Free Brand Guidelines Template

Free Brand Guidelines Template

I decided recently to update my own Brand Guidelines template that is sent to clients upon completion of a project. This lists the ‘rules’ of consistency, so the customer knows how to use their new files correctly and successfully.

Simple guidelines, tips, what not to do, colour and typefaces are all essentially packaged into one PDF that they can refer to later, or pass on to another designer.

A few months back Graham Smith did something nice and released a free brand guidelines template to the design community, and I thought it only fair to do the same – his can be found here by the way.

Living in Adobe Illustrator for my logo design services, it’s comfortable and therefore logical for my template to be illustrator-based. InDesign would be the recommended software for page layout, but that adds a step to the process.

Free Brand Guidelines Template


Please note, this is a general branding document that can be edited regarding design, content, and arrangement of pages/sections.

I am more than happy for you to tweak and improve these, I’d like to see the results and post them for others to see.

Anywhere you see my logo (Inkbot Design) I suggest using the client’s logo – again, feel free to play with the layout to best fit your options. My logo doesn’t adhere to the guidelines; it’s just a placeholder.

The content itself is, in sections, generic and will work for any project but I recommend changing and personalising as best possible for the intended client.

It’s taken a days work, but using templates is a long-term time saver, nevermind keeping your documents consistent (good for branding). I doubt this will ever be finished however as I tweak and develop it for further potential.

It is a good starting basis, though. The fonts (Avenir) should be embedded for editability, but I can’t guarantee it will render the same on everyone’s machine.

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In these case, simply switch the content areas to a font you have installed already.

Any suggestions for improvement or development of this template would be much appreciated. Leave a comment below or get in touch.


Page Layout Template Brand Guidelines


I am grateful to others that have helped me in the past by providing free resources to the community. Hopefully, this can assist you.

Even if you don’t use this exact file, there may be bits and pieces that could be worthwhile to include in your documents, so check it out, it is free after all!

If you find this branding template useful I would appreciate you sharing on Twitter or Facebook; even a +1 would be great!

Feel free to check my Brand Design Services while you’re at it.

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Wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing. I get bored to death when I have to design those guidelines. I will surely be using your template. 🙂


Thank you very much, you saved a lot of time for me 😉

Dustin W. Stout

Oh man! I can’t believe I finally found something good! I had to dig through 3 pages of Google search results… but it was worth it!

Thanks Stuart! I’ve been wanting to put together something like this for myself, but wanted to see what other pros were doing. Brilliantly done!


thank you. nice and simple template to use.


These are great. Vere generous of you to share with the design community.


thank you for sharing Stuart, this is really helpful 🙂


I am currently self-educating myself in logo design using various resources (books, internet etc.). However, none of the books I’ve read or sources on the internet has given me information when it comes to bringing logo design into practice. Things like pricing, creating a brand identity guideline like in this blogpost of yours. Incredibly helpful! You might want to think of writing your own book about this one day. Love the posts and information your website offers. Do you perhaps have any resources (books or links) that are helpful for those starting in logo design?


Hey, the link for the template is broken, just a heads up!


Awesome! Thank you!


Nice! 😀 Thank you. 😀