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Top 10 Best 5k Monitors for Designers

Top 10 Best 5k Monitors for Designers

High-resolution 5k monitors quickly become the top choice for designers and creative professionals. With a vast canvas to work with, 5k displays enable you to see your creations in crisp detail and bring designs to life. But what exactly makes a great 5k monitor for designers? And which models stand out from the pack this year? This comprehensive guide looks at the key things to consider when selecting 5k monitors for design work and reviews the top 10 picks in 2024.

What to Look for in a 5k Monitor for Design Work

Acer Predator X27 5K Monitors

When investing in a 5k monitor for design, there are a few key specifications and features to keep in mind:

Display Size and Aspect Ratio

The standard aspect ratio for 5k monitors is 21:9, providing an ultra-wide display perfect for laying out designs and timelines and viewing media content. Popular 5k monitor sizes for designers include:

  • 32-inch
  • 34-inch
  • 49-inch

The larger screen real estate enables you to see more of your project and tools at once without excessive scrolling or tab switching.

Resolution and Pixel Density

A 5k monitor exceeds 4k resolution, featuring at least 5120 x 2160 pixels. This results in sharp image quality and tons of on-screen workspace. You can view designs and graphics in intricate detail for optimal editing precision.

Look for a high pixel density of around 140 PPI or more. This results in clear and crisp text and images across the expansive display.

Colour Gamut and Accuracy

You want a wide colour gamut approaching or exceeding 100% of the Adobe RGB or DCI-P3 colour spaces for colour-sensitive work like graphic design, photography, and video editing. This ensures colours are vivid and accurate to life.

Many 5k monitors designed for creatives also come pre-calibrated for excellent colour accuracy out of the box. This saves you time and frustration trying to tune the display manually.

Refresh Rate

A higher refresh rate of 60 Hz or more results in smooth screen performance with no lag or ghosting during video playback or when moving elements around in graphic design software. This is especially important if you plan to game during downtime!

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Look for a 5k monitor with a good mix of modern ports. USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity allows you to transfer data and power delivery through the same cable. You also want DisplayPort and HDMI inputs to connect your computer and other devices. Some monitors include USB 3.0 ports on the display, which helps reduce cable clutter by connecting peripherals like external hard drives.

The Best 5k Monitors for Designers

Best 5K Monitor For Designers

With key buying considerations covered, look at five top-rated 5k monitors ideally suited for graphic design, video editing, photography, and more creative applications. I’ve selected options at a range of budgets and with a variety of feature sets.

1. LG 34WK95U-W – Best Overall

Screen Size: 34-inch Diagonal

Resolution: 5120 x 2160

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Features: HDR 600, Thunderbolt 3, 98% DCI-P3 Colour

If you're looking for the best overall 5k monitor for designers this year, the LG 34WK95U-W takes the top spot. It nails the sweet spot of image quality, ergonomics, and next-gen connectivity.

LG 34WK95U-W 34″UltraWide 5K Nano IPS LED Monitor with Built-In Speakers, 5120×2160
  • 5120 x 2160 Resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, 5 ms (GtG) Response Time, Thunderbolt 3 / HDMI / DisplayPort 1.4 / USB Type C Inputs, Built-In Speakers, Ultra-thin bezel for slim and sleek design
  • 1200:1 (Typ) Contrast Ratio, 450 cd/m2 Brightness, 178 degree/178 degree Viewing Angles (CR≥10), 10-Bit (8bit+A-FRC), DCI-P3 98% Color Gamut (CIE1931), 0.0518 (H) x 0.1554 (V) mm Pixel Pitch
  • Windows: Plug and play for PCs with compatible graphics cards supporting 5K2K such as the 2080ti for gamers. Use DisplayPort 1.4 or Thunderbolt 3 USB-C for full 5120 x 2160 resolution


  • Stunning nano IPS panel with HDR 600 support
  • 98% coverage of DCI-P3 colour space
  • Single Thunderbolt 3 cable for video and power
  • Virtually borderless design with a slim profile
  • Ergonomic stand with height/tilt/swivel adjustability


  • No built-in speakers
  • On the pricey side

With its expansive 34-inch diagonal screen size, you get loads of real estate for multitasking. Creative projects come alive thanks to the crisp 5k resolution, 500-nit peak brightness, and wide colour gamut. Connecting your laptop is a breeze with the single Thunderbolt 3 input. And you can easily customise the viewing position with the flexible stand.

