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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Well-Designed Logo

9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Well-Designed Logo

Much work goes into starting up a business and managing it to success. 

In the world of online marketing, venture capital and fast-evolving marketing strategies, a smaller task such as logo creation is often overlooked.

Even when business owners do consider creating a logo, they don’t give it much importance and put little effort into it. 

That may lead to logos with an insufficient appeal to that business’ clientele.  

However, a well-designed logo deserves to get the attention and effort as much as other important aspects of running a business, maybe even more. 

Think about Nike, almost all people in the world can recognise that swoosh sign in an instant. 


Such enormous popularity leads to substantive revenue growth. 

Because of that, Nike does not even need to advertise their products to distribute them all over the globe.

There are much more reasons why a well-designed logo matters. 

Why is it so important and how does your online business revolve around it? 

Here are 9 top reasons why your business needs a well-designed logo.

1 – Logos entice new business

Food Logo Inspiration

Quality attracts quality. This applies immensely to the industry because when the logo represents quality to your potential customers, you will get their loyalty in return in the form of sales. 

Clients can derive a lot from the logo that is why they are prone to prejudice against your business by its external appearance. 

No matter how good your services are, customers will steer away from your competitors when you don’t have a well-designed logo. 

A business has approximately 20 seconds to sell its products or services to its customers as it is precisely how much time shoppers need to make a decision. 

However, you can use this to your advantage by having a well-designed logo that is also symbolic.

If you don’t have a logo or if it isn’t professionally designed, you will lose business because your potential customers expect you to have one.  

The customers are psychologically programmed to relate products with brands and brands with logos. 

It’s because of the history that has presented captivating logos to them – from Ford to Coca Cola, Apple to BMW, it’s all about logos. 

Whenever you send them a marketing email or if you give them your business card or anything that’s part of marketing collateral, their brain will automatically scan for your logo first and judge it. 

A logo alone speaks volumes if it is designed smartly. 

Your customers will know precisely your niche, industry, and what you offer.

2 – Having a logo helps with customer retention

Ford Logo Meaning

Having loyal customers that will return for more of your products or services is a great way to make your business sustainable. 

However, bear in mind that your customer’s decisions can be swayed at any time as they can shift their loyalty to the products or services of any of your competitors. 

To avoid those adverse effects, a business should have a logo that will retain its customers. 

A logo will assist in retaining loyal customers that are seeking long-term relationships. 

The reason is that the customers want consistency from businesses, and as you roll out your products, the consistency will grow as your company scales up.

Once the customers begin to like your products or services, they will search for you and the easiest way to find you is by the logo. 

Names are easily forgotten, but once potential customers see a logo that associates with the company they trust on an online shopping platform or on the shelves of “brick-and-mortar” stores, they will go for it.

3 – Logos make a good first impression

Minimal Illustration Logos

A logo is also essential to make an excellent first impression on your customers. 

If they see it and instantly connect with your company, there are more probabilities that you will have a profitable relationship with them. 

That enables you to onboard more customers by just the appearance of the brand.

The icons, symbols, and colours are easier to remember, so people connect with them easily. 

With a great logo, you can persuade your customers that they can trust the products and services offered. 

Dropbox is a perfect example of this. 

The famous file storage tech startup launched in 2008 and much of its success is credited to its logo and the explainer video. 

Dropbox Logo Colours

The company’s logo very clearly represents the service it offers in a very stylish way. 

Single-colour, the name in the logo and simple fonts made it easily recognisable to the users from the very beginning. 

This is the power that the first impression can generate. 

4 – Makes a business look more professional

Personal Branding Business Card Design

Logos are tied closely to professionalism, and that is true because a company with a logo design is more trusted than those that don’t.  

If you are a new company, it is especially hard to get the customers that will trust you and the integral stakeholders that will believe in the success of your business. 

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Also, a missing logo can exacerbate the problem. 

Investors and customers expect to be impressed when they see the appearance of your business. 

