Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy – Guide for 2020

Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy – Guide for 2020

Content comes in many forms to us, and as humans, it has been the essence of our progress and development. It exists in everything we know, learn, study, or interact with in our daily lives. 

It can be defined as the expression of thought through various mediums. The stories we were told as children, the books we read, the videos we watch, the pictures we look at, anything that conveys thought or expression, is content. 

We begin consuming content from a very young age, and in this developing world, we are almost always exposed to it in some form or other. 

Similarly, content creation is not new to us. Our crayon scribbles, the complex string of words we start to put together in our diaries at a young age, are both our forms of content creation. 

As we grow older, both consumption and creation take shape, and we strive to find or offer value through both. Both of these processes are part and parcel of the growth of any individual and any enterprise. 

So, you must ask yourself how these crucial functions influence the business world? Content marketing is the answer to that question. 

What is Content Marketing?

Freelance Content Marketing

Marketing is the most versatile and crucial tenet of the business world, so as it must, it found a home in the world of content creation and consumption. 

Building brilliant campaigns, distributing knowledge, initiating change and profit, and studying and acquiring skills are all propagated by content in marketing. 

Content Marketing can be defined as the brands creating and distributing relevant content on a long-term strategic basis to establish and propagate a relationship with their target group.

This form of digital marketing stands to benefit brands and consumers alike. 

Providing brands and individuals, potentially with the help of marketing and advertising agencies with the chance to put their products and services across in an informative and efficient way, and allowing consumers with the opportunity to learn and educate themselves while consuming.

Types of Content Marketing

One of the reasons this form of marketing is highly efficient is because of the range it provides. There are many types of content marketing, and most can be divided into four umbrella categories.

Written Content

Email marketing has been used commonly since the advent of email. eBooks, Blogs, and Articles are long-form, highly informative content forms.

Visual Content

Videos for websites, Youtube, other video channels, Infographics for websites, social media posts, as well as educational Webinars. 

Social Media

Social Media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Discussion Forums, such as Quora and Reddit.

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Audio Content

Podcasts are an up and coming form of audio communication. 

Choosing a type for your brand

Let’s take an example: Suppose you run a pharmaceutical company, and you recently received approval for and launched a soap with a series of benefits unique to this particular product. 

As a brand, the most effective form of marketing for you would be through exciting infographics, social media posts, and videos. 

If a pharmaceutical brand were to write a blog, while it may attract intellectuals, researchers, competitors, and medical professionals, it will most probably not bring you leads. 

Evaluating what would be most effective for you is crucial. This can be done by analysing the content your target audience most consumes or relates to, studying competitors’ marketing strategies, or simply studying the market and deducting the best approach for you. 

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The History of Content Marketing

As odd as it may sound, the first time content marketing was put to practice was in the late 19th century when a magazine called The Furrow released a publication in which farmers could find useful information about growing their business.

The reason why this left the impression of a marketing strategy worth investing in is that it was the first type of advertising and promotion that established a connection between the business and the target audience. 

History Of Content Marketing Furrow

It wasn’t long before other businesses started experimenting with content marketing. 

The next one on the list to try this just a couple of years later was the French tire company Michelin, which published a 400-page guide on travel advice and auto-maintenance. 

When companies saw the benefits and effective content marketing brought to the table, it quickly became a trend that everyone caught up with. 

Digital Content Marketing in the Present Day

A couple of things have changed throughout the years as content marketing has continued to evolve. 

But one thing has remained the same – this marketing method is still one of the best options for businesses. 

With the rise of the internet, large companies took their focus off of billboard and cable TV advertising. 

They concentrated more on the digital sphere, which involves computers, smartphones, and the internet. 

According to statistics, content marketing is three times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing on average. 

To be more specific, the method has become so popular that more than 60% of B2C marketers use content marketing strategies. 

In comparison, 80% of marketers revealed they were ready to invest even more in this method so they can continue to develop and expand their business in new ways.

In the final analysis, what makes content marketing stand out from other methods of advertising and promotion is its ability to define and engage with an audience. 

Why does it work? 

Content Relevance Audience

As any curious person would wonder, you must also want to know why content marketing has such a significant impact, and why it works so widely. 

Like most forms of digital marketing, this form comes with a set of different reasons for its success. Four of the majorly understood and appreciated reasons are listed below. 

1 – Ease of Access

With technology slowly but surely reaching every corner of the world, and content marketing being an extremely digital concept, it is the most accessible form of information out there. 

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Regardless of gender, age, culture, country, a majority of consumers have access to this form of marketing, making it highly efficient. 

2 – The Generation of Information

With the increase of information available, there is also an increase in eagerness to learn. A generation of jacks of all trades is rising, and content marketing embraces that idea perfectly. 

In today’s world, having a basic understanding of a variety of subjects is applauded and appreciated, hence, making this the generation of information. 