On the downside, there are no built-in speakers. And the LG 5k monitor sits at the higher end of the price spectrum, but you get what you pay for in terms of unmatched performance for designers!

2. Dell U4919DW – Best Super Ultra-Wide

Screen Size: 49-inch Diagonal

Resolution: 5120 x 1440

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Features: USB-C, Picture-by-Picture/Picture-in-Picture, 130% sRGB Colour Space

The uniquely immersive Dell U4919DW offers the largest display in our 5k monitor roundup with a super ultra-wide 49-inch screen. It's like having two 27-inch QHD monitors side by side without bezels interrupting your workflow.


  • Massive panoramic 5k resolution
  • Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture modes
  • A reasonable price point for the size
  • 130% sRGB colour reproduction
  • Full adjustability plus VESA mountable


  • Vertical space is more limited compared to 34-inch 21:9 monitors
  • No HDR support
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It's hard to beat the enveloping experience delivered by the Dell 49-inch super ultra-wide display if you have desk space. The 32:9 extended aspect ratio is a boon for productivity, allowing you to effectively multitask with multiple applications, documents, and toolbars and be more open at the same time. Connectivity options like the USB-C port provide one-cable convenience to compatible laptops.

3. Samsung LU49R Series – Best Curved Ultra-Wide

Screen Size: 49-inch Diagonal

Resolution: 5120 x 1440

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Features: 1800R Curvature, Picture-by-Picture/Picture-in-Picture Modes, Thunderbolt 3

The Samsung LU49R line of curved 5K monitors combines next-level immersion with an efficient 32:9 aspect ratio. Available in white or black finishes, these stylish yet functional displays upgrade any modern workspace.

SAMSUNG Odyssey CRG Series 49-Inch Dual QHD (5120×1440) Curved Gaming Monitor, 120Hz, QLED, AMD FreeSync, HDR, Height Adjustable Stand, (LC49RG92SSNXZA)
  • DUAL QHD RESOLUTION: The 5120 x 1440 super ultra-wide aspect ratio lets you view content in superfine detail
  • HDR1000 & QLED: Has a brightness rating of 1,000 nits and DCI-P3 95%, so colors are pure, bright, and true to life
  • IMMERSIVE CURVE: With a Super Ultra-Wide 32:9 ratio, the CRG9 curves around your field of view to immerse you in all the onscreen gaming action
  • AMD RADEON FREESYNC 2: Effortlessly Smooth Gameplay; Supports HDR content, reduces input latency, and has low framerate compensation
  • BUILT FOR SPEED: The 120Hz settings minimize image lag and motion blur; The 60Hz settings let you optimize performance


  • Extra wide 1800R curvature for increased immersion
  • Generous connectivity with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3
  • Qi wireless phone charging is built into the stand
  • Integrated KVM switch to control two PCs
  • Height, tilt, and swivel adjustments are possible


  • Limited vertical workspace compared to 34-inch options
  • Samsung's calibration requires additional optimisation

Samsung nails the details with the LU49R monitors. Everything from the space-saving EQ groove in the stand to built-in plane line/guideline features caters nicely to creative pros and power users. These displays stay organised effortlessly between the Qi charging pad and the KVM switch. And the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity ensures blistering fast signal speeds.

4. Dell UltraSharp UP3218K – Best Budget 8K

Screen Size: 31.5-inch Diagonal

Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Features: PremierColor Accuracy, USB-C Connectivity, 100% Adobe RGB Colour

The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K makes jaw-dropping 8K resolution surprisingly affordable. Despite the smaller size than other monitors on this list, you can't beat the sheer pixel density and level of detail visible on this display. It's perfect for scrutinising the finest details in high-resolution photography or 3D graphics.

