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Marketing Automation: 5 Crucial Tips To Scale Your Business

Marketing Automation: 5 Crucial Tips To Scale Your Business (Plus Tools)

To simplify tasks digitally and level up the efficiency game is not some far-fetched pipe dream anymore; instead, it is an achievable dream for every digital marketer in this day and age. 

Marketing Automation is now necessary and part of the digital norm.

Based on relevant data, more than 50% of B2B companies already use the said technology, and the other half plan to utilise it. 

According to a survey, the market size for marketing automation is set to reach the $8B mark by 2027.  

This is not surprising anymore but rather an expected shift for this technology that continues to break ground in digital marketing

Definition-wise, marketing automation uses automated tasks to manage marketing processes across different channels for businesses and companies. 

With marketing automation, you can reach your target market more seamlessly with automated messages across the internet via email, SMS, social media and the like. You can upscale your marketing campaigns and increase leads using marketing automation.

But first…

Benefits of a Marketing Automation Process

What Is Marketing Automation

The business’s truth is that you need marketing automation to upscale your digital marketing needs and seamlessly establish your marketing campaign processes. 

It is an essential tool you’d want to maximise before it evolves again—as it is a growing technology.

Here are some benefits of Marketing Automation:

A – Increased Sales Productivity and Better Campaign Management

Automating your marketing processes allows you to focus on other tasks and priorities, such as conversions. You can establish your strategies further and eliminate the need to outsource tasks.

You can save hours and hours of work by using marketing automation, especially in meeting the demands of the digital space, especially in social media marketing. 

With marketing automation, there is a positive impact on increasing leads and conversions, productivity, and even resources.

Data tells us that more than 70% of marketing automation users have shown an increase in their number of leads and contacts in forms. This simply proves that automating your processes is an excellent investment in the long run. 

B – Metrics Monitoring

Data and Analytics have helped tremendously in ensuring that you are meeting your goals and objectives for your business; other than that, it has provided a more convenient way for you to measure and monitor your metrics. 

Based on your data, you can identify improvement points and make room for changes to elevate your business needs.

There are tools available that can automate monitoring these kinds of data. You can utilise these marketing systems to start testing and retargeting your audience. 

According to the results you get for your metrics, you can reevaluate and see if this part of marketing automation helps you meet your goals. 

C – Improving Quality of Data

Connecting with your target audience promptly with relevant content at a time and day based on valuable data can bring forth positive and valuable results to your database. At this point, you’d want to have an established database you can return to. 

D – Reduced Marketing Expenses and Increased Revenue

According to statistics, almost 80% of successful digital marketing teams say that marketing automation has improved their revenue. 

This means that strategies have been laid carefully and executed with a well-carved-out digital marketing campaign with the help of marketing automation. 

Automating tasks has proven that you can focus on other things that give more thrust to the whole business.

E – Upscaled User Experience

Not all internet users are tech-savvy. The ease of use of any digital platform for your business, whether on social media or your site, speaks a lot about your company’s ability to communicate and care for your customers.

Chatbots are simplified, and quality email exchanges of information and the like are all part of this. And you can automate this. The easier it gets, the more your target market will choose to maximise this. 

With all these benefits in mind, you’d want to consider matching it up and partnering it with valuable tools that can take you further.

Here are 5 Marketing Tips to Scale Your Business alongside tools that can boost your productivity level:

1 – Make Use of Cold Emails

Email Marketing is marketing your business or product line via email. It is a great way to target your leads and provide a personalised experience with messages sent to them. This allows you to build good customer relationships with your target audience.

Here’s the thing, one can consider a cold email successful when it is not dumped into the spam folder—and of course, consider yourself successful when you get a response and land a sale eventually. 