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing: The Content Strategy & Marketing Course Guidebook
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  • English (Publication Language)
  • 390 Pages - 11/29/2017 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)

3 – Easily Monitored and Adapted

As a brand, being able to access your released content, and alter it following the times helps create relevant and useful impact. 

It is crucial to adapt to the constantly changing times, and the digital marketing world allows for it. Equally important is the ability to see what form of your content is creating impact, and study your target audience, helping you further adapt your strategies. 

4 – Range and Variety

As stated in the previous section, content marketing provides brands with a wide variety of formats and platforms to choose from. 

This allows access to varying target groups simultaneously. While Facebook may offer them access to older groups, podcasts will provide access to younger people who work and learn simultaneously. The opportunities are endless. 

What to focus on? 

Content Marketing Tips 2020

Walking into this field, blindly, will not only stop you from achieving your goals but will cause a significant waste of resources

Knowing how to get a start on planning and conceptualising your content when you create it is the first step towards a successful content marketing strategy. 

Adding Value

All prospective clients are looking to attain something from their interaction with your brand. Give them something to look at, read through, maybe even bookmark and return to. 

Like the crowd knowing the lyrics of a band’s song, your customers should understand your blogs, and what they offer. Adding value to your customers’ lives in more than way brings in loyal and learned leads

Creating valuable content also helps you establish your knowledge and authority in your field. 

This further provides confidence in and support for the impression you wish to and do put across in the world.

Target Audience

Studying and analysing your target audience can change the trajectory of your brand entirely. Choosing the right form of marketing, the right platform, the right content, is crucial. 

When focusing on content marketing, do not forget to focus on the quality of the content itself. While you may create the perfect strategy, if your content does not provide relevance and quality, it will lose weightage. 

Therefore, it is vital to study and analyse your audience, eventually moulding your content to fit their needs and wants. Find what they would most identify with, and then move forward accordingly.

Brand Identity

What Is Branded Content

Remember always to emphasise the identity of your brand in the content you create. 

While ensuring your target audience remains appeased is essential, it is equally important to keep sight of who you are as a brand, and what message you’re trying to put across

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Losing focus of this can lead to content without a clear message, or identity, and leave your audience finding it hard to collate or relate with. 

Your identity can make or break your brand, and how you show it in the content you put across plays an equally important role. 

Brand tone, language, and style come together to make your identity, always wear it with pride.


When you start creating content, what is it you are trying to achieve, and why have you taken the step into content marketing are the first questions you should ask yourself. 

If you’re attempting to gain leads, create your content and build your strategy following that. If you’re trying to create impact, or pioneer something new with your innovation or ideas, make sure you present that clearly in the content you present. 

Keeping your purpose front and centre is the only way to build a brilliant and effective content marketing strategy. 

Similar to every other field of marketing, what you aim to achieve is what decides what you will do. 

What are the benefits? 

Evergreen Content

As has been explained in the content above, this form of marketing offers adversity, variety, and range like nothing else. 

With these endless functional benefits, it also offers three significant technical benefits to your brand. 

If one were to approach this from a thoroughly business based viewpoint, the following three benefits could be attained through content marketing. 

Increased Leads and Sales

Creating varied content leads to mixed availability, and as discussed earlier, with ease of accessibility, the reach is a lot higher. 

This provides multiple options for Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and numerous platforms from which to generate leads

It also allows for higher engagement with your potential customers, and if created well, your content can leave a lasting effect and a note of goodwill with your leads. 

Increased leads bring in increased conversions, eventually increasing sales. A good strategy with wide range can bring a significant positive change to your brand growth. 

Lower Investment

The different options within content marketing require varying amounts of investment. For the most part, creating and circulating content is not expensive. 

While writing blogs for your brand, and using services such as Search Engine Optimisation may cost the investment of hiring an agency, it is relatively less costly than significant investments such as running print advertisements

On the other hand, running an efficient and well-strategised social media campaign can come at a minimal cost or even no cost at all. 

Even the more expensive options within content marketing come at a lower cost than traditional marketing for the most part, and bring in higher revenue.

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Loyal Customer Base

With value-adding and exciting content, your brand can build a lasting impression and supportive following. 

For instance, if you publish blogs every week, and your content is relevant, you can create a following that returns to your blog every week, and in turn, shares the content you create. 

Creating shareable content and interacting can majorly increase leads by creating the impression of a brand that cares for its customers. 

A loyal customer base can have immediate and long-term benefits for your brand.

Content Marketing’s Must-Know Facts and Rules

Seo Friendly Content

The world of content marketing is based mostly on the ruthless competition. Putting out content and turning it into a monthly income depends solely on the strategy that the business is using and its commitment to creating as much quality content as possible. 

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And now, we are going to show you how to do all of this – the right way! 

Here are things you should know and bear in mind:

1 – Content Builds Trust

Recent statistics reveal that 61% of the audience purchased after reading recommendations on a blog. 

