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The 15+ Best Logo Design Courses to Advance Your Career

The 15+ Best Logo Design Courses to Advance Your Career

Logos are one of the most critical elements of effective branding. A great logo instantly communicates the essence of a brand in a simple, memorable and visually appealing way. For new and experienced designers looking to create impactful logo designs, taking a course is one of the best ways to level up your skills. This comprehensive guide will explore the top logo design courses available and how they can benefit aspiring and professional logo designers.

What Makes a Good Logo Design Course?

Before jumping into the top courses, let’s overview some key things that set apart high-quality logo design courses:

  • Relevant curriculum covering logo design fundamentals through advanced concepts
  • A focus on developing creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • Attention to both digital and manual techniques
  • Real-world projects and case studies
  • Feedback from experienced instructors
  • Downloadable lecture resources for future reference
  • A supportive student community for collaboration

A course with these elements will give you a well-rounded logo design education to grow as a designer while building an impressive portfolio.

Benefits of Taking a Logo Design Course

Taking a dedicated logo design course offers many advantages:

Develop Key Technical Skills

Quality logo design courses will significantly upgrade your technical abilities, from typography principles to colour theory to working with different design software.

Expand Your Creativity

Logo design requires sharp, creative thinking. The correct course will stretch your imagination through idea-generation exercises.

Learn From Experienced Designers

Veteran instructors provide insider tips and feedback to help you avoid common mistakes new designers make.

Get Real-World Insights

Understand how leading brands conceive and evolve their logo designs through real-world case studies.

Build an Impressive Portfolio

Apply what you learn on actual client projects and creative briefs to showcase in your portfolio.

Open Up Career Opportunities

A versatile logo design skill set combined with a solid portfolio is beautiful to employers and clients.

Network with Fellow Students

Connect with like-minded peers who can become long-term collaborators and colleagues.

The Top Logo Design Courses

Now let’s explore some of the best logo design courses available across different formats, specialities and skill levels:

Graphic Design Specialization (Coursera)

Graphic Design Specialisation Coursera

Ideal For: Complete beginners

Course Highlights:

  • Eight courses & quizzes exploring graphic design foundations
  • Created by California Institute of the Arts professors
  • Covers art history context, spatial design, typography, colour, and more
  • Build a portfolio-worthy branding project

With a strong emphasis on graphic design basics, this Specialization course bundle on Coursera is a terrific starting point for newcomers.

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Logo Design Masterclass (Udemy)

Logo Design Masterclass Course Udemy

Ideal For: Beginners

Course Highlights:

  • 11 hours of video content
  • Easy-to-understand
  • Toolkit with design templates
  • Project Feedback
  • Money-back guarantee

Udemy is known for its extensive catalogue of affordable online courses. This Logo Design Masterclass strikes an excellent balance between core concepts and practical techniques for new designers.

Logo Design Fundamentals (LinkedIn Learning)

Ideal For: Beginners seeking a quick introduction

Course Highlights:

  • Just 1.5 hours total
  • Created by industry veteran Bill Gardner
  • It covers basics like layout, colour, type, imagery, abstraction, and craft
  • Part of the Graphic Design Essential Training path

LinkedIn Learning has a concise fundamentals-focused logo design course taught by expert Bill Gardner to develop core competencies for those short on time.

Software & Tools Training

Logo Design Techniques (Adobe Illustrator CC) (Udemy)

Design Logos In Adobe Illustrator Software

Ideal For: All Adobe Illustrator skill levels

Course Highlights:

  • Nearly 14 hours of tutorials
  • Comprehensive Illustrator training tailored to logo design
  • Learn critical skills like tracing, reshaping, layering, gradients, patterns, templates, exporting, and more
  • Practice by recreating famous logos step-by-step

This course comprehensively covers leveraging Adobe Illustrator CC for logo design across all skill levels.

Logo Design with Inkscape (Udemy)

Inkscape Download Tutorial

Ideal For: Beginner to intermediate Inkscape users

Course Highlights:

  • Nearly 5 hours of content
  • Open-source alternative to Illustrator
  • Covers Inkscape tools, typography, colour management, and tricks used by pros
  • Bonus mock client project

For designers seeking an affordable Illustrator alternative, this Inkscape course tailors core techniques to crafting sharp logo designs.