But how exactly do cold emails help your business? Here are some benefits:

  • It saves you money. The resources you spend on email marketing are lower than other marketing strategies you are working on. There are no fees for ads and other hidden costs.
  • You can personalise it. This is one advantage of email marketing. You can address specifically any of your target markets. This gives a more personal vibe when they receive it in their mail. It encourages engagement and provides room for interaction.
  • Scalability. Email Marketing gives you the option of sending it to a large number of people or simply a list with a targeted audience. It’s your call.
  • Others Can Share It. This is an undervalued possibility, but some people would think of other people when they look at your product and will recommend it to them. This is a “word of mouth” experience – only digital!

Consider this as an effective way to market, but what’s even better is that you can automate this. 

Automating your email marketing can genuinely boost efficiency and productivity levels:

  • It saves you time. You can plan and schedule when you want these emails to be sent. It saves you time. It can even be downright specific, too, with specific actions on your site that can trigger the email sending. You can now automate whether you want to send out a promotion, offer, discount, or reward.
  • Marketing in Real-TimeAs mentioned, this becomes a more personal approach as you can be specific enough to address them by their names. At the same time, based on their performance and actions on your website, you can immediately trigger email sending in real-time. With tools in place, you can make it happen.

Here are some tools you can check:

Text Blaze

Textblaze Markting Automation Tool

If you want to eliminate typing errors, utilise the templates provided by Text Blaze, and you’re good to go—everything, at the tip of your fingers. 

How you can do this:

  • First, save a text message as a template, input it in Text Blaze, and provide a shortcut.
  • Next, input the shortcut, and the snippet text will replace it.
  • You can utilise dynamic template forms and other integrations from different sites. 
  •  Share it with friends and colleagues!

You can get more done. With Text Blaze, you can save time on repetitive tasks like composing emails/ messages and sending hundreds of them to your target audience. 

With templated messages and snippet texts you can put a shortcut on, you can increase efficiency levels on your end. 


Encharge Marketing Tool

When it comes to email marketing automation, Encharge is one of the best out there.

Because it integrates with third-party applications, the data gathered from your site, whether page views, features or other product behaviour, are used to provide you with a structured strategy to send automated emails to your targeted audience and leads.

Once you have imported your contact list, you can build your flow activities based on customer actions. 

Some of its notable features:

  • Broadcasts: Choose to send your newsletters or emails to a large audience or a list of segmented target audiences.
  • Flow Builder: Map your user journey using the flow builder and deliver more relatable and personal email marketing.
  • Behaviour Emails: You can increase customer engagement and leads by maximising behaviour-based emails.
  • A/B Testing: Don’t risk possible errors. Testing and checking the flow and how the email is received before sending it out to the prospect is a feature worth trying.
  • Personalisation: Incorporate dynamic content and customised messages and deliver emails with a personal vibe.
  • User Profiles: This feature allows you to check each user and their actions in real-time. 

Encharge is one of those SAAS automation tools you don’t want to miss out on with a smooth, easy-to-use interface.

2 – Use Tools to Manage Your Social Media Accounts.

If you are not marketing your business on social media, you miss out a lot. Before, we can still dispute this statement, but right now, if you’re not riding the wave of social media and all the technologies evolving around it, you will fall (and fail) behind.

Marketing via social media is undeniably one of the most effective ways to propel your product forward and to give thrust to your business. 

Almost everyone is on social media- even if they are not active, they are still sure to use it just to scroll and explore. 

Increase in leads, enhanced customer engagements through relevant content, Facebook dynamic ads, and more – there is much you can do via social media to promote your business.

And if you’re on the other end of the spectrum and have been maximising social media marketing to its core, then utilising tools to make it easier for you is already a no-brainer. 

Automating such tasks is a massive help in ensuring you can do work productively and more efficiently. Here are some tools you can check out:

Post Planner

Post Planner Social Media Marketing Tools

Post Planner aims to make social media marketing as profitable and painless as possible. 

From freelancers to small businesses to larger enterprises – you need a tool like this to schedule and structure your posts better and deliver more valuable and relevant content that can garner an increase in likes, shares, views and leads. 

