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How A Brand Consultancy Can Elevate Your Business Identity

How A Brand Consultancy Can Elevate Your Business Identity

Developing a solid brand identity is more crucial than ever for companies seeking to stand out and establish enduring customer relationships. There must be more than an eye-catching logo or website to capture attention and loyalty in today's saturated marketplace.

Businesses must define their unique value proposition, cultivate their company's story, and ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints. This level of brand building requires careful strategy and an immersive understanding of the target demographic. Many organisations must be more prepared and equipped to effectively create and manage their brand. This is where the specialised skills of brand consultants prove invaluable.

Brand consulting goes far beyond surface-level design to encompass big-picture positioning and alignment of the brand experience. A qualified brand consultant partners with an organisation to carry out crucial phases of brand development, from researching the target audience and defining the brand's personality to shaping a compelling and cohesive narrative across all channels.

Consultants can provide an objective outside perspective, drawing on proven branding techniques to help companies authentically resonate with customers. With the guidance of brand experts, businesses can avoid common pitfalls and missteps when introducing a new brand or reinvigorating an existing brand.

The result is a strong brand identity that cuts through the noise, forges meaningful connections with the intended audience, and provides a critical competitive advantage. In today's crowded and fast-changing business landscape, partnering with brand consultancy is an intelligent investment for any company seeking to create lasting bonds with customers and drive accurate results.

Understanding Brand Consultancy

Design Consultation

Brand consultancy is a critical strategic service that helps companies build and manage their brand identity in a competitive marketplace. At its core, brand consultants partner with organisations to define, shape, and communicate their unique brand stories and values. This involves profoundly analysing the company's mission, vision, competitive positioning, and target audience.

The brand consultancy process typically begins with extensive research and analysis. Consultants conduct interviews with key stakeholders, perform competitive audits, analyse market and industry trends, and assess the current brand perception. This helps uncover the company's differentiating qualities, growth opportunities and ideal brand identity.

Next, consultants collaborate with clients to develop a comprehensive brand strategy and roadmap. This includes defining the brand promise, personality, voice and messaging framework. Consultants may facilitate branding workshops to crystallise the brand identity and help articulate the company's raison d'etre. 

With a strategy in place, consultants oversee creative development and execution. This means naming, logo design, branded content, websites, signage, packaging, etc. Consultants ensure consistency across touchpoints and help weave the brand narrative into sales and marketing materials. Ongoing brand tracking and monitoring systems provide insights to refine the strategy over time.

The Role of a Brand Consultant

A brand consultant has diverse responsibilities throughout the branding process for a business. Their multifaceted role requires both strategic thinking and creativity.

First, brand consultants act as strategists. They help companies conduct market research to identify their target audience and understand customer needs and preferences. Leveraging this knowledge, consultants develop positioning strategies that articulate the brand's unique value proposition. They determine how the company can fill a market gap and differentiate from competitors through branding.

Next, brand consultants tap into their creative skills. They conceptualise and craft visual components that bring the brand strategy to life. This includes coming up with logo designs that encapsulate the brand identity. They also select colour palettes, fonts, imagery, and other visual elements that express the desired brand personality. Consultants may collaborate with graphic designers to execute the creative vision.

Brand consultants further serve as advisors to ensure branding cohesiveness. They guide decisions on branding expressions across touchpoints. This ranges from designing packaging, retail environments, and marketing collateral to writing taglines and naming products. Their goal is to create synergy between visuals, messaging, and experiences.

Importantly, brand consultants align branding objectives with business goals. They keep the brand strategy rooted in practical matters like target audience, market trends, and company resources. Consultants measure results and course-correct as needed. Their oversight ensures that branding efforts are relevant, consistent, and driving growth.

In summary, brand consultants are multidisciplinary experts. They strategise, conceptualise, advise, and course-correct throughout the branding process. Their breadth of knowledge and skills enables them to develop brands that resonate with consumers and propel business success.

