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10 Lead Generation Strategies For Growing Business

10 Lead Generation Strategies For Growing Business

You may have worked on an elaborate process of setting up a business. But what about sustainability? 

You must constantly figure out ways and formulate new strategies to grow your business

Here, Lead generation can help grow your business through campaigns that increases brand awareness and visibility on the internet. 

It also helps you to connect to your potential customers. 

With different lead generation strategies, you can create strong relationships with your customers invested in your business for a long time. 

However, creating and adjusting your lead-gen strategy is essential for business growth. 

What is a Lead Generation Strategy?

What Is Lead Generation

A lead generation strategy includes effective tactics that attract different prospects and converts them into sales. 

A lead is a potential customer who connects to your brand. They may share their contact details or imply they want to work with you in the future. 

There are four main components of lead generation strategies. 

  1. Lead capture: Lead capture collects information from the prospect or leads like – name, contact information, and other qualifying details. 
  2. Lead magnet: A lead magnet is an incentive that compels a visitor to become a lead. 
  3. Lead qualification: It uses the lead's information to determine the buying process if it is an E-com website. 
  4. Lead segmentation: Lead segmentation is segmenting leads based on habits, information, and activities. 

Why Is It So Important?

Stats Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation strategy is vital to a business to increase sales and conversions. 

Without it, businesses will be unsure of what type of people they want to attract. 

Most businesses today depend on lead generation, which brings relevant traffic to their website. 

It allows you to target your customer base by searching for your product via the search engine. 

The potential customers are willing to provide you with contact details than a website with no traffic. 

It also allows the sales and marketing department to build a more productive relationship with customers. 

Lead Generation Strategies For Growing Business

1. Focus on optimising

Optimising is the key to creating a strategy that works. 

Optimising your landing pages, signup funnel, and website is essential to improve your lead generation efforts. For this, you need to:

Use A/B testing – Create at least two marketing campaign variants to test which works best with your target audience and helps boost conversion. 

Create urgency – You can use a pop-up feature on your landing page with countdowns to create urgency for limited edition products.

Use logos to build trust – You can use logos of agency partners, clients, or social media mentions. 

Testimonials – Customers love testimonials as it gives them confidence while buying products.

Use live chat – This feature can increase the conversion rate by up to 8 to10%. It also backs up the customer support feature. 

Track the funnel – You can create simple marketing dashboards to track all your checkpoints. It will let you check the leaky factors causing a decline in sales. 

Focusing on a good funnel is essential, as it specifies the difference between acquiring customers and losing them. 

2. Try creating gated content 

What Is Gated Content Lead Generation

To access Gated content, the user needs to sign up. It is unlike a blog post or landing page. 

The content is locked, so the users must fill up a lead capture form to access the content. You must have seen this on websites that ask you to sign up before reading further. 

This lead generation strategy is effective as it gives the visitors value for free while you attract high-quality leads for your business. 

In this strategy, you can offer free content in exchange for information like contact or an email address. 

Gated Content Types

A helpful guide: deals with a simple how-to guide, which will help users with their problems. How-to articles are best for this content.

E-book: The content in E-book is informative and offers the users total value. 

Podcast recording: Most people prefer listening to podcasts today. You can use a podcast recording as gated content.

Checklist and webinar: The checklist is a list of tools and things that can help, and a webinar is beneficial to provide in-depth information on a particular topic.

Most websites also have a dedicated resource section as gated content.

3. Work on SEO 

Search engine optimisation is one of the most scalable ways to acquire new customers. 

SEO experts frequently update their SEO strategies based on Google algorithm to get the proper visibility in the web space. 

Merely 10% of search users go past the first search results while looking for relevant information. 

It makes it difficult for a website to feature on top-ranking pages of Google, no matter how informative it is. 

SEO is one of the most popular strategies to generate more leads, as it works for B2B and B2C business websites. 

On a basic level, it is crucial to provide good quality content to your audience. 

It would help if you addressed all the frequently asked questions. With content creation, link building, and keyword research, you can rank your website in SERP

And once your site gets visibility, it will bring in more organic traffic. 

4. Give better offers and write better ads 

Best Examples Of Call To Action Designs

The top 10% of the landing pages have conversion rates 3x the average simply because they offer a better deal. 

Every software company offers a free trial for a limited period. 

To be different, you need to give compelling and unique offers to your visitor that provide value.

If your website conversions are less than 2%, it is time to try something unique. Small lead generation strategies will get you small results. 

If you want better results, then give better offers. It will attract new buyers and convert visitors to leads.

A great lead gen strategy works well if you write better ads. 

People read and see ads everywhere, and no one looks back to a boring Ad. When everything is the same, be the change that compels a user to click on your Ad. 

You can raise the CTR above average by writing better ads, giving your quality score a considerable boost. 

Be more creative with how you write ads and focus on the words. 

5. Create a relevant newsletter 

Creating a value-packed newsletter is a great way to attract leads. It helps interested prospects to stay in touch with your website or brand. 

