Logo Design Inspiration & Tips

Creating logos involves more than just creating a graphic representation of your company or professional identity. While free logo design resources may make this an easy process, a design that truly mirrors your image is a product of astute observation, analysis, creative skill, and marketing savvy.

In this section, we’ve assembled articles delivering logo design advice enriched by our experience and knowledge in logo making and artistic ability. We point out what makes a logo tick and what doesn’t. We show you existing logos that are worth learning from and enlightening glimpses of the thought and work put into the logos we’ve created ourselves.

These articles also clarify various aspects of logo making and reveal professional logo design tips that will give freelance graphic designers, illustrators, artists, Web developers, design students, and marketing specialists cause for applause. You’ll also read about the hallmarks of cheap logos and the ways to avoid producing them. Revisiting these resources from time to time will help refresh your knowledge on the critical points of logo designing.