The Benefits of Brand Consultancy

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Here are five key ways a brand consultant can set your business apart:

1 – Uncovering Your Distinctive Identity

A skilled brand consultant will dig deep, beyond just surface-level attributes, to reveal the authentic core of your business. What are your founding values and principles? What is the soul of your culture? Unearthing these elements and crafting them into a compelling brand story allows you to connect with customers in an authentic way that large corporations struggle to replicate. Leaning into what makes you different fosters trust and loyalty.

2 – Ensuring Strategic Consistency

Consistency throughout the customer journey is vital for reinforcing your brand in the minds of consumers. A brand consultant establishes guidelines and systems to align branding across all touchpoints – from logo and slogan to website design, social media, packaging and more. Consistent branding boosts recognition and recall while also projecting professionalism. Studies show that consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23%.

3 – Forging Emotional Connections

Indeed iconic brands don't just promote products; they market feelings and identity. Your brand consultant taps into psychology and emotion to build an effective bond between your business and its customers. The Apple brand, for example, conjures feelings of nonconformity and innovation. Emotional branding boosts customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion.

4 – Adapting Strategically to Change

Consumer tastes and market landscapes evolve rapidly. An adept brand consultant stays on the pulse of trends to determine when and how your brand should adapt. This agility allows you to appeal to changing demographics and new platforms while retaining brand essence. A brand refresh at the right moments can inject new energy and relevance.

5 – Driving Cost Efficiency

An outside brand expert provides an objective, strategic perspective that streamlines and optimises branding. This eliminates guesswork and wasteful trial-and-error. Consistent branding also multiplies the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Though branding requires investment, customer retention and growth drive impressive ROI. Think of brand consultancy as wise counsel that sets your business up for long-term savings.

The Brand Consultancy Process

The process of building a solid brand identity is multifaceted, requiring strategic vision and meticulous execution across several phases:

1 – Immersive Research

At the start of any branding project, consultants will thoroughly investigate the company, the target audience, the competitive landscape, and the larger cultural forces at play. The goal is to comprehensively understand the brand's history, values, strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. Extensive interviews with stakeholders reveal insights into the company's culture and vision. Detailed market research and analysis of competitors' branding strategies inform strategic recommendations. This immersive research phase lays a solid factual foundation for the branding process.

2 – Brand Strategy Development

Using the knowledge gained from the research phase, consultants devote time to analysing findings and developing a unique brand strategy. Key elements of the plan include defining the brand's mission, personality, tone of voice, value proposition, target audience profiles, and brand positioning within the competitive set. The strategy aligns the brand identity with business objectives and targets audience motivations. A strategic roadmap outlines specific steps and resources needed to bring the brand strategy to life.

3 – Visual System Design

With a clear strategy in mind, the visual identity takes shape. Designers collaborate with strategists and company stakeholders to brainstorm creative concepts encapsulating the brand's personality. Logos, colour palettes, typography, graphic elements, and photography styles are designed to appeal aesthetically and emotionally to the target audience. These visual assets form a cohesive system that makes the intangible brand strategy tangible through consistent visual expression.

4 – Implementation Across Touchpoints

The brand expands beyond visuals through careful coordination across every customer and stakeholder touchpoint. Brand consultants oversee integrating branded content, messaging, tonality, and visuals into diverse applications, including digital platforms, social media channels, packaging, product design, print materials, advertising campaigns, internal communications, retail environments, and beyond. The implementation ensures brand consistency and impact across all media formats and platforms.

5 – Continuous Measurement and Evolution

An effective brand adapts to remain relevant, so the building is ongoing. Consultants methodically track performance metrics, survey target audience responses, monitor cultural trends, and stay alert to competitive forces. They refine strategies and refresh visuals by analysing what's working well and what's not. Agile adjustment keeps the brand aligned with corporate objectives and meaningful to customers in a dynamic marketplace. Periodic brand audits assess health and uncover new growth opportunities.

The most successful branding strategies follow a thoughtful sequence of research, strategy development, creative execution, meticulous implementation, and constant measurement to build a distinguishable, authentic brand that resonates in the consumer's mind. It is a complex, multifaceted process requiring agility, creativity, analytical rigour, and cross-functional collaboration.

