7 Ways Brand Identity Designers Can Grow Your Business

7 Ways Brand Identity Designers Can Grow Your Business

Brand Identity Designers are graphic designers who work specifically on brand identities for companies. They are responsible for logo design, website design, and advertisements representing and promoting a product.

Brand identity design is one of the most important marketing strategies that brand owners can employ to build a brand that people love and want to buy. But only the top brand identity designers know the exact steps to create a solid and recognisable brand identity design. We’ve partnered with experts to identify seven fundamental ways brand identity designers can grow your business.

The average person spends over 8 hours a day consuming content. That means your brand identity must be memorable and consistent enough to be easily recognised. It needs to be something that people want to see, hear, touch, or feel.

In other words, it has to be unique, attractive, and appealing.

Today we’re going to cover the seven ways designers can grow your brand identity and create a distinctive brand experience for your target audience.

1 – Stand out from your competitors

Guide To Franchise Branding Marketing

Brand Identity can help businesses attract and retain customers as more consumers are online and mobile. But in this digital world, it’s no longer enough for companies to create great products—they need to communicate effectively with their customers and connect emotionally with them.

As part of their brand identity, companies often use corporate logo design and other brand elements. A graphic can act as a symbol or a signifier, signalling to potential clients that the company is trustworthy, dependable, or authentic. It can help a brand stand out from competitors, attracting new customers and inspiring loyalty.

First, the brand identity designer must understand the client’s business. In addition to understanding the company’s products or services, the designer should consider the target audience’s needs, values, and attitudes.

Once the designer understands the client’s business, they can develop a visual strategy that reflects the brand image. For example, a creative team may emphasise the company’s sense of humour or commitment to customer service.

While it may seem that branding is simply about designing logos, it’s much more than that. It’s about developing a distinctive personality that connects with customers and helps the company stand out.

2 – Get a Website that Builds Trust

Booqable Website

When it comes to creating a website that builds trust, design has an important role to play. This is not only about how it looks but also how it functions. A great design can help you build credibility online, whether you are a business, a non-profit organisation, a government institution or a consumer. However, keeping your brand’s unique characteristics and strengths in mind would be best. This is where design experts can help you.

How Does Brand Identity Design Help Build Trust Online?

In the digital age, people spend an average of eight hours daily looking at websites, videos, social media and mobile apps. If the design of your site is not to their liking, they will quickly turn away. For this reason, a great brand identity design can help build trust online. Here are some ways a well-designed website can do just that:

  • Make your site easy to navigate. A good brand identity design makes it simple for people to find what they need on your site, whether they are looking for a product or service, information about your organisation, or a contact form.
  • Communicate the right messages. Good design helps you convey the right message to the right audience, using the language and tone that best fits your brand.
  • Promote your brand. When visitors see your brand’s identity on your site, it reinforces that you are trustworthy and serious about your business.
  • Keep your brand consistent. Your brand identity design should also match how your staff and volunteers present the organisation and your messages on social media.
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3 – Eye-catching advertising to maximise ROI

Colour Design In Advertising Psychology

Brands that create unique, eye-catching designs in their advertisements have a significantly better return on investment (ROI) than those that do not. That’s because, over time, consumers get used to seeing the same design everywhere or, to a lesser extent, the same design in multiple ads.

Advertisers who follow this trend risk losing the attention and interest of consumers, who are increasingly seeking out unique brands and products.

It’s essential to take the following steps when designing an eye-catching ad for your brand:

Identify the core elements that will attract and engage your target audience.

You’ll want to identify the elements that will catch a consumer’s attention and draw them to your brand. These are the ones that will make the most significant impact and lead to the most conversions.

For example, your brand could sell a range of shoes or clothing, but one element of your branding should stand out. It could be a specific design pattern or an unusual colour scheme.

Once you’ve determined your brand’s key selling points, develop a strategy to use them in your ad copy. For example, you could create an ad that promotes the latest trend in footwear or clothing but use it in a way that’s different to other ads.

Create an ad that stands out from the crowd

An effective ad should set itself apart from the competition. That could mean using a creative design, a unique message, or even a unique presentation angle.

Be sure to use a solid visual to complement your ad, and ensure it’s something your target audience can connect with. For example, a unique animation or illustration may encourage people to share your content on social media.

Include the right call to action

A successful ad should provide a clear call to action. It could be an offer to purchase a product or a link that leads to a landing page with more information about your product or service.

Regardless of your industry, consider what information your target audience would want to take away from the ad.