Dell UP3218K Ultra sharp 32″ 8K Monitor, Silver/Black
  • Dell UltraSharp 32IN 8K 7680×4320
  • UP3218K
  • 8K
  • English (Publication Language)


  • Incredible visual clarity thanks to 8K resolution
  • Vibrant, accurate colours covering 100% Adobe RGB
  • Excellent PremierColor factory calibration
  • Sturdy and compact design with no external power brick
  • It also supports 4K input from older machines


  • Smaller 31-inch screen lacks the workspace of larger displays
  • Older models that may require monitor driver updates
  • DisplayHDR certification would be nice

As a more compact desktop monitor, the UltraSharp UP3218K takes up a minimal footprint. Yet you can see images and video in unprecedented 8K definition. Complete Adobe RGB colour space coverage ensures colours meet creative professional standards. And the factory tuning delivers outstanding accuracy straight out of the box. It's the most affordable path to jaw-dropping 8K clarity on your desk!

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5. BenQ PD3220U – Best 4K Monitor

Screen Size: 31.5-inch Diagonal

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 4K \

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Features: Thunderbolt 3, Hotkey Puck G2, 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 Accurate Colour

With professional-grade colour precision, expansive screen space, and innovative features, the BenQ PD3220U shines as a top-performing 4K monitor for designers on a budget.

BenQ PD3220U Thunderbolt 3 Monitor for Macbook 32″ 4K UHD | 100% Rec.709 & sRGB, 95% P3 | IPS | DeltaE ≤3 | Pantone | AQCOLOR | Calibration Report | Ergonomic | USB-C (85W) | USB Hub | Daisy Chain
  • Made for Designers: 32″ 4K monitor features Pantone Validated and Calman verified color accurate technology. Experience 95% P3 and 100% sRGB color coverage with Delta E ≤ 3. Built with M-Book mode which features Mac compatible color matching.
  • ICC Sync Compatible with Display P3: The ICC Sync simplifies the color mapping process and can be completed in 1 second through the BenQ Display Pilot software.
  • Daisy-Chain Technology: Free up your desk space and say goodbye to clutter thanks to the daisy chain connectivity capabilities! Seamlessly connect your computer/laptop to create a multi-monitor setup.
  • Thunderbolt 3: Synchronizes images, videos, data and charge all of your Mac devices with an all-in-one cable!


  • Accurate pre-calibrated colours covering sRGB and Rec. 709
  • Hotkey Puck G2 streamlines workflow shortcuts
  • Plentiful connectivity, including Thunderbolt 3
  • Height adjustable stand with pivot, swivel and tilt
  • Built-in KVM switch for controlling two PCs


  • The contrast ratio could be higher
  • Lacks HDR support
  • No integrated card reader

Although “only” 4K resolution, the BenQ designer monitor punches way above its weight with thoughtful attention to detail catering to creatives. The innovative Hotkey Puck G2 is remote and gives you quick access to display modes, colour spaces, and more. And BenQ's excellent proprietary calibration ensures colour perfection for design work right out of the box.

If you don't need the full power of 5k resolution, the PD3220U gives you gorgeous 4K images paired with premium colour. And it comes in hundreds less than flagship 5k displays.

Best Budget 5k Display Under $1,000

LG 27MD5KL-B – Best Bang for Buck All-Rounder

  • 27 inch 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 5120 x 2880 resolution
  • 218 PPI pixel density
  • 350 nits standard brightness
  • 99% sRGB, 85% DCI-P3 gamut
  • Height/tilt adjustable stand
  • USB-C, HDMI & DisplayPort input
  • Built-in speakers
LG 27MD5KL-B 27 Inch UltraFine 5K (5120 x 2880) IPS Display with macOS Compatibility, DCI-P3 99% Color Gamut and Thunderbolt 3 Port, Black
  • 27 Inch 5K (5120 x 2880) IPS Display.Aspect ratio:16:9.Viewing Angle:178.0 degrees.Response time:14.0 milliseconds. Contrast Ratio 1100:1, Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.11685 x 0.11685 mm. Power Consumption (Typ.) 140W, Power Consumption (Max.) 200W.
  • DCI-P3 99% Color Gamut / 500nits Brightness
  • Thunderbolt 3 Port with up to 94W PD
  • 3 USB Type C Ports
  • Mac OS Compatibility

The LG 27MD5KL-B strikes an outstanding balance between price and performance. Among affordable 5k options, it stands out with excellent detail thanks to high pixel density on a 27-inch panel. The resolution and size make UI elements easy to view without excessive zooming or scrolling. Covering 99% of sRGB and 85% of the wider DCI-P3 gamut, colour accuracy is solid for most 2D design tasks. Factory calibration provides decent colour fidelity out of the box.