This only goes to show that businesses that post on blogs regularly have a 126% increase in traffic than those which don’t. 

In other words, the more content you put out there, the more your audience connects with you. As a result, your chances of selling a product or a service drastically increase.

2 – Generate Inbound Leads

As much as 90% of content marketers focus on using content marketing to generate inbound leads. 

According to recent research, 53% of businesses value content creation the most, while 72% say that content marketing increased their leads as well as engagement with their audience more than other types. 

3 – Blog/Social Media Posts

We briefly mentioned how important blog posts are, and now we are going to explain why. 

More than 71% of B2B buyers read blog posts. 

This prompted more than 66% of marketers who wanted to stay up to date to implement blog posts on various social media platforms. 

And as far as research shows, more than half of the traffic that goes through the blog is looking for opinions and recommendations. 

Inbound Content: A Step-by-Step Guide To Doing Content Marketing the Inbound Way
  • Hardcover Book
  • Champion, Justin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 256 Pages - 04/24/2018 (Publication Date) - Wiley (Publisher)

4 – Consistent Content Distribution 

If you want to build a familiar and consistent target audience that regularly comes back to your blog and reads your posts, you must put in the effort of consistently delivering the content at a known time, several times a week. 

WordPress is the undisputed leader in the blogging world. Statistics show that over 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month.

What’s more, nearly 118 billion words were published on WordPress in 2019. 

And while quantity is not nearly as important as the quality, it does play a substantial role in the world of content marketing.

5 – Spreading Brand Awareness

Studies reveal that more than 72% of marketers believe branded content is more effective than traditional advertising, with more than 91% of readers more likely to choose popular-brand products over unbranded ones. 

This means that while you should focus on your content and building an audience, you should also try to create a recognisable name for your brand. 

6 – Content Marketing Saves Money

Content marketing in the digital era costs 62% less than traditional types of marketing. What’s more, the majority of marketers experienced a significant drop in their spending after switching to digital marketing

However, less expensive doesn’t mean less effective, as the conversion rates are shown to be six times higher when a business uses content marketing. 

These few steps are essential to building a content marketing strategy that will not just grow and expand but show results as well. 

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With this in mind, we are switching to our next most notable topic about the importance of content marketing. 

The Importance of Content Marketing in the Business World

Content Marketing Statistics

The number of companies, businesses, websites, and organised groups which use content marketing to reach their goal is growing every single day. 

And as we mentioned above, the competition can be quite ruthless. 

This is why it doesn’t matter if you are starting or you are already a huge business owner. 

If you want to stand out in the crowd truly, you need to know how to utilise the tips and rules we mentioned above successfully. 

While content marketing is best when used to promote a product or service, throughout the years, marketers have experimented with various methods of using this technique and discovered that there was a 68% increase in the usage of visual-audio content in B2C marketing. 

In other words, this means that the best way to reach more of your target audience is to use audio/video enriched content. 

Not only does it gain and maintain the attention of the viewers, but it also helps to better present and demonstrate how fantastic your product or service is. 

It gives you freedom of expression and helps connect your brand to a specific type of content that you cannot ignore. 

Now that we are on the topic of the digital era of content marketing, we can’t go without mentioning blogging as one of the best ways to turn a hobby into a profession. 

The total number of blogs in 2020 is estimated to be more than 30 million, with more than five million blog posts published every day. 

These days, the number of people who monetise their posts and blogs to make a living is growing, and with it, the types of blogs that exist. 

For example, the latest trending blogs are filled with images, information, interactive content, and educational videos.

Why Content Marketing Is Better

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content
  • Hardcover Book
  • Handley, Ann (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 09/15/2014 (Publication Date) - Wiley (Publisher)

All it takes is just one quick look at the results content marketing is providing for businesses. We can say without a doubt; it is the best marketing method in this day and age.

The reason why content marketing truly stands out is that, unlike basic advertisements and promotions on cable TV, here you can personalise the content and have something to offer to every type of audience. 

And it doesn’t end there. The ability for readers to provide feedback and their opinion on some issues provides data for the business on where the content should improve. 

There isn’t a better way to both improve your business and connect with the people who help you do so.


The benefits of content marketing are endless and highly valuable. Building a strategy is required to efficiently reap the benefits of this form of marketing, making it a top priority. 

Having gained an idea of the concept of content marketing, as well as how it can benefit your brand, it is vital that you conduct further research, and make a switch soon. 

It is often said in the world of marketing that Content is King, and it could not be more accurate, or more relevant at this point. 

We suggest you use Content Marketing to ensure that this time may be of service to you. 

Contributor: Namrata Naomi Gautam is a writer, currently in the world of marketing and advertising. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Law, she likes to explore, study, and write about a variety of subjects. Always up for a content-related challenge, you can find her on LinkedIn.

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