Typography Artists, Fonts & Tutorials

In this section about typography, we do not just dish out the do’s and dont’s of using fonts – we also share information on where you can get free fonts. Generous, aren’t we? That can be explained by our passion for graphic design, of which type design is one aspect. In fact, we’ve also assembled some choice quotes about lettering, calligraphy, and other things related to lettering design. Yes, you have permission to share them (and we like it if you thank us with a credit).

Here, we also feature typography tutorials, bios of famous creatives with a wicked eye for design and font creation, and a breakdown of various types of fonts, and how to choose the best ones for your logo or other graphic creations. Our feature on typefaces you can use can be an excellent addition to your typography toolkit. Needless to say, you take something with you when you check out the following articles.