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Top 5 Copywriting Tools For Graphic Designers 

Top 5 Copywriting Tools For Graphic Designers 

You might wonder what the link is between graphic designers and copywriting. Even though graphic designers are solely responsible for visualising the concepts and ideas and bringing them out in an attractive visual aid, they must work side by side with the content to ensure that their design is well explained. 

The best copywriting tools help them design content they could use in their advertising and promotional designs.

Why Do Graphic Designers Need Copywriting Tools? 

Best Seo Copywriting Tools Online

Copywriting tools are a must-have for a professional graphic designer. In today's age, designers need to work alongside the content because the market needs more posts and blogs and visual ads. 

So, the responsibility of designers is now not just limited to creating designs and visual images and leaving them as is; no, they have to ensure that they have the supporting content that could help them define their project. 

So, to put simply, in today's market, the designs and content come combined. People want to see things rather than read, but they do want an explanation for what they see. Not just that, but people today are always looking for one in all options.

So, a graphic designer who can also help with some good content will always be preferred over two different individuals for designing and writing. So, it is an art that could take you in demand. 

Moreover, when you know how to build strong content, you can attract new customers and grow your business. Secondly, it is an added skill to your resume that could bring more business to you. So, in this age, a graphic designer with a copywriting tool for engaging content is said to be the customer magnet. 

However, when deciding which copywriting tool is suitable, you might get confused as numerous tools are available in the market. So, before we tell you which are the best copywriting tools you can use as a graphic designer, we want you to know what to look for in a copywriting tool. We have made brief criteria with the help of our professional Wikipedia writers, and those criteria will help you decide which tool you need to use. Take a look; 

What Features A Copywriting Tool Must Have

Here we have made a list of features that a copywriting tool must-have for a graphic designer; 

Edit Content 

When using a copywriting tool, you don't want to inform your audience that the content is AI-generated. Instead, you want to create an impression of being a professional content writer. 

So, the tool you select must provide a content editing feature that allows editing content based on your audience. It could help you structure and format the content, create precise sentences, and remove repetitive jargon of words. 

Run Spelling & Grammar Check

If your content is filled with spelling and grammar errors, it will look bad and show low credibility in the market. So before you send your content copy out, your copywriting tool must have a quick spelling and grammar check to ensure that the copy is free from any grammatical errors or typos. 

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Generate Headlines

To add to your copy, your copywriting tool must have a good headline generator that could help you generate catchy and attractive SEO-friendly headlines. This will help you attract more users to your posts and boost your traffic. Moreover, SEO-friendly headlines will help you rank better in search engine results. 

Check For Plagiarism 

Plagiarised content is the biggest turn-off in the content industry. So before you take your copy out to the market, ensure your copywriting tool has a plagiarism checker that could help you check whether your copy is original or plagiarised. 

Run A/B Tests

Running A/B tests on your copy is a crucial step because it helps you bring out the best version of your content. It is essential to check whether your copywriting tool supports this feature or not to ensure that you have the best copy. 

Competition Analysis 

A copywriting tool should come with a competition analysis tool to check how your competition has worked and analyse it to create a better approach. 

Managing and Organising Projects 

Regarding project handling, graphic designers often require a single platform where they can plan and organise all their projects and content related to them. So, your copywriting tool must bring you that platform where you can manage and organise all your projects. 

Many other features make a better copywriting tool, such as keyword research, automation, data analysis, SEO optimisation, etc. Still, these were just a few features we believe are a must-have for all the tools. Without these features, you might not be able to get the content you aim at, and you will have to do the work yourself. 

Top 5 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers 

So, now that you know what to look for in a copywriting tool as a graphic designer, here we have made a list of the top 5 copywriting tools for graphic designers. Take a look; 

1 – Jasper 

Jasper Ai Review Scaled 1

If you are in the middle of writing content and can't think anymore, then all you need is to get Jasper to help you out. It is an AI-based copywriting tool that can help you create engaging content for your sales pages and generate emails to reach out to more prospective customers. It can even assist you in creating enticing headlines, catchy scripts for your marketing videos, appealing ad content, etc. 