Some notable features include:

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Customisable Branding
  • Drag & Drop
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Image Library
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Social Media Integration and Monitoring

With the data and analytics it utilises, you can better enhance customer engagement by studying the insights it provides and seeing where you can improve.


Missinglettr Drip Campaigns Tool

Are you looking for an all-in-one social media marketing tool? Try Missinglettr

You can convert your content into social media posts that are more than just relevant—it also helps you widen your reach and collaborate with influencers. 

With their outstanding features in place, Missinglettr will set you up for social media marketing success:

  • Drip Campaigns: By automating these campaigns, Missinglettr can detect any format of your content and include it in the library. You can then promote chunks of content on a large scale. These are pre-written posts you can send out in schedules. With the proper planning and timing, you can save resources and increase efficiency with this feature.
  • Curate: This feature provides a list of relevant and quality content your field is looking for. The system suggests content that can help you engage your target audience better. Manually curating content takes a lot of time—but with the Curate feature, you can post up fresh high-quality content that will surely improve customer engagement.
  • Calendar: Missinglettr boasts about this social media calendar that can schedule, organise, and publish your posts on time based on your planned schedules. A fully optimised calendar wherein you can view all your drip campaigns, monitor the curated posts, and other things you will be posting on your social media page—all these in one calendar.
  • Analytics: Monitoring what matters and tracking what’s necessary- results, performance, customer activity—all in one place. You can capitalise from the data gathered by ensuring you have control over these insights, determining even when is the best time to post relevant content. Not only that, it will help you determine which platform works well for your business.
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Missinglettr is a gold mine!


Oktopost Social Media Marketing Tool

This is another tool you should be checking out. Oktopost will help you maximise your content visibility and create an engaging customer experience.

For Business to Business organisations, brand amplification in social media is necessary to get leads and new contacts. Oktopost enables these B2B organisations to strengthen their brands online.

With Oktopost’s features, clients can get insights, prove ROI and integrate with different marketing automation platforms to help digital marketers and the sales team leverage at a notable pace.

Here are some features:

  • Social Analytics
  • Social Engagement and Publishing
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Report Customizability and Exporting
  • Scalability
  • Post Performance and Attribution
  • Social Measurement

Social Publishing is creating, scheduling and managing relevant content, and Oktopost offers this feature; their campaign optimisation is a massive thrust for campaign management tasks. 

It also helps identify current trends like optimal posting time to improve your performance.

With Oktopost’s social media management publishing tools, you can maximise social media visibility across major platforms. You can organise, manage, share content, and collaborate!

3 – Content Creation

It’s undeniable that unique and dynamic content drives your marketing online; it thrusts your campaigns forward, and it gives your room to have more opportunities to have better customer engagement with sales.

Creating quality content is a process in itself, requiring a lot of brainstorming, planning and evaluation. 

You need to get the message's tone right, ensuring it’s delivered to the right audience and communicates the core of your brand. 

And yes, it does take much time. But if you have already ironed it out, identified the design elements to incorporate, and finalised the message to include, then you can mesh it all in one place and automate the posting.

If you’re aiming to also focus on other priorities on your list, it’s time to maximise the available automated marketing tools and apps.

For content creation, here’s one we recommend:

AI Writer

Best Ai Writer Marketing Automation

It is technically an article writer generator software that can help you transform your drafted content into something post-worthy. 

If you already have phrases, ideas, and a bunch of keywords in mind, you can input that into the generator, which helps you create ready content.

It has a list of citations, too. You can easily verify the information you put in and produce reliable content. The AI-generated text is original, SEO-friendly, and relevant.

AI-Writer is SEO-performance ready, so you can trust this to do the work and drive traffic. Some features that AI Writer offers:

  • Research and Write: It helps generate unique drafted articles just from a bunch of words and even just from a headline.
  • Text Rewording: If you already have content that needs to be re-published, AI Writer can do the work. Submit the said content, and then your article will be reworded—new text for the same content.
  • Verifiable Citations: You don’t have to worry about generating content with unverifiable sources. AI Writer has that citation list to verify for accurate content posting.
  • SEO Focused Text Editor: You don’t have to worry about finding the right keywords because it is SEO engineered. This feature is data-driven, and you can be sure to achieve SEO-optimized writing.

