Logo Redesign Services & Company Rebranding

Is your current logo design looking dated, amateurish or unprofessional?

Are you uncomfortable with the logo on your website or uniform when comparing it to your competitors?

You need a Logo Redesign


Inkbot Design offers a wide range of logo redesign and company rebranding services.

These include everything from vector redrawing/vectorization to a complete logo redesign.

Whether your budget is large or small, we can reinvigorate your old logo design to make it fresh and exciting.

We create all our Branding and logo redesign solutions to be timeless.

They don’t rely on current trends or fashions.

You can be sure they’ll outlast competitors playing on the latest fad.

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch today to discuss your company rebranding project if you need a logo redesign.

Or check out these 10 Steps for Rebranding a Company.


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Looking to refresh your dated image?

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Do I need a Professional Logo Redesign?


There are many reasons it pays to work with a professional Branding Agency.

It could be that your company’s vision or mission has changed and your brand has matured.

In this case, there is a definite need for a Brand Identity maturation and logo redesign to fit in with these changes.

Another common reason for a professional logo redesign is that there are too many similar logos on the market.


You want to stand out from the crowd and resonate your business’ personal identity – not just the mass market image.

If you feel your business logo is lacking personality get in touch.

One of the biggest problems businesses face with their logo design is buying a cheap logo.

If you opt for a cheap logo designer, chances are the results are unprofessional.

The logo will be in pixel form, which means it will blur if you try and enlarge it.

This limits the usability of the logo and is why we create all logo designs in vector format.

Choosing a cheap logo designer is understandable when you’re starting out – but in the long run, you need a professional image for your brand.

Your logo design is a true reflection of your brand and Inkbot Design is here to help you achieve this.

Take a look at examples of logo designs in our graphic design portfolio and when you’re ready, Request a Quote for your corporate logo redesign.

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14:02 01 Nov 17
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20:26 08 Nov 17
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22:32 10 Apr 18

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