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Imagine seeking assistance from a brand naming expert who can give you an everlasting brand that will still exist after many years! We can design your brand through contemporary technology like texts and custom domains or pick one out of thousands of generic domains endowed with famous words.

Hiring a professional agency specialising in these matters can save money on brand and domain name charges.

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How to Get the Perfect Business Name

Getting a new brand name can be one of the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of developing your product or service. And if you’ve been around long enough, you know how quickly something that took months to build can disappear overnight with little warning because someone else got there first. 

Or you were so close to launching when another company bought the domain name! Branding is about making sure people see you instead of some faceless competitor swooping down upon you while you aren’t paying attention.

Brand names are also important markers of identity for small businesses – not only do they have to stand out against larger companies, but they need to fit into their marketing efforts alongside everything else (social media posts, blog entries, etc.) 

They should reflect your core values, mission statement, target audience, and personality style. But this doesn’t mean they must be difficult to spell or pronounce.

At Inkbot Design, we work hard daily to build brands that resonate with our client’s customers and give them reasons to return. 

The best way to do this is by creating memorable, impactful brand names that get straight to the point without being confusing or garbled yet still convey the essence of who they are and what they do.

So, let’s look at why good name creation matters, where to start looking, and what goes into effectively using your chosen moniker once you have landed it.

The Importance Of Good Brand Naming

To create a successful brand name, you'll want to consider these three things:

Your Company & Industry Names Should Be Concise Yet Memorable 

It might appear simple to choose two arbitrary words and merge them until they “sound” good; this, however, will not necessarily make for a solid or unique brand. 

Instead, consider what word(s) would stand out in people's minds and be associated with your items/services. This may consist of putting together several words into compound terms (“SodaStream,” “Amazon”) or merely picking out one word based on its meaning (“Google”). 

If done right, the name should tell potential buyers immediately about the experience that awaits them from your company.

You Don't Have To Go After Generic Words Like Everyone Else. 

While generic terms such as “Best Buy”, “Apple”, and “Starbucks” might sound appealing due to their simplicity, they don't differentiate your brand from others. 

These words often become part of the background noise rather than standing out among competitors. 

On top of that, generic terms are typically used across industries and categories, including unrelated ones, which dilutes your message. For example, although Best Buy was initially conceived as a consumer electronics store, it currently sells appliances and home improvement supplies.

Choosing a common noun or verb risks losing uniqueness since everyone will likely use those same descriptors. 

Think twice before settling on anything that sounds similar to a competitor's offering or, worse, comes off as copycat behaviour.

Don’t Make Assumptions About What People Will Understand.

One big mistake many entrepreneurs make when finding a suitable brand name is assuming they know exactly what their intended audience wants. 

While it’s true that certain types of names tend to appeal to particular demographics, it’s far better to focus on building a well-rounded brand that speaks to anyone interested in your offerings regardless of age, gender or interests. 

Remember that you want to connect emotionally with your customers and potential buyers, not merely try to grab their undivided attention.

Finding The Right Way To Use Your New Business Name

Once you’ve decided on a solid choice, here are some tips and tricks to keeping your brand consistent and incorporating and leveraging that name throughout your marketing materials.

  • Ensure all communication is consistent with the voice & tone that your customers expect from your product or service.
  • Use the correct font and size as appropriate for each medium.
  • Be aware of any legal issues before changing your business name.
  • Create multiple variations of your chosen word(s), such as hyphenated forms, different spellings, numbers & punctuation alternatives.
  • Consider incorporating your logo into your business name where possible.
  • Although being unique isn’t always better, there are ways to stand apart by doing something other companies won’t consider.
  • Think beyond having a great business name – include personality elements whenever possible.

How Do You Know If It’s Working?

It can be helpful to ascertain whether a new name is effective in making such decisions. Nevertheless, sometimes a lousy name becomes a hit over time due to a lack of other forms- it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy… 

Therefore, here are some signs that you should consider: 

Customer Response: Do customers in your existing customer base respond positively once they hear about your new project? Maybe they feel like you have taken away their game from them? I suggest changing stuff to avoid confusion.

Social Media Presence: Has your social media reach skyrocketed after you made this announcement? You should think twice.

Increased Sales: Did your sales during a specific period exceed past years’ under the old name? This would mean a positive relationship between your business name and selling more.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Were there any negative responses from staff members upon hearing these changes, as employees are usually privy to any news regarding such changes? We could give our current name another trial. 

This means that more than great ideas are needed to make simple concepts marketable brands. Successing online involves careful planning, creative execution, and efficient communication to achieve the best results. 

When considering how to enhance corporate communications, work closely with professional graphic design firms or logo designers who could generate fresh concepts and designs that will stand out entirely from the rest of the competition.

Are you currently operating a start-up but struggling to find its perfect brand? At Inkbot Design, we have specialised services that help start-ups discover their brand voice and find ways to stand out among competitors.

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