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It lets you share products for promotions and services that can act as a purchase funnel. Your newsletter content can include the following:

  • Updates about your new products and services
  • New blog posts 
  • Special offers or discounts 
  • Upcoming events
  • Recommend reading

You can use your email marketing strategy as a content strategy for your website. But it would be best to pair it up with your social lead capture techniques. 

If it works, you have a plan that delivers a captive audience with regular updates from your company. 

With the mail inbox, you won't have to send special notifications like other websites. 

Newsletter lead generation strategies should provide a compelling reason for your audience to signup. 

Promising discounts, sales, and other experiences are a great draw for your audience. 

If you are a newbie, use email marketing platforms and tools to design newsletters and email campaigns. 

6. Focus on remarketing efforts 

Digital Marketing Mistakes Remarketing

With remarketing, you can show your website ads to different visitors as they browse around the web. This will help to convert site abandoners to leads. 

It is an excellent strategy because more than 97% of people will leave your landing page without converting to leads. 

Remarketing helps to amplify the start-up marketing activities like social media marketing and content marketing. 

You can position yourself in front of your audience with different remarketing campaigns.

When you remarket your brand using the Google display network, it gives you more than 92% reach, which is enormous considering the competition. 

The marketing ads fatigue is about half the rate of the regular ads. So you will need to be aggressive in your branding and remarketing strategy. 

It is essential to formulate a unique remarketing strategy to generate leads. 

7. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing lets you promote other companies' products, but it positively impacts lead generation. 

As an affiliate, when you help the company make a sale, the company will reward you in return. 

You need to decide on a particular platform when you start with an affiliate marketing plan for your website or business. 

Affiliate marketing also works on different social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

It is crucial to choose your niche to follow through. You will need to focus on a specific category or a product. 

Many low-paying and high-paying affiliate programs are available online, so join the one you think best suits your business needs.

For successful affiliate marketing, you must focus on your content. High-quality content is where your marketing will naturally fit. 

Once you create your content, it's time to drive traffic to your website. 

There are three strategies to generate website traffic – SEO, paid traffic, and building an email list. You can get links on your affiliate links and convert links to sales. 

8. Host events 

Giveaway Promotional Shirts Swag Events

You can generate leads both online and offline. Hosting an in-person or online event can get you exposure. You'll be able to attract and serve your target market. 

When prospective clients register for your event, you can capture their contact information via the registration process. 

Live events allow you to connect to different customers in real time. 

It lets you answer questions and respond to objections. An online event will help you learn about your audience and guide your prospects through a sales funnel. 

You can consider event options like – workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, and meet up. 

Most start-ups consider the meet-up option to warm up with potential clients before the start of a project. 

Live webinars will help you generate more leads than pre-reordered webinars. Always try choosing an event based on your need and budget. 

When you host an event, intimate all your potential clients before time, as it will help you connect with your audience better.

9. Optimise social profiles 

Your social followers should know about your valuable lead magnets. It is important to highlight it on your social network so that it increases social engagement. 

Your social followers will contact you or visit your website when they see your offer. You must promote your lead magnet in a big image on your brand pages. 

If it is a sale, you should highlight it in bold letters with the date and relevant links. 

It would help if you leveraged different call-to-action buttons by adding links to your lead magnet instead of driving users to your home page. 

Using Facebook and Instagram will help you generate leads. For example, a motivational speaker can highlight the training program on the cover page of Facebook with a free offer. 

Once the follower reads about the offer, it would lead to a direct click by interested users. 

Optimising leads does not take time. 

On social media, this process is simple and will take a minute to upload your leading offers. You can also optimise your Twitter and LinkedIn pages for lead generation. 

10. Create a referral system 

Referral Program Graphic Design

With a referral rewards system, your customers can bring in leads to your business in exchange for a discount or benefit. 

Most customers value the recommendations that come from friends and people they know. 

Encouraging existing customers to spread the word about your offers can be a powerful way to fuel your sales funnel. 

The referral program encourages new customers to try your brand or product. It attracts new leads to your business. 

The strategy makes it easier for your sales and marketing team to nurture your customers and engage them with your product. 

You can create a customer referral program with different customer referral templates

Set your goals and research how different referrals are coming to your business. 

You must list the referral sources and identify different channels to host your referral program. 

Make a plan and create different sources to reach out to your customers. 

Once you set up the tracking, you can quickly follow up with your customers. 

Final words

Create well-informed lead generation strategies with the help of your marketing team. 

Set a good example and inspire others to attract customers and convert them to qualified leads. 

Focus on three main things – budget, speed, and impact. 

Moreover, remember to choose your channel wisely by implementing different lead generation strategies. 

Author Bio: Nirav Dave is the CTO & Co-Founder at Capsicum Mediaworks, a Web Design Company in Mumbai, India, specialising in Web Design & WordPress. He Worships WordPress and loves reading anything and everything about this exceptional CMS. 

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