For example, you might want to include an offer that allows consumers to sign up to receive emails or to download a free white paper.

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Keep it consistent

While it’s tempting to create a different ad for every single market, that won’t work. The more times consumers see the same brand image in different places, the less likely they are to notice the brand at all.

Consistency is vital, so ensure your brand design is consistent across all platforms. This includes your website, social media, print ads, and storefront.

Remember, the more eye-catching your ads are, the more likely you will convert. So spend a little time thinking creatively and invest in an effective ad design.

4 – Premium marketing collateral that converts

Pure Luxury Business Card Design Services

When we think of ‘premium’, we first think of products that look and feel premium, but what does this mean for our brand identity?

It’s time to think about how we want to be perceived, whether that means luxury, status, class, quality, or all of the above.

We’ve found that people want to buy brands they perceive as premium, even if they know the actual value of that brand could be better than its perceived value. So how can we make sure that our Premium identity becomes a reality? We need to start by asking ourselves: What is Premium?

To answer this question, we asked ourselves: What makes us proud? Do we want to be associated with an image that represents our values? Do we want to promote a product that will stand the test of time? Is it the brand promise that matters to us, or do we want to sell a luxury product that will only be appreciated by those who appreciate it?

As a brand identity designer, creating an identity that stands the test of time is one of the most critical aspects of brand development.

Today, in the digital age, hundreds of ads are bombarded daily, and it’s becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between quality and quantity. How do we compete with the noise of advertising? How do we stand out from the crowd?

Creating a Premium identity is one of the best ways to ensure your brand stands out. It’s a way to ensure that your brand is seen as precious and desirable and helps differentiate you from the competition.

How Do Premium Brands Become Premium?

In the early 1900s, the concept of premium products was born. This idea of quality was tied to the idea of exclusivity. People were willing to pay more for products that made them unique, such as higher quality, better service, and improved longevity.

Nowadays, this concept has become the norm. Consumers don’t just expect to pay more for premium products; they expect the quality to be apparent. And yet, many brands still need to catch up when it comes to the premium experience. How do we know if we are delivering a premium experience? By understanding why consumers are willing to pay more for the products they use and by finding the same reasons in ourselves.

We all strive to find balance in our lives—a balance between quality and quantity. A balance between the work we do, the money we spend, and the time we spend with family and friends.

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Quality is the key to ensuring that your brand stands the test of time. It makes your products and services stand out from the rest and creates an experience for which consumers are willing to pay more.

What does this mean for our brand identity? It means we want to create a brand that’s both the best and the most desirable. If your brand identity is based on luxury, class, and exclusivity, then it’s easy to understand why people are willing to pay more for your products or services.

5 – Help you emotionally connect with consumers

Modes Of Emotional Branding

As marketers, brand identity designers help communicate to the world what is essential to a company’s success and core values. Brand identity design is critical to the success of any business because the way a company communicates affects how people perceive its products and services.

The most important thing for a brand designer to understand is that, at its heart, brand identity design is about creating emotional connections. This involves taking a brand’s mission, vision, and values and translating them into a visual language that conveys the brand’s personality and inspires customers.

An emotional connection with a brand is based on familiarity or the sense that you know the brand or that it represents something you want to be a part of. A connection is established when consumers positively react to your brand.

The best brands communicate an emotional connection to customers through their identity. People buy from brands they trust and like, so a brand must communicate its value proposition and deliver on its promises.

Brand identity design is the perfect vehicle to accomplish this. Brands are more than just a collection of words and pictures; they are symbols of a company and what it stands for.

As a brand identity designer, your goal is to create a symbol for the company logo and then build on that to create a brand identity that is both true to the business and emotionally resonant with customers. This is done by applying the elements of brand identity design to the overall branding strategy and marketing communications plan.

In other words, brand identity designers are experts at helping companies deliver on their promises through their design skills.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of brand identity, how it is developed, and its role in creating emotional connections.

The Importance of Brand Identity

Brands with strong brand identities are more effective communicators because people buy from brands they trust and like. A brand with an identity that is consistent and emotionally resonant helps customers remember a company’s message and is easier to share with friends and colleagues.

Brands that lack an identity are like the kid in the class who doesn’t have a unique way of speaking or dressing. It’s okay to be different, but it’s hard to stand out when others don’t recognise your voice or see your style.

When we talk about brand identity, we are talking about the look and feel of a business. A brand’s identity is the way it presents itself to the world.

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This is one of the key reasons why brand identity is so important. If your business does not have a distinct look and feel, people will perceive your company as unprofessional or odd. This perception will affect the customer’s first impression of your company.

