The 3 Most Important Brand Attributes You Need to Cultivate

The 3 Most Important Brand Attributes You Need to Cultivate

A well known and recognised brand is the most critical asset of a business.

A brand is much more than a good looking logo design or beautiful business cards.

People may become so obsessed with brands that they ask for similar products with a brand name.

For example, people ask for a coke instead of a soft drink.

A strong brand identity evokes emotions and makes people feel connected to your products.

Branding maintains a healthy relationship with your customers.

A brand is a name, design, sign, symbol or any feature that identifies a company’s product or services, distinguishing it from others.

Branding design is used by businesses to differentiate their goods or services in the market, and it is often done through advertising.

Brand Attributes Coke

In this post, we will describe:

The three most essential brand attributes you need to cultivate, whether you are in a product or service business.

The most successful brands focus on three brand attributes:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand Association
  3. Brand Advocacy

You need to explicitly understand these three attributes if you want to make a successful brand for your business.

Almost every successful marketer has used these attributes in creating a brand to increase sales and grow a business.

Brand Awareness

The awareness of your brand is the first point you need to understand in detail.

Do people know about your company?

Are customers aware of your products or services?

If you are developing a product business, brand awareness for you is the probability up to which the customers are familiar with your product.

It is the extent up to which your potential customers are associated with your product or service.

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For example, when a customer says, they need a Kleenex, you already know that they are asking for a tissue.

Now many other brands make tissues, but Kleenex is the most popular among customers.

The more familiar people are with your brand, the more they trust your brand and product.

Branding 101 Supreme

Importance of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness enables the state of mind your customer enter into, whenever they think, see or hear the name of your company.

A successful brand helps you to promote your products or services, introduce new products, build a reputation, retain loyal customers and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Awareness is one of the essential Brand attributes for you because it helps your business to stand out from your competitors.

It helps you build and grow your audience and generate more sales.

High levels of brand awareness lead to more sales and gain more market share.

It is imperative to check where your brand stands in the eyes of customers as it will help you build the brand of their choice.

Every business needs to identify and strengthen its brand attributes for making it successful.

For example, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Nike, and Google are some of the companies that made strong and successful brands across the world.

People readily identify these brands at first glance at their logo or colour.

How to Build Brand Awareness

What can you do to build brand awareness in the local market?

Of course, you can paint the name of your company on every billboard in the town.

This may be not possible for small businesses as they do not have a significant budget for advertising.

Here are some practical ways to increase brand awareness and make a successful brand:

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The key to creating brand awareness is to be consistent in all the above ways to strengthen your brand image in the minds of your existing and potential customers.

Brand Association

After you have made people aware of your business and brand, the next step is to develop a healthy relationship with them.

You need to associate your brand with your customers as today consumers want more than a product or service from a business.

Customers want to interact personally with your brand which helps you to create a long-term relationship with them.

Brand association is a symbol, sign, logo or sound associated with a brand or business, which differentiates them from others.

For example, the Nike swoosh, the Britannia signature tune, the Blue colour of Pepsi and the Nokia sound are all unique signs associated with their brand attributes.

You cannot control how, when and where people associate themselves with your brand.

People approach a brand through various sources such as online search, fence signage advertisements, TV ads, social media, peer recommendations and many other sources.

Brand association is needed before you create a relationship with your customers.

Brand Association Startucks

Importance of Brand Association

You can make good relations with your customers and associate them with your brand by creating an emotional connection with them.

When you satisfy your customers’ emotional needs and ignite the desire for your brand, they will keep coming back and become your loyal customers.

This is the key benefit of a positive brand association.

When you hear the names Apple, Nike or BMW, you instantly come up with an image of these companies in your mind.

You associate these names with something that is an opinion for these brand attributes.

For example, people associate Apple with high-quality iPhones and BMW with highly engineered luxury cars.

How to develop Brand Association

You can develop a positive brand association only if your product is durable and desirable.

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To build a brand association, you need to persuade your customers that your product has all the features and attributes required to satisfy them.

Tell them what is unique in your product or service which only you are offering to them.

Tell them about the speciality and uniqueness of your brand attributes.

This will create a favourable impression of your product in the minds of customers.

A positive brand association helps your business to gain goodwill and also resists your competitors to enter the market.

Brand Advocacy

After you develop a positive brand association, the next step is brand advocacy.

Your loyal customers will do the marketing of your business on their own.

However, the question is how do you do that?

One such way is that you could pay money to people for positive reviews, but an inorganic and unbiased review is always more effective.

Most people are attracted to a brand through positive word of mouth and peer recommendations.

For example, if you want to buy a phone which one of your friends is already using, you would ask him about how good is the phone before asking anyone else.

When a person buys a new car, he tells others about its mileage and performance.

This creates an image of the products in the minds of people because they trust the people they know well, more than any form of advertising.

Branding Advocacy

Why is Brand Advocacy important?

If people say that they love your brand or the quality of your product, you have already won at marketing.

People usually share your brand through word of mouth, social media and many other possible ways.

They do so because you deliver them value through your product which they want to share with others.

Due to their biological nature, people are bound to do what others are doing.

They want to buy your products because others are already using them.

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How to do Brand Advocacy?

The best way to make people market your brand attributes is to make your relationship beneficial to them.

You can quickly identify these customers with the help of analytics and once you find them, approach them with some offers.

There are many ways you can make them market your brand.

You can offer them incentives or some freebies for being loyal customers.

The basics of brand advocacy are to make your loyal customers feel good in all the possible ways.

This encourages them to market your brand in multiple ways without even asking them to do so.

Invite them to your campaigns and let them be the first to tell others about your new products.

The more you share your passion with your existing customers, the more they will feel excited and share it with others.

Concluding Brand Attributes

In today’s customer-centric business environment people are related to brands in one or another way.

We all display logos of some brand on our clothes and cars.

Also, people are happy to argue over which company’s car or any other product is the best.

When you invest in making and growing your brand attributes, you get loyal customers who help you build your brand even more.

They market your brand and helps in getting more sales.

When it comes to branding awareness, association and advocacy are essential to brand attributes every business needs to work on for achieving growth and success.

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