand identity matters more than ever. That's why hundreds of businesses trust Inkbot Design for our top-tier graphic design services to help them stand out. With over 20 years of experience, our award-winning designers have crafted logos, branding materials, websites and more for brands big and small.

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design That Makes an Impact

Your logo is often the first impression your brand makes. Our skilled team of designers can create the perfect logo to convey your brand's unique identity. We'll work closely with you through the design process, from concept sketches to final files. Inkbot Design has created logos for over 500 delighted clients.

“Inkbot designed a modern, eye-catching logo that became a core part of our brand identity. The team perfectly captured the image we wanted to project.” – Sarah D., eCommerce Company Owner.

Crafting Distinctive Brand Identities

We specialise in logo design, branding guides, stationery, packaging, and other elements that convey the essence of your brand. Our design process focuses on understanding your brand story and values so we can develop a visual identity that resonates with your target audience. We'll ensure your brand makes a lasting impression.

“Inkbot Design created an amazing logo and brand guide that became the cornerstone of our marketing. Their designers truly understood and captured our business perfectly.” – Brian O., CEO of Venture Capital Firm.

Driving Results with Marketing

In addition to brand identity design, we offer a full range of digital marketing services to engage your audience and generate leads. From website design to content creation and PPC ads to SEO optimisation, we have the skills to boost your visibility and increase conversion rates. Our data-driven approach means every marketing campaign is optimised for maximum ROI.

“The new website and digital marketing services Inkbot Design implemented led to a 25% increase in our site traffic and a doubling of our online sales in just six months.” – Edwin S., Director of an eCommerce Business.

Website Design Driven by Strategy

In this digital world, your website is the hub of your brand. Our web design process enhances UX and drives conversions while reflecting your brand aesthetically. With a research-driven strategy, purposeful design choices, and an eye for compelling visuals, we create websites that attract, engage and convert visitors into customers.

“We saw an immediate uptick in traffic and sales after Inkbot redesigned our website. The stunning yet highly functional design made a measurable impact on our business success.” – Mark R., Online Retailer.

Elevate Your Brand with Our Graphic Design Services

Why Choose Us?

Breaking through the noise starts with visual storytelling that captures attention and sparks imagination.

For over 20 years, the talented designers at Inkbot Design have been helping brands come alive through graphic design that goes beyond aesthetics. We dive deep to understand your brand's purpose, persona, and ideals. Then, we craft strategies expressing your brand's essence and soul.

Whether it's branding assets, marketing materials, packaging, or more – our award-winning designers don't just create beautiful visuals. They tell compelling stories that resonate deeply with your audience. We turn inspiration into high-impact designs that help you connect emotionally.

You get more than just first-class graphic design when you work with us. You're getting a passionate team that cares deeply about bringing your brand vision to life.

Large or small, whatever you need, we aim to exceed your expectations.

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Client Testimonials

Julia Shalet Testimonial

I engaged Inkbot Design to help us brand our new advisory firm of mobile practitioners. The brief required was excellent, ensuring that we had thoroughly thought through what we were trying to achieve. They turned around each stage of development very quickly and made themselves available to work outside of standard working hours to suit us. Stuart was never afraid, to be honest when our suggestions would not work in his expert opinion. The creative concepts he produced have enabled us to quickly create a website, presentations, and other paper-based collateral. We worked well as a team, and I hope to engage them in future projects.

– Julia S.

Keir Aubrey Testimonial

I approached Inkbot Design to create the logo based on the strength of their portfolio and the glowing recommendations they received. I’m so glad their graphic design services could help, as they have done a fantastic job that reflected the brief’s intricacies. Stuart was always available to answer questions and provided a very professional service. I was delighted with the initial concepts they put forward, and the final logo we settled upon required very little adaptation, which is a testament to their skill. I would recommend Inkbot Design to anyone serious about their branding or graphic design needs.

– Keir A.

How to Find the Best Graphic Design Agency

What do you want out of a creative when designing something? What if we told you there was no right or wrong answer? It all depends on who will be using the final product or service.

If you have a logo in mind but aren't sure which direction to go with colour theory, perhaps you should consult a colour specialist. If you're going for business cards, maybe you need someone who knows about typography. A web developer may not know where to start when creating interfaces, so ask them to look at your existing web design. The list goes on.

The point is this: you shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the wide selection of available talent. Instead, focus your search on finding people who specialise in exactly what you need. While generalists might be able to work their magic on specific projects, they'll often have little experience working within specific industries or fields. 

This leaves room for mistakes since they don't always understand best practices for your industry. On top of that, many specialists tend to charge higher rates because they offer better quality and support.