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The Impact of Successful Branding

Digital Bank Branding Example

1 – Enhanced Brand Recognition Leads to Top-of-Mind Awareness

Consumers instantly recognise the logos and taglines when considering significant brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, or Nike. These companies have invested heavily in developing a solid brand identity. Effective branding goes beyond visual recognition to create meaningful connections in the consumer's mind. The ultimate goal is to be the first brand that comes to mind – known as top-of-mind awareness – when consumers think of your product category. Achieving top-of-mind status leads to increased sales and market share, as consumers are likelier to choose a familiar, recognisable brand when purchasing.

2 – Building Trust and Credibility Through Consistency and Quality

A brand is a promise to consumers about what they can expect from your products or services. You build trust and credibility by delivering on your brand promise over time. According to a survey by Edelman, 81% of consumers said they must be able to trust the brand before making a purchase. A consistent brand identity conveys professionalism, reliability and commitment to quality. However, trust must be earned through real action – brands that consistently deliver high-quality products and good service tend to be perceived as more trustworthy. Crafting a polished brand image is only the first step – you must back it up with substance to gain real credibility.

3 – Commanding Premium Price Points Through Perceived Value

A strong brand allows you to charge higher prices because customers perceive more value. When consumers trust your brand and feel good about using your products, they are often willing to pay a premium. For example, a Nielsen report found that 59% of shoppers are likelier to purchase new products from brands they know and trust. Premium pricing also reinforces perceptions of quality and boosts your profit margins. However, you must deliver higher quality and service proportionally to justify the price. Authentic branding builds an emotional connection that makes customers feel it is worth paying more.

4 – Fostering Loyal Brand Advocates

The ultimate sign of a strong brand is having enthusiastic, loyal customers who rave about you to others. A Bain & Company study found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% boosts profits from 25% to 95%. Loyal brand advocates provide free advertising through word-of-mouth. They leave positive reviews, promote your brand on social media, and recommend you within their networks. The key is to make an emotional connection by understanding your core customers deeply and delivering a brand experience that resonates with them. Delight them at every touchpoint and exceed their expectations to turn them into vocal champions of your brand.

Selecting the Right Brand Consultant

Marketing Consultant Skills

Choosing the right brand consultant is a pivotal decision to make or break your branding efforts. With so many options, it can take time to identify the best partner for your business. When evaluating potential consultants, here are the top factors to keep in mind:

1 – Expertise and Experience

Look for a consultant with a robust portfolio spanning years or even decades in the branding industry. They should have deep expertise across multiple disciplines like market research, visual identity development, messaging strategy, and brand implementation. Extensive experience working with companies similar to yours is a significant plus. This demonstrates their ability to understand your industry's unique challenges and branding opportunities. The ideal consultant has proven success guiding companies through complete branding processes from start to finish.

2 – Strategic Thinking

Your brand consultant needs to balance creativity with business strategy. They should demonstrate analytical abilities to research your market, identify brand problems and gaps, and derive data-driven solutions. The consultant's approach should combine left-brain strategic thinking with right-brain innovation. Look for evidence of strategic frameworks they use to develop impactful branding strategies. Their strategic orientation will anchor their creative ideas in business realities.

3 – Chemistry and Communication

This is a close working relationship requiring stellar communication on both sides. Ensure your consultant listens attentively, interprets your needs accurately, and responds clearly. There should be great in-person chemistry and rapport during initial meetings. You want a consultant who facilitates open dialogue, seeks your input, and establishes trust. Lack of communication fit will severely hinder the process.

4 – Vision and Alignment

Your brand consultant must deeply understand your company's vision, mission, values, goals and culture. They should grasp your brand essence and know precisely how to express it visually, verbally and experientially. Seek a consultant who aligns with your aspirations and has enthusiasm for your brand promise. Misalignment in vision can derail the entire branding effort. But a shared vision empowers you to work in harmony.

5 – Creativity and Innovation

While business strategy comes first, branding requires creative flair. Your consultant should balance strategic thinking with the ability to synthesise insights into fresh ideas. Look for creativity in their portfolio across mediums like logo design, photography, typography, illustration, etc. Their concepts should feel novel yet appropriate for your brand. A solid creative orientation enables breakthrough thinking to help your brand stand apart.