To explore further, visit their site:

4 – Graphics Creation

Dynamic content and visuals that are sure to boost client engagement and grow sales are what you want to deliver. Graphic creation is a pillar in digital marketing necessary to build and establish brand awareness and influence the buyer’s journey. 

The design elements you incorporate into your brand establish your identity as a product or a business. When the target audience sees these graphics, they will easily recall your brand in mind. 

Of course, getting a professional to create quality graphics is essential—and an investment – but if you’re only starting and want to explore the dynamics of digital design, you can also maximise available tools that help you automate your graphic-related needs. That’s quality and efficiency meshed in one.

Here are some tools we recommend:


Slazzer Background Removal Tool

It takes a lot of time, effort, and design focus to remove a background from a graphic or photo. You can redirect the focus to the main subject with a background remover

Not only that, but you can also remove unnecessary objects on the picture that need not be there. Apart from that, having a background remover ensures that your background is ready for succeeding adjustments and design changes. 

Slazzer is here to help you with all that. It is backed by AI and removes the background cleanly in seconds. 

Their background remover immediately identifies the subject from any photo in place and provides a precise cutout. 

With Slazzer, integration with API becomes easy, improving efficiency.

You can improve performance for desktops with the Bulk Background Removal App- removing backgrounds in 100% quality, speed, and neatness. You can also customise your background and upload your images.

Another offer they have is the Slazzer Infinity. It is software that meshes AI with Automation allowing you to create custom backgrounds in different sizes; it adapts to your workflow seamlessly and provides unlimited image cutouts.

Icons8 Mega Creator

Icons8 Mega Creator Tool

Who doesn’t want an efficient way to edit, customise, and redesign graphic content on social media? The more you can maximise on tools available. The more your workflow will improve and the more work you can finish.

As a graphic software tool, Icons8 offers a library of more than 180,000 icons, illustrations, photos and vectors that you can utilise for your graphic needs. 

You don’t need to be a pro to use this tool; you can redesign the icons, recolour them or create new ones. Here are the notable features that you are sure to enjoy exploring:

  • Photo Creator
  • Vector Creator
  • Pichon Icons (The free icon library)
  • Smart Upscaler – used to enhance image resolution with AI technology
  • Ouch! Vector Illustrations-an archive of illustrations that you can access for free
  • Lunacy- With built-in resources, this graphic design software is sure to take your designs to another level

Whether you are into web designing, presentations, web development or the like, Icons8 is an excellent source for automating your graphic designs.


Pixelize Social Media Graphics

It used to be that the default solution for creating branding graphics was either to hire an in-house graphic designer or learn Photoshop by heart. Well, not anymore with Pixelixe! 

As a nifty graphic creator, it is all you need to make quality graphic designs, social media visuals, banners, and much more! 

It is probably the best and most effective shortcut to having branded designs even without a professional designer on your team. Pixelixe lets you build your brand with unique designs using advanced image automation and API processing. 

Pixelixe is helpful in many fields, including startups, bloggers, marketers, and advertisers, with its professional-quality features like:

  • White Label Editor – The easiest way to integrate graphic designs into your web app without learning or using coding tools!
  • Image Automation API – Instantly make and apply changes to enhance the graphic design elements!
  • Image processing API – Improve images with the available photo editing options such as flip, crop, rotate, resize, and more!
  • Photo Filter API – Presets and filters are available to bring out the best you’re your photos!
  • Design Set Builder – Save time by having all graphics be in the correct format no matter what social media platform you have!
  • Unlimited Storage – You will never run out of storage for all your graphics with Pixelixe’s unlimited storage feature!


