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The Impact of Website Logo Designs on eCommerce

The Impact of Website Logo Designs on eCommerce

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Covid-19 has drastically changed the economy by accelerating a shift towards a more digital world. 

Because of the health threat and restrictions brought by the pandemic, most businesses had to enter the online scene to cater to consumers who have entirely shifted to online shopping since the peak of the outbreak. 

The logo may seem a small part of the grand scheme of eCommerce, but it plays a crucial role in building a brand’s identity, which is essential for customer retention and longevity. 

Aside from that, some customers are proud to bear the logos of brands they trust, and you need to consider this as a factor when making a logo design for your brand. 

Big brands that are very famous across the globe wouldn’t be recognised if it weren’t for their signature logos. 

A logo, despite seeming to be an insignificant aspect of forming a business, should be well-researched and thought of. 

It will be the foundation of how the brand will be represented in the eyes of consumers. The colour schemes to the fonts and patterns used make the brand distinguishable among other brands. 

Regardless of whether there will be similarities of products and services, people will know how to differentiate your brand through a logo. 

With the ever-growing world of E-commerce, how can one brand be recognised among the other rising brands? Well, luckily, logos exist. 

Website Logo Designs Grab Attention

Among 100 internet users, the average number of people who check a website is only 4%, and they linger for less than 10 minutes tops before deciding if they want to stay or leave. This could be alarming if you’re going to increase traffic. 

The internet may be helpful for several factors, but it has a negative side effect on the attention span of the youth. 

There are so many things that can pop on a regular user’s screen, and if you want them to even look at you, you’ve got to have a unique and catchy logo design that will make them want to click and know more about you. 

First Impression Matters

First Impression Quote

A solid first impression can build a unique and professional relationship with a client. 

Online Brands do not stray far away from brands that have physical stores. It’s difficult to claim a top spot when you haven’t been long in the market, so you have to utilise what you have to spark interest from internet users. 

You have to stand out among the many online brands with numerous popup advertisements, catchy website logo designs, and slogans. 

The logo is like the tip of the iceberg, while the rest of the iceberg is your website. 

Having a unique but catchy logo can spark interest from your target market, and once you get their attention through the logo, it’s easy to drive them into your website and check out what you have in store for them. 

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Thorough research is needed to know what would catch your target market’s attention and create a strong and positive first impression. 

Website Logo Designs Promote Brand Recognition

Someone said that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is true in branding and eCommerce. Bearing a memorable logo will help plant your brand in people’s minds. 

Brand recognition also encourages customer loyalty. Among the vast array of new and upcoming brands in the internet world, people would want to look for something they’re already familiar with – a brand they’ve already proven to be trustworthy because of previous experience.

On another note, brand recognition is also a free promotion for the company. Brands should recognise the power of word-of-mouth advertisement. 

The more customers talk about your brand, the more it will likely notice the next potential customer. One great example of a company that has an impressive and robust logo design is Nike

Just one look at the checkmark printed on a t-shirt of a passer-by, and you can tell that the person is wearing the famous brand for sports known as Nike. 

Custom Logo Designs Create An Air Of Professionalism 

Top Ecommerce Brands

If there’s something successful companies have in common, that will be solid and attractive logos. 

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and many more have unique logos that never fail to stand out when placed beside other brands. 

Having a logo for your brand can influence how a customer, an employee, and a manufacturer perceive your business as a whole – and this plays a vital role in fortifying your brand’s reputation.

Once you have gathered enough cheerful customer and business partner testimonials, how you treat them during the whole transaction will reflect on your brand’s logo. 

Whatever your business does will be seen through your logo, so if you have the mission to be at the top while providing excellent products and services, then you’ve got to have a logo design that will one day stick to people’s minds as something to be looked up upon. 

A Brand Logo Puts A Face Behind Every Successful Marketing Strategy

Why do businesses have marketing strategies? To become widely known. How would people know what company is behind a successful marketing strategy? By the presenting logo.

In today’s time, where marketing strategies are getting more creative and innovative, you have to step up. Putting a logo behind every successful and trendy marketing tactic encourages word-of-mouth, a free advertisement to the business. 

It’s like having a person say, “Remember [name of brand], when they did a whole waterslide competition..”, it ignites stories that can, later on, be crucial for grabbing the attention of your target market.

Different Elements Of Logos Have Psychological Explanations

Brand Colour Psychology The Art Of Choosing Brand Colours

Why do you think it has become a necessity for a brand to have a logo? 

Logos have elements such as colours, shapes, patterns, and fonts that affect consumer behaviour, and it’s up to the companies if they will use these elements to impact a consumer’s purchase decisions positively.

