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The cooperation with Inkbot Design was like a good marriage, painless and inspiring.

They were extremely helpful and really wanted to understand the concept of my business.

The fact we were not in the same country / time zone did not affect the project at all.

They were very quick to answer and I could ask for help almost any time.

The result of Inkbot Design's work is just perfect from every point of view because they really listen to their clients.

I would hire them again immediately without thinking about any ‘local options’.

Thank you!

Vera Tamminen

Business Owner

A new logo is a smart business move.

Your Business is your Brand. Your Brand is Our Business.™


How much should I spend invest in my Brand?

How much does a ‘logo' cost? and is it worth it?

Should I hire a professional graphic design agency?

Just Starting Out

If you are a sole trader, freelancer or entrepreneurial business owner, getting your logo right the first time is critical to success.

I would advise investing around £800-1,200 in a logo design package, for which, you will receive a selection of 3-4 world-ready initial concepts to choose from that can be developed and revised until you are happy.

If on top of the logo design, you needed stationery, business cards or some promotional materials, figures towards the £1,500-2,000 mark are sensible to think about.

Business levels

Mid-to-large businesses, maybe those who employ 5-25 people, should naturally look to invest more since there’s much more to consider with their Brand.

An area of £3,000-5,000 is sensible for an extended logo package, where each tailored concept presented has been constructed with a wider brand identity in mind.

For any larger organisation, the pricing of developed branding packages would be determined by the scope of what’s required.

Moving on up

Small businesses, serious startups and established sole traders looking to make the step up to SME level, should think around figures of £1,500-2,000 for their logo design.

This would allow for a more developed package, with extensive research and development of concepts and consideration of brand potential.

Again, if further media is included with a logo package, such as stationery or branded media, I would advise thinking around £2,000-3,000 to cover it.

Global Brands

Larger businesses, Organisations and Corporations looking a rebrand and refresh of existing materials should think of investing at least £5,000 in the logo design process.

Further media can be estimated in a tailored quotation, but expect estimates towards £10,000-20,000 for identity design.

For any work quoted or valued at under £500, up-front payment in full is required to book the time slot. Projects between £500 and £5,000 require an as-standard 50% deposit and above £5,000 can be open to discussion on the easiest breakdown. We are open to significant discount should you be willing to proceed with full payment up front, which simply shows that you are serious about working with us.

As with all figures quoted above, these are advised investment levels that we suggest you consider for your business. Everything is open to negotiation as we do work to your budget at the end of the day.

One thing we would suggest you consider is how much you value your business, how much you value your brand.

If you are struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace, lacking a defining factor against your competition, or potential customers pass you by, this will seriously affect your sales/income. Working with us, you will be able to tell your story to the world visually, through branding that creates trust, memorability and presents a professional face to the world. To many businesses, their brand identity is responsible for 10-40% of their income – if you are serious about making a success, it is not something that should be thrown together quickly, or outsourced to a $5 amateur.

Request A Quote For Graphic Design

Your logo really matters.  A lot.

As the face of your brand, your logo captures your identity visually and makes the right first impression.  You only get to do that once – make it count – separate yourself from the herd, build a more powerful brand making your business bigger, stronger and successful.

Hire A Graphic Designer

Top Branding Agency Logo Designs.

Affordable, real-world pricing that gives businesses of all sizes agency-caliber creative design services that deliver return-on-investment and enhances your brand.  Get more value from a proven, top-rated Branding Agency committed to superior customer service creating logos.

An asset with sustainable value.

Logos crafted with pride, passion and expertise, integrated across all platforms and every point of customer contact, a compelling logo that sends the right message to prospects and customers.  Your visual brand is an enduring asset that will add value for years. Invest in your success now, and you’ll be paid back 10x in the long run!

Work With Inkbot Design Logos

Quotes custom-crafted for you.

Our passion is creating a logo that makes your business unforgettable. The simple form below will help us begin to understand you, your business and your goals. We’ve created hundreds of logos – one at a time – each sizzles with sales punch that enhances clients’ brands.

Professional Graphic Designer For Hire

Branding Agency Quality that’s Value-Priced.

Creative Branding design isn’t fast food.  We won’t insult you with a quote before understanding what you need.  We're not the cheapest, we;re the best, a top-rated company Brand design business committed to highest quality and client satisfaction, delivering Branding agency work at a fraction of the price.

Just a few of our happy clients…

Stuart developed our new company logo design.

I found him to be creative and easy going and I am very happy with our new Brand.

Hisham Abboud

CEO, Cedrus

Dependable, insightful, creative – all apply to his work. Highly recommended.

Do not give it a second thought – hire Inkbot Design today!

Brian Deeney

Owner, VisitDonegal

We were really impressed with both his creativity and the professional way in which he works.

We recommend him very highly to anyone looking an expert.

Laura Quick

Director, Adams Recruitment

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