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With 350 nits max brightness and 1300:1 contrast, the LG 5K display gets bright enough for lighter conditions. The ergonomic stand offers 115mm height adjustment, tilt and 90-degree rotation for an adjustable workspace. Connectivity checks all the boxes with USB-C input supporting 90W pass-through charging, eliminating cable clutter. This LG monitor at around $900 gives designers an affordable path to the 5k resolution for maximising productivity.

Best Value Mid-Range 5k Display Under $1,500

Dell UltraSharp 27 UP2720Q

  • 27-inch 16:9 panel
  • 5120 x 2880 resolution
  • 218 PPI pixel density
  • 400 nits peak / 350 nits HDR brightness
  • 100% sRGB, 98% DCI-P3 wide gamut
  • 16-bit factory calibration
  • USB-C 90W charging & KVM switch
  • Tilt, swivel, pivot & height adjustment
Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27″ LCD LED Monitor – 3840 x 2160 4K Display – 60 Hz Refresh Rate – in-plane Switching Technology
  • 3840 x 2160
  • 350 cd/m2 (typical)
  • 1300 to 1 (typical)
  • USB 3.0
  • 5 ms gray to gray in Fast mode 8 ms gray to gray in Normal mode

Priced around $1,300, the colour-accurate UltraSharp 27 UP2720Q brings Dell’s uncompromising quality to 5k displays. It shares the same 27-inch size and 5k resolution as our budget pick, retaining sharp details with a high 218 PPI pixel density. The UP2720Q edges ahead with superior 400 nits HDR brightness alongside wide DCI-P3 98% coverage and factory-calibrated visuals. Dell pre-calibrates every monitor to achieve incredible colour precision out of the box, giving designers rich and saturated colours.

Content creators will also appreciate the flexible connectivity and ergonomics, which allow easy docking, charging, and adjustment via USB-C. With a KVM feature built into the Dell Display Manager software, the 5K display readily toggles peripherals between laptops. Topped off by Dell’s 3-year premium panel warranty and pixel-perfect guarantee, the UP2720Q brings tremendous value at this price point for graphics professionals.

Best Large Format 5k Display Under $2,000

LG 32UN880-B Ergo

  • 31.5 inch 16:9 panel
  • 5120 x 2880 resolution
  • 140 PPI pixel density
  • 400 nits HDR brightness
  • DCI-P3 95% wide gamut
  • Height/tilt/swivel adjustable stand
  • USB-C 90W charging
  • Picture-by-Picture/Picture-in-Picture
LG 32UN880-B 32″ UltraFine Display Ergo UHD 4K IPS Display with HDR 10 Compatibility and USB Type-C Connectivity, Black
  • 32” UltraFine UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Display.Surface Treatment : Anti-Glare. Contrast Ratio – 1000:1.Specific uses for product – Business, personal.Contrast Ratio : 1000:1. Viewing Angle : 178˚(R/L), 178˚(U/D).
  • Viewing Angle is 178º (R/L), 178º (U/D); Brightness is 350nits(typ); Aspect Ratio is 16:9
  • LG Ergo Stand (Extends/Retracts/Swivels/Height/Pivot/Tilt)
  • DCI-P3 95% Color Gamut with HDR 10
  • USB Type-C with 60W PD

Designers needing more screen space should have LG’s Ergo 32UN880-B high on their list. Its spacious 31.5-inch panel provides an expansive canvas for getting work done. Compared to 27-inch 5K displays, elements appear slightly more prominent, with more room for toolbars and assets. While pixel density drops to 140 PPI, images stay reasonably sharp for the size. And you still get the full 5120-pixel width for fitting UI components without excessive horizontal scrolling.

