Packaging Design Inspiration

Your customer-facing image can make or break your product. Retail packaging can be seen as your final bid in convincing the consumer to buy the item. In fact, imaginative and smart package design can even inspire unplanned purchases, as well as free advertising, thanks to the social media sharing of its image by the enthralled new owner.

Not only that, but creative branding can also enhance user experience. Luxury packaging, for one, can serve as a bonus acquisition for the consumer as it can be re-used as interior décor, gift packaging, collectibles, toys, and even as storage options. In a nutshell, well-designed, creative packages gives consumers one more reason to buy a product – or even endorse a service. Here, we’ll show you the how’s and why’s of that.

This section focuses on resources about print design, including different branding mediums (think vehicle graphics) and design tips to make products head-turning, irresistible, informative, and easy to use. We also share how you can provoke feelings through branding design in the following articles.