Jasper is one of the most trusted copywriting tools because of its outstanding copywriting skills and conversion rate. Moreover, you can quickly put your trust in this tool because if you look at the tool's website, the content on that website is also generated by the tool itself. So, when they use it for themselves, it must be excellent. 

When you get the Jasper package, it allows you to access more than 40 templates based on your requirements. So, no matter what kind of content you want to produce, there's a template for that. For example, there are different templates for email marketing, blog posts, articles, website copies, Amazon product descriptions, etc. 

How Does Jasper Work? 

Working with Jasper is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow three basic steps, and you will get your content ready in no time. You begin by selecting the skill you want to use, such as writing, editing, etc., and enter details about your brand or the subject on which your content is based. 

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Next, you will be asked to enter some instructions, such as how long you want the content to be, i.e., word count, what tone you want it to be in, such as professional, formal, informal, etc., and what narrative you want to use such as a first person or third person. 

Finally, Jasper will start doing its magic when you have added all the information and create multiple copies for you based on your instructions. You can choose which copy fits your requirements the best, and you can start working on that. 

Benefits of Using Jasper 

Here we have listed some of the essential benefits that Jasper offers as a copywriting tool; 

  • You can create and translate content in more than 11 languages in Jasper. This allows flexibility and diversity in the audience. Instead of using a translating tool to reach out to different people, you can get the job done with your copywriting tool. 
  • As we have mentioned, you will be asked to add the tone you want for your content. This feature makes Jasper stand out as it could create content for you following your brand's tone. 
  • Jasper comes with live chat support, making communicating your requirements easier. You can be connected to the team while getting your work done and get answers to any queries you have in mind.

Overall, Jasper is an ideal copywriting tool for graphic designers. Not only that, but many Wikipedia experts for hire recommend the tool for all writing purposes. Look at their packages and find the one that suits you the best. This might be slightly more expensive than the other copywriting tools you can see on our list, but the quality of work and features it offers make it worth it. 

2 – 

Copy Ai Writing Tool Online

Next on our list is, another copywriting tool for graphic designers. It is built on the GPT-3 feature and has gained a good reputation as a helping copywriting tool. 

The best part about is that it gives you a seven-day free trial before you purchase a plan that helps you analyse the features and decide whether the tool is ideal for your use or not. In these seven days, you can use all the features of the tools and work on them to identify whether your requirements can be fulfilled with these features or not, and then you can decide on which of the offered plans you want to choose. 

Like Jasper, this copywriting tool comes with a few different templates, such as blog posts, web copies, social media captions, subject lines, emails, etc. You can use any of these templates based on your requirements, and the tool will create content for you based on that template. Many users recommend this tool, especially for social media or marketing content, because it has an edge for catchy and attractive phrases. 

How To Use 

Using is quite similar to Jasper. Once you start on your free trial, you can begin with your project. You must select the template you want to work on and fill in details about your brand or business. In the next step, you will be asked to choose from 9 tones in which you would write your content. 

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These include professional, formal, informal, casual, friendly, bold, empathetic, luxury, persuasive, relaxed, etc. Make sure you select the tone that could help you create content that matches your goals perfectly. 

Add your word count and any special instructions you want for your content, and click on the “create” tab. The software will start working and show you multiple results and variations of your required content. You can go through all of them to see which one suits you the best and if none of them seems good enough for you, you can use the return option, and the tool will create more versions for you. 

Benefits of 

Here are the benefits you can avail of by using; 

  • The most significant advantage of using is that you can simultaneously get around ten results for each requirement. Not just that, if you don't like all ten of them, you can get more. So, this copywriting tool aims to give you content copy that satisfies you. 
  • It is considered ideal for social media captions as it can create taglines for you with relevant emojis and hashtags, making them catchy and attractive. 
  • Allows a 7-day free trial before you purchase a package. And you can run up to 100 times a day with that free trial. 

All in all, is a reliable and suitable software for copywriting, especially for graphic designers. Mostly graphic designers require catchy and attention-grabbing content for their designs, and seems to be the right fit. 

3 – Convert 

Convert Ai Ab Testing Tool

As the name suggests, convert is more of a testing copywriting tool for graphic designers. It is more focused on running different kinds of tests on the content to help you optimise it for better conversion. While using convert, you can run four tests on your content that include A/B Tests, Split tests, Multivariate tests, and Multipage tests. 

