Design Tools

What image comes to mind when you think of designer tools? The usual suspects – pencils, paper, colouring implements – may be the first thoughts to emerge. Today, with developments in technology, the online design tools also enters the picture, as well as electronic workhorses and gadgets.

Designer tools are anything that can help you render your creative ideas into tangible representations. Some of us consider console gaming and even headphones as essential graphic design tools as these can contribute to usher in inspiration, and keep those creative juices flowing and turning into tangible or digital images.

In this space is a collection of articles that speak about the design tools you need to produce graphic design that you are proud of and translates your vision accurately and beautifully. We’ve got aspirational and practical advice perfect for freelance graphic designers, as well as artists, photographers, illustrators, and marketing specialists. You may find tips that you’ve never heard of before, and may spell the difference in the quality of your future work.