On the feature front, the 32UN880-B checks all the right boxes. 95% DCI-P3 coverage and HDR10 support produce vibrant, life-like colours – great for photos and video. The unique ergonomic stand offers total range height adjustment alongside side-to-side swivel and forward tilt, boosting comfort. Connect a laptop via USB-C to take advantage of 90W charging and simplified KVM switching. With picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes, designers can view multiple inputs simultaneously, boosting multitasking flexibility while enhancing productivity.

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Best Professional 5k Monitor Under $2,500

BenQ PD2725U DesignVue

  • 27-inch 16:9 panel
  • 5120 x 2880 resolution
  • Thunderbolt 3 USB-C input
  • 350 nits brightness with HDR
  • 100% Rec.709 and sRGB gamut
  • Hardware calibration via puck
  • KVM switch to share peripherals
  • Hotkey Puck G2 for OSD control
  • Rotation to portrait orientation
BenQ PD2725U Thunderbolt 3 Monitor for Macbook 27″ 4K UHD | 100% Rec.709 & sRGB,95% P3 | IPS | DeltaE≤3 | Pantone | Calibration Report | Ergonomic | USB-C (65W) | Daisy Chain,Black
  • Made for Designers: 27″ 4K monitor features Pantone Validated and Calman verified color accurate technology. Experience 95% P3 and 100% sRGB color coverage with Delta E ≤ 3. Built with M-Book mode which features Mac compatible color matching.
  • ICC Sync Compatible with Display P3: The ICC Sync simplifies the color mapping process and can be completed in 1 second through the BenQ Display Pilot software.
  • Daisy-Chain Technology: Free up your desk space and say goodbye to clutter thanks to the daisy chain connectivity capabilities Seamlessly connect your computer/laptop to create a multi-monitor setup.
  • Thunderbolt 3: Synchronize images, videos, data and charge all of your Mac devices with an all-in-one cable

Creative professionals should have the BenQ PD2725U high on their wishlist. Already a hugely popular 4K monitor among designers, BenQ wisely added a 5K resolution, keeping everything we loved intact. Key strengths of the PD2725U include gorgeous colour reproduction covering 100% of sRGB and Rec 709 alongside innovative hardware calibration. Simply place the provided puck on the screen to tune any colour inconsistency, saving custom profiles for different projects or print output.

While peak brightness remains at 350 nits, BenQ makes excellent use of the WCG panel, extending vibrancy, particularly in HDR content. Wide viewing angles maintain accuracy when collaborating around the screen. Connect a powerful laptop with Thunderbolt 3 to push pixels at total bandwidth while recharging device batteries up to 85W. Adjustability ticks all boxes – tilt, pivot, height and rotation for portrait orientation catering to diverse workflows. At around $2,000, the feature-packed BenQ PD2725U delivers exceptional quality for design-centric users.

Best Professional HDR 5k Monitor

Apple Pro Display XDR

  • 27-inch 5K panel
  • 6016 x 3384 resolution
  • 600 nits HDR brightness
  • P3 wide colour gamut exceeds DCI-P3
  • Apple reference modes for colour accuracy
  • Seamless DisplayPort/Thunderbolt 3 input
  • Nano-texture glass option
Apple Studio Display – Standard Glass – Tilt-Adjustable Stand
  • Immersive 27-inch 5K Retina display with 600 nits of brightness, support for one billion colors, and P3 wide color
  • 12MP Ultra Wide camera with Center Stage for more engaging video calls
  • Studio-quality three-mic array for crystal-clear calls and voice recordings
  • Six-speaker sound system with Spatial Audio for an unbelievable listening experience
  • One Thunderbolt 3 port, three USB-C ports

At the ultra-premium end, Apple’s Pro Display XDR offers unmatched visual performance, explicitly catering to HDR workflows – albeit at a staggering $5K starting price. Pushing boundaries beyond regular displays, the XDR outputs a 600 nits peak brightness alongside a P3 colour gamut exceeding cinema standards. Even in

standard usage, the XDR sustains an incredible 1000 nits for handling HDR content with specular highlights far beyond regular displays.

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Apple leverages a new 27-inch 6K panel that packs over 20 million pixels. The sheer resolution combined with extreme brightness produces images with a sense of depth and realism that feels almost three-dimensional. 10-bit colour depth ensures smooth gradients, while the nano-texture glass option reduces glare for improved readability. Effortless single cable connectivity via Thunderbolt 3 makes it easy to hook up high-spaced Macs or even an iPad Pro.