With rigorous criteria based on these critical factors, you can identify the ideal brand consultant to become a trusted partner in developing your brand strategy and expression. Carefully evaluate options and decide to set your branding work on the right path.

Case Studies: Successful Brand Consultancy Examples

Apple Event Branding Keynote

Apple Inc.

Apple's incredible transformation into one of the world's most iconic and valuable brands can be primarily attributed to the visionary leadership of Steve Jobs and the brand consultancy work of Rob Janoff in the 1970s.

When Jobs returned to Apple as CEO in 1997, the company struggled and needed a clear brand identity. Jobs immediately focused on simplifying Apple's product line and establishing the brand's positioning around innovative design, ease of use, and creativity. This brand repositioning was critical to the launch of the iMac in 1998, which with its translucent and colourful design, exemplified the revitalised Apple brand.

With its playful bite mark, Janoff's original Apple logo conveyed a sense of accessibility and user-friendliness that Jobs built upon through successive product launches. From the iPod to the iPhone, Apple's brand consultancy efforts have enabled it to transcend computing and become a lifestyle brand associated with imagination, individuality, and cutting-edge technology. With its brand value estimated at over $947 billion, Apple remains a preeminent case study of how innovative brand consultancy can transform a company.


In the 1980s, Nike faced intensifying competition from Reebok and other athletic brands. To reinvigorate its brand, Nike worked with the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy on a game-changing brand consultancy initiative.

The “Just Do It” campaign, launched in 1988, captured amateur and professional athletes' aspirational drive and competitive spirit. By positioning the brand as motivational and inspirational rather than merely functional, Nike expanded its appeal to new demographics beyond hardcore athletes.

Just Do It” became more than a tagline, evolving into a mantra embedded in pop culture that encapsulated self-empowerment and determination. This successful brand consultancy effort enabled Nike to overtake Reebok and remain the world's leading athletic brand, with “Just Do It still strong over 30 years later. Nike's brand today signifies achievement, confidence, and human potential, showcasing the immense impact that branding consultancy can have when executed skillfully.


As one of the world's most enduring and recognisable brands, Coca-Cola has been an exemplar of effective brand consultancy for over a century. When the Coca-Cola Company was established in 1892, founder Asa Candler envisioned building a brand rather than just a beverage product. This forward-thinking brand consultancy approach led Coca-Cola to become deeply embedded in American popular culture by the early 1900s through its innovative marketing and branding efforts.

The distinctive Spencerian script logo and contour bottle, introduced in the 1900s, established Coca-Cola's iconic visual identity that remains identifiable today. Over many decades, the company has continued to adapt its branding and messaging to connect with current consumer tastes while retaining brand elements that evoke tradition and nostalgia.

With its timeless brand positioning centred around happiness and optimism, Coca-Cola has maintained global relevance and built brand loyalty across generations. Its century-long success makes Coca-Cola a seminal case study on how early brand consultancy decisions and consistency in brand strategy can make a product genuinely iconic over time.

Investing in Your Brand's Future

In today's highly competitive business landscape, investing in strategic brand consulting is no longer an option – it's a necessity. A strong, clearly defined brand identity is a guiding light, helping businesses attract loyal customers, boost revenues, and stand out. However, branding is not simply about logos and taglines. An effective brand consultancy like Inkbot Design crafts a compelling story that resonates emotionally with your target audience and positions your company as an industry leader.

By leveraging the expertise of brand consultants, you can sharpen your brand narrative, create consistency across channels, adapt to market changes, and future-proof your business for long-term growth. With an uncertain economy and shifting consumer behaviours, now is the time to partner with experienced branding advisors who can help crystallise your brand promise.

The brand specialists at Inkbot Design have guided both emerging startups and established companies through successful rebrands and brand reinventions. Their data-driven approach and keen understanding of brand strategy enable them to develop differentiated brands that connect with audiences and drive accurate business results.

Make sure to leave your branding to chance – partner with the experts at Inkbot Design to architect a brand that stands the test of time. Contact them today to learn how brand consultancy can unlock your business's full potential. The investment will pay dividends for years to come.

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