As we all know, different kinds of people react to different colours. Specific colours can provoke excitement, happiness, and passion, while colours also evoke feelings of tranquillity, security, and warmth. 

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Colours play a significant role in how a logo will affect consumer behaviour. This is why brands have to be careful in picking the right colour combinations for their logo.

Colour can convey the message of the brand if the consumer can easily connect the dots. For example, there’s a preschool named Merry Sunshine, and the colours used for the logo are yellow and red. 

Since Merry Sunshine is a preschool and the colours used are associated with happiness, warmth, and excitement, parents could easily perceive the school as a happy and safe learning environment for their youngsters. 

Even if most people do not dwell that much on the logo’s colour as long as it’s aesthetic enough for them, you have to be critical in choosing a colour scheme that will best match your brand and the message behind it.

Another element of a logo that makes a logo stand out is the shape. Various shapes are used for logos, but the popular ones are circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. 

Circles account for the 20% of brands that use this shape for their logos, mainly because circles symbolise unity and commitment. 

Squares and rectangles, especially the latter, are the most commonly used shapes for symbols globally. These angular shapes exemplify professionalism and trustworthiness, which is why many corporations have rectangles for their logo.

Recently, minimalistic designs have been getting popular across the globe. Logos, for example, are not safe with this popular preference. 

Consumers, specifically those who have busy lives, prefer minimalistic designs to keep them neat and straightforward. One shape that is considered to be minimalistic is a line. 

Lines are straightforward yet impactful. Those who want to maintain a precise reputation use lines for their logos. 

Lines are also getting popular among logos during the past few years, although it has been used by old brands even before minimalistic designs have become an outbreak. Brands that used this shape are Soundcloud, Cisco, Adidas, and many more globally-known brands. Lines can be impactful, especially when used correctly.

Logos Affect Consumer Behaviour

Some might think that brands should not fuss about how their logos will look, and consumers should not even consider website logo designs when buying a product or trying out a service. 

This mindset is difficult to have when you’re in a generation where the current trends can impact a consumer’s purchase decision.

Some brands reach their peak moments every once in a while, and when this happens, consumer behaviour is also affected. One great example of this was when Fila released new streetwear-themed shoes, called “Fila Disruptor,” and almost everyone, if not all, wanted to have this pair of shoes.

The hype of Fila Disruptor had some similarities during the popularity of Adidas Stan Smith. Since Fila Disruptor was affordable and can be easily found, it affected consumer behaviour. 

It made people want to buy them because they see a pair everywhere – on social media sites, in malls, outside. During that time, many people knew Fila because of the hype of the shoes, and it added a lot to the publicity of the brand. 

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Many consumers posted a photo of themselves using Disruptor, and this led to the free marketing of Fila because people could not stop talking about their latest release.

There were so many replicas and unofficial copies of the Disruptor on various online platforms, but having one that bears the logo of Fila still exuded a different kind of air. Some people bought it because of the logo, and not entirely because of its design.

Logos Promote Brand Loyalty

Content Funnels Loyalty Loop Marketing

An infographic on branding statistics made by Oberlo showed that 81% of consumers buy based on trust. As people know, logos are vital to a brand’s identity, but what correlates symbols to consumers’ loyalty? 

Brands build their identities over time, and consumers can digest a brand’s whole personality in just a brief reminder – the logo. 

Even if the consumer hasn’t tried a product or service from a particular brand yet, they tend to spend money on that brand because of the testimonials they heard from other people. 

Just one look from the logo and they’ll be reminded of what a friend or a family member told about that brand, so it gives them a reason or drive to try it to see it for themselves.

On the other hand, Logo can promote brand loyalty through the consumer’s previous experience. A logo plays as a reminder for consumers of how their encounter was with the brand before. 

As long as they were delighted with the products and service, a simple logo can make consumers buy again despite the vast options in the market because they already knew you could trust it based on previous experience.

There are multiple reasons why a simple logo can make a difference to eCommerce, but it will still depend on the brand if they put enough effort and research into it. 

A logo is a crucial factor in a brand’s success because it carries its identity and purpose to the world. In our time today, where eCommerce takes a considerable part in people’s lives, one must know how to make the most of it while we are at the peak of its momentum.

A logo has the power to change how potential customers look at your business. Always strive for the best outcome, and use your website logo designs to ignite curiosity in your target market so you will stand out among the vast competition of brands in eCommerce.

Every detail about your brand should form perfect puzzle pieces to your whole brand identity, making the story more interesting to active consumers. 

It’s essential to know how one detail can make a difference, rather than feeling regrets and thinking about the “what ifs.” 

People are quick to change their minds, like how they change clothes, so they can easily toss your brand aside once they find a better brand with better products and stories. 

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