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You rest, you rust. Miss out on the latest news, you fall behind the trends of the times, and risk becoming out of touch with the pulse of your audience. This applies to everyone, even graphic designers, artists, Web developers, and illustrators, especially those into freelancing.

Our D keeps you abreast of the latest innovations and updates on technologies and industries that impact your graphic design career, skills, and clientele. With graphic design news, you not only are in the know of what’s happening, but you also are in a better position to predict where your field of specialization is heading in the future and make spot-on plans or adjustments based on these developments. You also make better decisions as to which new tools to use through Web design news. This way, you are there where your clients or audiences need you and can deliver.

These, and more are why we’ve created designer updates. Follow this page for new posts on the design industry and developments that can give you a professional edge, whether you are a freelance graphic designer or Web design specialist.