Design a Logo with Adobe InDesign CC (LinkedIn Learning)

Ideal For: All InDesign proficiency levels

Course Highlights:

  • 5 hours of video tutorials
  • Veteran instructor Claudia McCue
  • Optimise workflows between Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Shape tools, typographic designs, colour harmonies, layers, and exporting

While less common, InDesign offers unique layout possibilities for logo work. This course shows how to tap into them.

Creativity Development

Logo Design: Graphic Simplification and Minimalism (Domestika)

Spanish Logo Design Courses

Ideal For: Intermediate designers seeking to boost creativity

Course Highlights:

  • 6 hours of video lessons
  • Taught by top Spanish designer Rubén Ferlo
  • The psychology and process behind original ideas
  • Creative thinking exercises every step of the way
  • Client case study with an international NGO

This methodology-driven logo design course from Spain’s prestigious Domestika highlights out-of-the-box thinking for intermediate designers stuck in a creative rut.

Logo Design 01 (The Futur)

Ideal For: Advancing creativity for intermediate designers

Course Highlights:

  • 6 hours of video content
  • Taught by industry leader Chris Do
  • Tapping your subconscious for ideas via meditation, nature immersion, music, and more
  • Daily warm-up exercises to unlock creativity

This course, led by renowned designer Chris Do, offers thought-provoking techniques to take your logo concepts to the next level.

Advanced Techniques & Projects

Brand Identity Design: Advanced Principles (Domestika)

Ideal For: Intermediate to advanced designers

Course Highlights:

  • Nearly 10 hours of lessons
  • Taught by top Spanish designer Eva Loira
  • Creating visual systems and guidelines
  • Complex client case study covering multiple brand assets
  • Final presentation workshop

For intermediate designers ready for more complex logo challenges, Eva Loira’s advanced course develops versatility through an intensive case study.

The Great Courses – Logo Design Tips and Tricks (Audible)

Ideal For: Intermediate designers seeking new techniques

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Course Highlights:

  • Over 8 hours of audio content
  • Respected design professor Michael Jefferson
  • Psychology, colour, shapes, typography, abstraction, and simplicity
  • Historical perspective analysing legendary logos
  • Downloadable design guidebook

This audio course from The Great Courses signature series provides insightful logo design tips from veteran design educator Michael Jefferson.

Logo Design Masterclass + Real Client Work (Skillshare)

Logo Design Mastery The Full Course

Ideal For: Intermediate designers seeking real-world experience

Course Highlights:

  • 7.5 hour course + client project
  • Taught by design veteran Lindsay Marsh
  • Partner with actual startup VentureOut to source real creative brief
  • Develop logo from start to finish through feedback
  • Build portfolio piece and potential testimonial

This advanced Skillshare course provides invaluable real-world experience by pairing you with actual startup clients under the guidance of an industry leader.

Speciality Courses

Logo Design for Architects and Interior Designers (Udemy)

Ideal For: Industry professionals

Course Highlights:

  • 4 hours of specialised instruction
  • Created specifically for architecture and interior design professionals
  • Principles tailored to firms vs. consumer brands
  • Develop visual identities for fictional firms
  • Learn from the teacher's experience running his studio

This niche course from Udemy helps architecture and interior design professionals apply logo design principles tailored to promoting their services.

Handdrawn Logo Design (Domestika)

Ideal For: Aspiring vintage designers

Course Highlights:

  • 13 lessons
  • Taught by Illustrator and branding expert Aron Leah
  • Creating logos for style aesthetics like streetwear, couture, sportswear, and more
  • Learn tricks used by leading illustrators.

Budding illustrative designers get specialised instruction for capturing a brand's style and attitude on Domestika’s logo design course focused on the marketing industry.

Business Branding Courses

Learning Logo Design (LinkedIn Learning)

Best Courses For Logo Design Learning

Ideal For: Entrepreneurs and small business owners

Course Highlights:

  • Almost 5 hours
  • Created specifically for entrepreneurs
  • Develop logos for five fictional companies
  • Guidance tailored to limited budgets
  • Build a brand vision statement

LinkedIn Learning offers a concise crash course guiding entrepreneurs through the logo design process quickly and affordably.

