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How to do Customer Research before Launching Your Business

How to do Customer Research before Launching Your Business

98% of aspiring business owners make the same mistake when starting or marketing a business.

Years ago, I launched a dating advice service; I had no idea what I was doing. I wrote articles week after week, and just like that, a year passed, and I had ZERO leads and much less zero sales. 

I only had a trickle of traffic coming into my website. I also spent an entire year re-designing my website, thinking it was a design issue.

I learned how to validate business ideas before they are launched, and I will show you how.

Is it Important to Validate Your Business Idea Before Launching?

98% of new businesses fail. If you’re going to start a business, why not play to win and prepare a well thought out battle plan?

You need to figure out your rental, start-up cost, marketing strategy, and ideal client.

The hopes, fears and dreams of your clients, the market demand, your positioning, your minimum viable product or service way beforehand even before you lift a finger to launch a website.

How Often Customer Research

How to Do Customer Research

The Google keyword planner is one of the most potent ways you can use to find good keywords; you can find out the rough number of queries people are typing into their Google search bars from every part of the world.

Can you imagine how powerful that data is? You can pre-plan your content and the targeted keywords months ahead before even you write a single word on your website.

Once, I was hired as an SEO consultant to market Six Sigma courses in Singapore. I was confident I could get leads for my client before hiring me. Why? 

That’s because of the time tested proven demand in Singapore for the last 24 months shown by Google keyword planner.

Through this keyword research process, you’ll have a rough estimate if the service or product you’re creating has a validated demand in customer research. 

Whether you are launching a marketing campaign or a service-oriented business; you’re never going in blind; you’re going in with a game plan.

Is traffic enough to get you cash? Nope. However, if you rank your website around a service or product in demand, you’ll be able to convert this website traffic to paying clients.

Stand Out with Unique Positioning

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When you’re creating products and services, you should aim to create products and services that are competitive. 

When you create products and services that last the test of time, you can keep those products and services FOREVER. 

There’s no need to scramble after one magical tactic or gimmicky sales strategies month after month.

That is how you’ll stand out from the rest of the market. This means including copy into your content and site that helps you stand out from your competitors.

Here are some positioning angles:

  • SEO

Our SEO service is targeted at small to medium enterprise businesses in Singapore. 

Our agency focuses on specifically white hat link building. That’s our A-game. It’s not trading links amongst our client’s sites. It is white hat link acquisition. Yes, white-hat links really work, and they also stand the test of time.

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That is our positioning.

  • ‘Forex gurus’ versus a fund manager with audited track records

Since I am interested in finance, most finance educators are merely promising you extraordinary returns in their courses to get you to purchase their course. 

They can’t back it up. Compare this to the run-of-the-mill forex guru’’ to a registered fund manager with audit track records. 

They are positioning themselves differently to different audiences.

  • Life coaches 

Most life coaches market stuff like: ‘you just have to follow your dreams and passions.’ ‘You just got to be yourself.’ ‘You just have to be confident.’

However, they can stand out by having a background in psychology and human behavioural change. I ran a dating coaching business before; you better be sure that niching down and teaching dating specifically to single men helped by business stand out. 


Ultimately, whether you are a freelancer or a newly minted business owner, it’s IMPORTANT to do your customer research upfront before launching your business.

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