The stunning visuals elevate projects for HDR colour grading, animation, compositing and other tasks, giving designers tremendous freedom. While the stand and mount are sold separately, for professionals working extensively in HDR, the Pro Display XDR promises to be a worthy investment matching the capabilities of reference monitors, costing tens of thousands more.

5k Monitor Comparison Table

LG 27MD5KL27″5120×288021885% DCI-P3350 nitsFactory
Dell UP2720Q27″5120×288021898% DCI-P3400 nitsFactory 16-bit
LG 32UN88031.5″5120×288014095% DCI-P3400 nitsCustomisable
BenQ PD2725U27″5120×2880218100% sRGB350 nitsHardware puck
Apple XDR Display32″6016×3384218P3 > DCI-P31600 nits!Reference modes

Key Factors in Deciding on a 5K Design Monitor

With this wide range of stellar monitors, which fits your needs best? Here is a quick summary of key deciding factors:

  • Budget – Determine how much you can invest in a high-resolution display. 5K models span from around $800 up to $1,700+.
  • Screen Size – The more significant the monitor, the more on-screen real estate for your projects and tools. But also factor in ergonomics and available space on your desk.
  • Connectivity – Use modern inputs like USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 for signal and power delivery. Make sure your computer is compatible!
  • Colour Accuracy – Verify the monitor covers your desired colour space like Adobe RGB or DCI-P3 for design work. Factory calibration is a massive plus for out-of-the-box accuracy.
  • Refresh Rate – Aim for at least 60Hz refresh for smooth video and interface performance.
  • Curve – Curved displays like Samsung's LU49R models provide increased immersion compared to flat screens.
  • Features – Consider handy add-ons like KVM switches, card readers, USB hubs, and more based on your workflow needs.

Identifying the features and specs most important for your design discipline will help narrow the options. And your budget also plays a critical limiting factor. But any of the monitors in this guide represent excellent performance and value!

FAQs Related to 5K Design Displays

What computers are compatible with 5K monitors?

To leverage the full resolution potential of a 5K display, you need a relatively modern computer or laptop with a recent dedicated GPU. For Mac users, 5K support starts with models introduced in 2019 and later. Look for notebooks featuring NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics on the Windows side. Ensure your machine has the required HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, or Thunderbolt 3 outputs.

Is a curved or flat monitor better for design?

This comes down to personal preference! Curved screens like Samsung's LU49R provide a more immersive, surround-view experience that can benefit specific creative tasks. But flat screens offer advantages, like easier sharing of your work with colleagues around your desk.

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Is 4K enough for designers, or is 5K worth it?

While 4K monitors result in gorgeous image quality, 5K takes it to the next level for graphics professionals needing intricate detail. The additional screen space helps boost multitasking productivity, too. But there are also some excellent value 4K monitors like BenQ’s PD3220U, perfectly suitable for most artists and designers.

Should I get HDR on a design monitor?

HDR 600 or 1000 certification increases brightness, contrast and colour compared to standard monitors. This can make video, photo and 3D content pop! However, the advantages aren't quite dramatic for graphic design tasks. So, for 2D work, HDR should be okay, too.

Do designers need to calibrate a new monitor?

Many monitors for creatives come pre-calibrated with remarkable colour accuracy out of the box. This includes BenQ, Dell, and LG options, which are highlighted in this guide. However, you can further optimise your needs with third-party calibration tools for the best colour precision.

Achieve Creative Breakthroughs with an Expansive 5K Canvas

In ultra-high-definition monitors, 5K displays give professionals the winning combination of huge on-screen real estate, pinpoint resolution, and next-gen connectivity. Whether designing elaborate graphics, editing multi-layered videos, or perfecting photography, a spacious 5K canvas propels your creative capabilities to new heights.

The monitors offer excellent performance for artists, photographers, video editors and other media pros. Identify the standout features like accurate colours, HDR enhancements, advanced connectivity and timesaving accessories tailor-made for boosting productivity. Whichever display you choose from leading brands like Dell, LG and Samsung, your creative tools and immersive content will leap off the screen like never before!

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