Working with Clients

Enhancing your skills or satisfying your thirst for creative inspiration is one thing, working with clients is altogether another. Sometimes, you feel like tossing the good old fundamentals out the window to resolve your issues with clients from hell, but you know that is not good customer service. Fret not – we hear you right there. So we’ve got the expertise, and experience-based articles featured here to prove that, as well as show you how to get around that difficult situation.

On the bright side, there are clients with whom excellent customer care is so easy to deliver. This section features some tips for finding customers and in ensuring your projects are successful from the get go. You’ll read the questions you need to ask before you take on a project. You’ll also hear of stories, advice, and recommendations based on real-life cases and projects for freelance professionals, whether specializing in graphic design or Web design. Take a look at these articles now to start working with clients better and get repeat business.