What is Brand Strategy?

What is Brand Strategy?

Brand Strategy is defined as your long-term marketing or business plan for the development of your brand with an aim to achieving pre-defined goals. A properly designed and well-executed brand strategy model will affect every aspect of your business and will be directly linked to your consumer’s needs, emotions and the competitive environment you work in.

So what is Brand Strategy?

A Branding Strategy helps establish a product within the market and to build a brand that will grow and mature in a saturated marketplace.

Defining Goals


When you’re developing your branding strategy you need to start from day one. It may sound basic but the first step in defining your brand identity is setting out your business’ goals in a business plan. Why are you developing this new brand? What do you want your new brand to say? Why is it different? What do you want to achieve with it? What are your core values? Long-term objectives will be key in defining your overall brand development strategy.

Your goal could be to become the market leader in your field or it could be to attract a new audience. The aspects of your brand strategy will differ depending on your end goal. Never stop questioning yourself.


Stay Away from Short-Term


There is no mileage in branding your project for the short term. Short term day to day activities are the mainstay of your business, but you need to think beyond them. Brands are never built in a day and, therefore, the key elements you’re working on right this minute may be barely relevant in 9 months time, when your brand is taking off. Your brand strategy has to be based in the long term with sustainable growth and development at its core values.

Being short-sighted can destroy your brand. You appear out of touch very quickly and everything from your logo design to the style of your content will date quickly.

Avoid focusing on the short term and design a lasting structure. Your brand strategy template needs strong foundations as well as a message you’re planning to stick with in the long term. From a financial perspective investing in corporate branding is a big decision and not something you should take lightly. You need to be looking far into your brand’s future.

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This may stand at odds with my previous comments, but it’s important to be flexible with your branding strategy. This doesn’t mean incorporating every one of your short-term preoccupations, but it does mean leaving room for flexibility in your consumers, competitor change and market fluctuation.

Your brand is just like any other part of your life, subject to change. If there’s the opportunity to reach your goals more quickly by changing your strategy then you should, of course, seize the moment.


What’s Next in Your Business Plan?


Once your business plan and strategy is defined you need to think about your brand identity. The way your business strategy is represented visually is extremely important and gives your brand a tangible identity.

Your brand identity needs to fully represent the strategy you’ve crafted and be consistent across your web and physical business presences.

At Inkbot Design, I specialise in helping businesses create a brand identity that fully represents their ethos, core values and products or services. For more information about my own services you can visit my brand identity services page,


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Great Brand Strategy tips..really helpful to build a brand reputation…

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Some great tips here Stuart – sure helped us in our rebranding.