In A/B testing, convert helps you test different versions of your content and bring out the best one for you to use. Split tests help analyse different versions and designs of your web page. 

Multivariate testing includes testing a particular set of factors on the same web page you are working on. Lastly, multipage tests help you analyse the content in contrast with a specific set of factors on different pages. 

Benefits of Convert

As you can see, convert is a different kind of copywriting tool than the others we have mentioned on our list. Instead of creating content for you, it is more focused on content optimisation to get you better conversion on search engines. Here are a few benefits of using convert as your copywriting partner as a graphic designer; 

  • Because convert uses a WYSIWYG editor, it does not require you to code every time you want to run a test on your content. 
  • There's also an option for you to perform dynamic testing on your content using JS tester. Moreover, that allows you to work on JS and CSS codes for better optimisation. 
  • The reports generated by convert tests are brief and give you an in-depth idea of metrics and data. These reports can help you strategise and plan your content for better KPIs and ROIs, directly affecting your conversion. 
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When it comes to content optimisation, convert is one of the best copywriting tools a graphic designer can use to get the best results. However, this might be on an expensive edge, but the services provided make it worthy of it. 

4 – Wynter 

Wynter Copywriting Email Testing Tools

When a graphic designer starts working with content, one of their biggest concerns is whether they will be able to reach their target audience as they aim or not. They are often worried about how their specified target audience will receive the content and whether they will be able to achieve what professional content writers can. Well, how about we tell you that with this copywriting tool, you can see what your target audience will think of your content before even getting your content published? 

Yes, that's possible; Wynter makes it possible. It is a copywriting tool that allows message testing to help you analyse how your content will look to your prospective audience. Whether you have created a web copy, social media ad, email, or even a blog post, you can get it analysed from the reader's perspective before you publish it. 

Not just that, but it will give you feedback from the eyes of the reader that could help you analyse where you can improve or change a bit to get a better result. So, when you go with publishing, you deliver the best version of it for your audience. 

Using Wynter

When it comes to getting on to Wynter, it is a pretty simple process. You need to specify your targetted audience, add some information about your brand and industry, and be precise with your goals for the content to get the best results. Wynter comes with a built-in list of target audiences from different industries that could help you be more specific to your goals. 

Add the content you want to get tested and identify what aspects you want to be tested. Be specific with your goals and click on the generate feedback button. You will get results within 24 to 48 hours and receive brief feedback on your content. Use that feedback to improve your content and get right to publishing. It's that simple! 

5 – Grammarly 

Grammarly Tool For Freelancing

A piece of content needs to be free from all the errors and mistakes, and plagiarism before it gets published on the internet. As a graphic designer, you might not be a pro in that regard, but you can get it all cleared up with the Grammarly tool to assist you. 

You can get the free extension added to your Google chrome or Windows and the premium version for better clarity. This is, without a doubt, the best spelling and grammar check tool you can find on the internet. You can set the goals of your content and the tone and identify the audience for it. 

It is an AI-powered tool that ensures your writing piece is free from all errors. Not just that, it keeps an eye out for repetitive words, help you create a better sentence structure, and find a better replacement for a few words in contrast with the context. 

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You can add Grammarly to all your apps. From Safari to Chrome to Gmail to Outlook to Messenger, etc. Grammarly can be your writing partner with any writing software. The premium version also helps you run a plagiarism check and keeps track of your readability score. 

The best part is that it is one of the cheapest tools you can find to assist your copywriting journey as a graphic designer and is one of the must-haves. Start using Grammarly, and you will realise how better it can turn your content into! 

The Bottom Line 

It is almost unlikely to have a graphic designer who is also a pro content writer, so these designers get assistance from copywriting tools. Today's market requires both a better design and good content copy. So, to ensure you have both, start using one of the above copywriting tools and create top-quality content along with your beautiful designs! 

Moreover, if you want to beat your competition, start using these copywriting tools. We are sure you will see the difference in no time! We hope this article helped you get what you have been looking for. Give these tools a try, and we are sure you will not be disappointed! 

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