Branding and Identity Design for Small Businesses (Skillshare)

Ideal For: Small business owners

Course Highlights:

  • Five courses equaling 5+ hours
  • Develop logos, business cards, packaging, signage and more
  • Two real-world brand identity projects
  • Made for busy owners with no design experience
  • Applied branding tips for social media

This series from Skillshare consolidates all the core branding assets small business owners need to promote their brand effectively on a budget.

Foundation Building Bundles

Graphic Design Specialization (Coursera)

Includes: 8 courses exploring foundations like art history context, typography, layout, colour, branding basics, and more

Course Volume: 100+ hours of lessons, quizzes & projects

The Futur Graphic Design Series (YouTube)

Includes: Many courses take you from graphic design theory to business strategy

Course Volume: 100+ hours of video lessons

For those seeking comprehensive design education, these bundles offer incredible value with zero monthly cost while letting you learn at your own pace.

Logo Design Course Comparison Tables

To visualise critical differences between some top logo design courses, here are two comparison tables:

Fundamentals Focused Courses

CourseLengthBeginner Ideal?Skills DevelopedPrice (Individual Course)
Graphic Design Specialization (Coursera)100+ hoursYesArt history context, spatial design, typography, colour application, fundamentals portfolio project$49/month subscription
Logo Design Masterclass (Udemy)11 hoursYesCore concepts, templates, instructor feedback, client work, money-back guarantee$12.99
Logo Design Fundamentals (LinkedIn Learning)1.5 hoursYesConcise basics taught by industry leader Bill Gardner$29.99/month subscription

Advanced Techniques & Projects Courses

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CourseLengthIntermediate+ Ideal?Skills DevelopedPrice (Individual Course
Brand Identity Design: Advanced Principles (Domestika)10 hoursYesVisual systems, multi-asset case study, final presentation$27
Logo Design Tips & Tricks (The Great Courses)8+ hoursYesColour, shape, history analysis, psychology, simplicity$14.95/month audiobook subscription
Logo Design Masterclass + Real Client Work (Skillshare)7.5 hoursYesEnd-to-end client collaborations, portfolio development$14.99

Choosing the Right Logo Design Course For You

With so many courses for developing logo design skills, selecting the right one matters. As you evaluate courses, consider these critical decision criteria:

  • Your current design skill level (beginner, intermediate etc.)
  • Whether you want to focus more on creativity vs. technical execution
  • Choose the style of learning that suits you best (visual, hands-on, audio, etc.).
  • Your budget and preferred pricing models (free, subscription, one-off payment)
  • Time availability and flexibility needs
  • Areas of specialisation relevant to your industry goals

Getting clear on these aspects will help narrow down the logo design program that aligns perfectly with your growth objectives as an aspiring or professional designer.

5 Key Questions About Logo Design Courses Answered

To wrap up this guide on the best logo design courses available today, here are answers to 5 common FAQs:

What is the best free logo design course?

For a great introductory logo design course available free, California Institute for the Arts offers a Fundamentals of Graphic Design course on Coursera covering critical concepts like typography, colour application, and imagery you can audit for $0.

Are there any courses explicitly focused on logo design psychology and creativity?

Yes, Domestika has an excellent course called Logo Design Process – A Holistic Approach to Creativity, which focuses on the behind-the-scenes psychology, creative methodologies, and problem-solving tactics top designers employ when conceptualising innovative logo designs. Skillshare also has a stellar Logo Design: Creative Development course concentrating solely on creativity.

What logo design courses offer client work or real briefs?

A few courses provide the opportunity to work on client collaborations. Udemy offers some client practice built into its Logo Design Masterclass. More intensive client work can be found in Skillshare’s Logo Design Masterclass + Real Client Work course, where you partner with actual startups.

Should I learn logo design as an architect or interior designer?

Designing your firm’s logo and extending that into a visual identity system can be a significant asset for an architect or interior designer. Udemy has a tailored 4-hour Logo Design for Architects & Interior Designers course covering specialised principles like conveying your unique services, capabilities and vision.

What bundle deals offer the most comprehensive design foundations?

For unbeatable value logo design bundled into expansive design education, Coursera’s Graphic Design Specialization 8-course bundle delivers over 100+ hours of design preparation, costing only a $49 monthly subscription. Skillshare also has a robust Chris Do Graphic Design series spanning nine courses for just $14.99 monthly.

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