Pixelied Photo Editor Tools

You have heard of this one before. Pixelied is a dynamic photo editor and online graphic editing tool that helps you deliver quality graphics for your digital marketing campaigns. 

And it’s no denying that it is popular in the digital arena being an image editing tool. Image editing tools like Pixelied are almost like a more accessible version of Photoshop, ensuring quality output. 

Pixelied is a dynamic online graphic editing tool that helps you deliver quality graphics for your digital marketing campaigns.

You can quickly generate designs and create your original ones with ready templates

The features in place are their built-in templates available for access and workspaces to manage your workflow and even organise your design requirements.

They also have a thumbnail maker tool and background remover feature. Aside from that, custom illustrations are ready for the taking—which you can easily download on different platforms. It’s high time to explore this tool!

Design Stripe

Design Stripe Online Designs Tool

Designstripe is an online design tool that allows users to create graphic illustrations in just a few clicks. It’s a powerful tool with plenty of customisable themes, graphics and options. 

Whether for blogs, websites, apps or book covers – it’s perfect for any creative out there.

It’s not only colourful and appealing! The tools are easy to learn and relatively click-and-go from start to finish. Designstripe’s super-friendly interface makes it ideal for beginners with no design background.

Users can try its features for free, and subscription prices are reasonable. It’s a design tool worth considering for designers and content creators alike because it:

  • It is easy to use. The simple design makes it easy for beginners to get used to.
  • Has flexible customisation. Switch between graphic assets, colours and several details with just a few clicks.
  • It has a free plan available. New users have unlimited use of its free features.
  • Has individual and team plans available. Create designs for single or company use. Branding colours and features are available on the Team Plan!

5 – Digital Asset Management

You might ask, what are digital assets, and why do I need to manage them?

Digital assets are digital content you can store, manage, and share—your photos, videos, blogs, social media posts, music, documents and the like. 

And in an organisation, digital assets are multiplied in number as they are created daily, whether routinely or not. 

Now, that’s why there is a need to manage it accordingly, especially when it is considered an organisation’s intellectual and creative property.

Digital Asset Management is necessary for businesses and organisations to govern and manage every digital file in their system. The more your business expands, the larger your digital asset trove is. 

And when it comes to managing it, you need to think of a way to make things efficient on your end. Here is where the tools come in. 

And one reliable tool for Digital Asset Management is Filecamp.


Filecamp Digital Asset Management Tool

This tool is a cloud-based software that provides solutions to companies in terms of helping them organise, manage and share their digital assets seamlessly. Filecamp has digital guidelines you can trust. 

With different collaborations in various organisations utilising this, you can ensure that your digital assets are being protected, as with the folder permissions in place.

You can trust that Filecamp has customer service ready with their Email/Help Desk, Forum, Knowledge Base, Contacts and a 24/7 Chatbot. For features you’d want to explore:

  • Access Controls/Permissions and Expiration Management 
  • Approval Process Control and Workflow
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Artwork Management
  • Asset Categorisation
  • Asset Library and Sharing
  • Brand Management and Overlay
  • Audit Trail and Bulk Uploading
  • Client Management and other Collaboration Tools

You can start your Filecamp journey with the basic plan of $29 per month!


You may have read tons of articles giving you tips on how you can scale your business further; but here’s the thing, in the ever-growing and evolving world of digital marketing, you need to know how to keep your workflow as efficient as it can be without compromising the quality of your outputs. 

Marketing Automation has contributed significantly to making this aim a reality.

Explore, learn, and test which tools are great for you to utilise and maximise to ensure your marketing campaigns and strategies produce results. 

Rely on tips and tools, but trust your sense of excellence and purpose in your journey in digital marketing.

Make use and explore all that digital marketing automation can offer. Choose the right marketing automation platform for your business. 

Author Bio: Shelly Solis is the founder and CEO of SaaSLauncher. This former Public Relations teacher at a University currently helps SaaS companies scale their businesses through SEO and guest posting services.

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