A brand’s identity is often based on the company’s mission and vision. However, some companies choose to create a brand identity based on the company’s culture and personality.

6 – Create Brand Consistency

Consistent Brand Strategy Apple

When it comes to branding, brand consistency is a fundamental concept, yet many brands need help to create consistency.

Think about it: if you were given a different model name every time you bought a car, it would be complicated to remember which car was yours.

So why does it seem so easy for companies to give their customers brand confusion?

It could be that they’re creating brand confusion by being too clever. But that’s unlikely. People who buy their products from big brands know they’re buying from a company that’s serious about its product. So, it makes sense that big brands are likely to have consistent product ranges.

But the truth is that many smaller brands can make their brand identity work for them because they’re creating brand consistency within their product range.

Brands with a brand identity that works for them can make a stronger first impression on their consumers. They get people thinking about their products without thinking about the brand.

Here are some tips for creating a brand identity that works for you.

Create a logo that is a recognisable part of the brand. A company logo design gives your brand identity credibility because it’s something that people recognise and trust.

For example, many companies use a single colour to represent their brand. That’s great for branding because it creates an instantly recognisable visual impact.

When you create a solid visual identity, it will help your brand stand out from competitors.

You should also develop a set of product ranges that represent your brand. For example, you could have a range of shoes, a range of watches, a range of bags, etc.

Creating a unique product range representing your brand will help your brand have a consistent look and feel, even though your products may have completely different designs.

Another way to create a brand identity that works for you is by developing your brand personality.

Your personality should be easy for your customers to identify. Think about the people who come up with names for new products. They usually do it as a joke or because they’re not thinking about the brand identity.

So, it would help if you were careful not to do that. Your brand personality should be something you think of yourself, your friends, your family, and your customers.

For example, if your brand is a sports car, you’ll probably want to think about a high-performance car that people love driving. You could think about your brand personality as a fun, adventurous person.

By developing your brand personality, you’ll ensure that your customers get to know the person behind your brand and that you create a powerful brand identity.

7 – Purposeful brands catch the attention

What Is Brand Purpose Rebranding

In today’s busy world, we live and die with the ability to manage our time. Most of us would say we need more time in a day. And yet we have this constant desire to do more and get more done. Our busyness can come from various sources, from work to family to social life.

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It’s no secret that purposeful brands live by different priorities. A purposeful brand is a company that lives, breathes and sleeps by the purpose of its existence. While they may be busy doing business, they are not busy doing the business of business. Their purpose is bigger than the pursuit of profit, which is why they can make a significant difference in the lives of their customers and their communities.

What does purposeful branding mean to you? Do you think of Starbucks? Do you think of Nordstrom or Tiffany’s? Do you think of Apple or Nike? Think about the purposeful brand you admire, whether it’s a celebrity, sports team, or charity. How does it make you feel?

Think about your relationship with those companies. Do you feel a sense of pride, connection or appreciation? Or do you view them as an anonymous brand you’d never consider buying from?

The reason why purposeful brands are so appealing is that they are making an impact. They are working hard to create favourable products, services and businesses for their community. They understand that being purposeful and having a sense of purpose doesn’t have to be negative or passive. In fact, it can be powerful, effective and highly visible.

How can you apply purposeful branding to your business? Here are some ways to significantly impact your community without even trying.

  • Take on a cause that you believe in
  • Make a difference in the community by donating to an organisation that works with children, the homeless, veterans or any other cause you believe in.
  • Provide a service that benefits your community. For example, start a recycling program in your area, build a playground or open up a thrift store.
  • Create a product or service that makes a statement about your values.
  • Be active in your community and take advantage of all ways you can positively influence your neighbourhood.

What are some of the reasons why people choose purposeful brands over others?

When it comes to your business, what’s the difference between you and a purposeful brand? Are you living your purpose, or is your purpose living you? What makes you stand out?

Wrapping Up

We are Brand Identity Designers who specialise in creating logos, brand identities, and everything. We also help entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

As brand identity designers, we see our job as more than just designing the look and feel of your company.

We’re helping you establish your identity by helping you understand the emotional connections that people make with your brand.

It’s not just about the logo design but the overall experience of your brand.

As a brand identity designer, I want to help you understand the meaning behind your logo.

I want to help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

I want to help you become more memorable and valuable.

Brand identity design isn’t just a logo. It’s a journey.

Need help Building your Brand?

Let’s talk about your logo, branding or web development project today! Get in touch for a free quote.

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