Here are four different kinds of designers – from freelancers to full-service companies – that can help give your next creative challenge its due. Read more to learn how to choose the type of graphic design service perfect for you!

Freelance Graphic Designer Platforms

These guys typically have a limited skill set, but they're great for smaller jobs. Freelancers usually don't hold contracts or sign legal agreements, so expect high turnover rates and low salaries. 

They also can be challenging to reach (especially overseas) and won't necessarily provide references or testimonials. However, these factors make them affordable compared to other options, like hiring a professional agency.

Pros: Freelancers can deliver results quickly without needing approval processes. In addition, the cost can vary greatly depending on your needs. For example, a £500 job could quickly become a £5,000 contract. Some freelancers even offer discounts based on the volume of orders.

Cons: Since they don't operate as businesses, they can struggle managing budgets and timelines. Also, freelance workers are self-employed and responsible for meeting deadlines and producing quality products. There's no guarantee that they'll meet those goals. Finally, they may not produce long-lasting relationships with clients.

In short, freelancing has pros and cons. Use caution before signing away control over your designs to a random person online. But if you need quick results, it's worth considering!

Online Graphic Design Services

This option works well for small or simple graphic design projects. Online designers can create logos, banners, infographics, social media graphics, etc., and sometimes include templates for things like brochures and newsletters. These professionals often use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Crello, Visme, Invision, etc.

Pros: Because web-based designers only deal with websites, they have extensive knowledge across various platforms. They are experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SEO, WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Analytics, eCommerce integrations, etc. This means they can handle everything related to making a site function properly.

Cons: When designing for the web, speed and performance matter much less than they would otherwise. Web-only designers probably won't care too much about accessibility guidelines. And while they may be skilled enough to create beautiful designs, they're likely not experienced enough to build fully functional sites.

For larger projects that require collaboration with developers, read below about a design team.

Professional Graphic Design Agencies

Agency-style creatives usually work closely together with client representatives throughout the entire process. Most agencies have a dedicated design team focused on brand identity, UX/UI design, website design, digital marketing, packaging, advertising, illustrations, etc.

Pros: A graphic design agency can access multiple resources, including tools, equipment, materials, production facilities, art libraries, research staff, etc. Not every company has all of this stuff lying around, after all. Plus, being part of an established team provides stability. Lastly, agencies typically have deep pockets, so they can afford to pay premium wages to their creative director.

Cons: Agency fees depend primarily on your budget and the scope of work involved. Unfortunately, this can add costs to your overall budget.

Also, you must consider whether or not you'd prefer to receive individualised attention versus group efforts. You may get feedback from dozens of employees with an agency instead of just one expert. It can sometimes be hard to distinguish one employee's ideas from another's, so keep that in mind when choosing a firm.

Specialty Graphic Designers

An emerging category, speciality designers, are talented individuals who focus solely on particular areas like brand development, illustration, web design, UI/UX design, photography, motion graphics, animation, etc. Specialists generally have formal training in their respective field(s), unlike regular freelancers.

Pros: Specialists are incredibly knowledgeable about their areas of expertise. Their years of education mean they have plenty of practical experience helping others accomplish similar tasks. This leads to faster turnaround time and increased efficiency. Moreover, specialists can usually develop new concepts or improve upon old ones.

Cons: Working with a specialist requires patience. You may encounter delays during the prototyping phase unless you hire a reputable firm. Additionally, weighing the risks associated with outsourcing work to foreign locations would be best. Don't forget that non-specialist firms exist.

Lastly, while specialisation can lead to greater productivity, you still may pay comparable prices to more giant corporations. The benefits of having a single person who understands your requirements far outweigh the drawbacks. So, if you're interested in sticking to a singular vision, try specialising first.

How Do You Choose Your Designer?

There's no set rule for determining which kind of designer to hire. We recommend starting with basic questions until you precisely determine what you need. Then narrow down your choices by focusing on price range, location, skill level, etc. 

Ideally, it would help if you spoke directly with prospective candidates via phone or email. Make sure you're comfortable communicating through text and voice chat, particularly if you plan to request changes later.

Once you've found potential partners, compare graphic design portfolios and samples. Look for evidence of past successes, customer satisfaction, and longevity. Check testimonials from former customers. Ask yourself if you trust them. 

Afterwards, contact each candidate personally to see if you think working with them would be fun! Only engage with people who seem reliable and easygoing.

And lastly, never jump straight into a large order without proper market research. Find out what other companies in your niche are charging. Compare their portfolios side-by-side. See if they fit your ideal specifications. If you're unsure, ask your friends and family for recommendations.

We hope our guide helps you decide whom to call when you need a graphic designer next. We are just a click away!

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