A well-designed logo builds trust and the more effort you put in creating your logo, the more professional you will look.

As a startup owner or a student entrepreneur, you can’t risk jumping into the business world without substantial preparation. 

A business failure happening so early in your career can prove to be highly demotivating. 

Therefore, spend some time on logo work and developing high-quality marketing collateral with the help of expert designers. 

5 – Differentiates your business from competitors

7 Types Of Logo Design

If you try to search your competitors through the Internet, you will notice how many options your potential clients have. 

Above that, your competitors are continually upping their game, and that is another reason why you should design a logo for your business

Having a unique and original logo will differentiate you from your competitors and provide you with a marketing advantage. 

Everything that builds up your logo will have an impact on your customers when comparing the options they have and trying to distinguish which one is the best.

If you make your values, mission, and background visible using a well-designed logo, potential customers will most likely decide to choose your products. 

It is the platform to showcase why you’re better than other players in the niche you are engaged in.

6 – It is something that can give meaning

Coca Cola Logo Explained

A logo is an investment that takes longer to payout, so you have to be patient for it to reach its full potential. 

The process of reaching the full benefits of your well-designed logo should take off gradually and organically. 

In the meantime, while it is still adjusting and gaining traction to consumers, try to add some value and meaning to it. 

One logo designer has even drawn the analogy that a logo is an empty vessel, and you should pour meaning into it. 

When Microsoft rolled out its logo, it didn’t have this much popularity, but it gradually gained traction and became appealing to everyone, especially in the tech community. 

Now, this tech giant is well-known for the logo that can be recognised in an instant. 

The meaning added to it is a reliable and trustworthy software used by millions.

7 – Helps with branding

Co Op Rebranding

Different marketing channels need to know the face of your brand. 

Above that, your products and services need to be branded, and a logo cannot be left out when doing this.

Would you trust a company that has no logo? Probably not! 

You will consider it to be fake or maybe a run-of-the-mill product that has no takers in the market. 

We all have a set of perceptions when it comes to buying products. Almost always, we choose the ‘trusted brands.’

In the same way, marketing your products with no logo as part of your branding wouldn’t be beneficial. 

The reason behind this is that a logo creates an emotional connection with your target market.

To invoke a positive emotion, your brand should have an appealing logo that will relate well to your niche and the background of your customers.

A brand without a logo isn’t pretty much a brand because it is what forms part of a marketing strategy. 

To create brand awareness, the first step is having a well-designed logo.

8 – Makes developing your business more tangible

Dunkin Donuts Branding

Developing branding material gets easier once you have a logo because you will be able to choose colour schemes and fonts confidently. 

Company documents will also get an appealing look as they will have letterheads, stamps and other elements that need your logo. 

Having a website becomes a reality after receiving the logo because a company logo is the foundation of any graphics and visuals of a company. 

Above that, the signage of any business depends on the logo, and all of this materialises your business into a fully functional enterprise that your customers can trust. 

All of the other tasks that need to be done like opening social media accounts, designing business cards can be brought to a halt by a nonexistent logo.

9 – Builds an identity of your business

Marks And Spencer Branding

The foremost task of a logo is to enable a company and brand to be easily identifiable. 

Once you have a logo, your business name will be strengthened. 

That is the reason why a logo must adequately represent the personality of the brand or business without looking absurd. 

Common logos include the following:

· Colour

· Symbols

· Shapes

· Fonts

· Slogan

The right combination of the above elements will make your company logo successful and turn it into a critical identification factor. 

A modernised logo is highly effective because it fits right in for your digital marketing needs. 


A well-designed logo is an integral part of marketing campaigns, brand awareness, and is also very important for any business starting up

A business without a logo is like a faceless person; there is nothing to identify it with. 

As a result, if a company doesn’t have a logo, they will miss on sales they could get by merely designing one. 

Remember, your logo is the first impression you make, and there is no do-over for first impressions.

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