Design Books

If we were to recommend design books, what would these be? That is the question the articles in this section answer. As such, expect to find titles of graphic design books here, as well as design magazines.

We give you an inside look at the pages of some of the most valuable Web design books and other similar publications out there. As a professional graphic designer, product development specialist, or student of marketing and book design, you’ll find what we share here is a treasure trove of information that you will revisit now and then to refresh what you’ve learned.

Further, you’ll find creative inspiration, design hacks, and even practical career advice here, as well. You’ll also get behind-the-scenes information about some brands and logos even without going through the pages of the design resources we feature. Be warned, though: you might end up getting the book after reading what we’ve said here. That’s not a bad thing – in-depth knowledge is always good as it helps you make better marketing plans and designs.