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Animating for Success: Motion Design Tips for Digital Marketing

Animating for Success: Motion Design Tips for Digital Marketing

If you haven’t yet tapped into the monumental potential of motion design as a digital marketer, now’s the time to do it! In this brief beginner-friendly guide, we’ll explore a run-through of motion design basics and identify the most efficient ways to use it to meet (and exceed!) your digital marketing goals. Lastly, we’ll share the best ways to create motion graphics for web marketing.

What Is Motion Design?

Motion design is the art and discipline of adding movement to graphic design elements and compositions. Also known as motion graphics, web animations follow visual design principles (balance, alignment, hierarchy, contrast, rhythm, proximity, and colour and space) and the principles of animation (easing, parenting, transformation, etc.). 

How do you use motion design in your digital marketing strategy?

Motion design has inherent attention-grabbing abilities. This fact makes it the ultimate form of communication with a brand’s audience and a perfect tool for influencing the decision-making process of prospective clients. Considering all this, it’s easy to see why most marketers benefit significantly from incorporating motion graphics into their digital branding and web marketing materials.

If you’re a novice to the world of motion graphics, there are lots of resources available online that can teach you the ins and outs of branding and marketing your business more effectively with the help of motion design. This “Motion Design Basics – Beginner’s Guide” covers the topic extensively and includes a list of the best free resources for learning (and practising) motion design. 

Here are five ways you can implement motion design into your digital marketing strategy starting today: 

Branding Motion Design 

Branding, with the help of motion graphics, easily creates memorable experiences for a company’s audience. This type of visual content conveys brand messaging effectively in most contexts, helping to nurture brand recognition. 

Branding motion design also has the added benefits of entailing much lower costs than using traditional media (from printed merch to elaborate video production), having quick execution times, as well as having a multitude of alternative uses (e.g. an animated logo can also serve as an app welcome screen, a UI loader, etc.). A true digital marketing goldmine!

Bunns Logo Animation

Landing Page Animations

Landing page motion graphics can help you blend creativity, functionality and immersive design into one compelling brand narrative. You can use them to guide page visitor attention, showcase product features in bite-sized chunks, and ultimately assist potential clients in navigating through the conversion funnel successfully. 

Animated Process Explainer

Animated Ad Campaign Materials

Motion graphics can give your ad campaigns a considerable competitive edge. From social media ads to catchy web animations, animated ad materials are powerful tools to establish brand awareness and set meaningful interactions with your target audience in motion.

Black Friday Animation

Animated Email Marketing Assets

Dynamic elements are the perfect eye-catching assets any email campaign can benefit from! Animated promos, custom brand content for your newsletter subscribers, product demos, and the strategic use of motion design in email marketing, in general, can increase the number of user interactions, leading to higher click-through rates and conversion metrics.

Animated Sale Stickers

Animated Social Media Content

Better brand visibility and genuine engagement with the community you build around your brand are two digital marketing objectives you can tackle with the help of motion graphics. Character animations (of brand mascots), explainer videos, storytelling with motion graphics, and other types of animated visual content can amplify your social media marketing strategy’s reach and ensure that you have an immediate impact on users casually scrolling through their feeds.

Product Sale Animation

Best Way to Create Your Digital Marketing Motion Graphics

One of the best ways to create motion graphics for digital marketing is with the help of browser-based animation tools like SVGator. Animating with the help of a GUI motion graphic creator allows you to skip time-consuming and effort-intensive code writing, so you can focus on storytelling and selling more with your visual content instead. 

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UI animation tools are excellent allies in creating remarkable and engaging user experiences. Implement these motion design tips, and your digital marketing strategy is sure to skyrocket in terms of performance metrics.


What is motion design, and how is it useful for digital marketing?

Motion design refers to graphics and animation used in digital formats, especially video and web. Using animation and visual elements in your marketing lets you stand out, capture attention, and communicate ideas.

How can motion design improve my marketing results?

Strategically used motion design has increased website clicks, conversions, watch times, and shares. It makes your messaging more engaging and memorable.

What should my video lengths be?

For social media, videos under 60 seconds typically perform best. For websites and blogs, 2-3 minutes allows you to include more detail while keeping viewers interested.

How much should I invest in custom animation?

Start with templates and pre-animated graphics, then consider custom work for hero sections like your homepage introduction. Allocate at least 15% of your digital ad budget for developing custom animation.

What animation styles should I use?

Minimalist, line-drawn, and brightly coloured graphics work well across platforms. Choose styling that fits your brand personality rather than overly complicated designs. Test different options and see what resonates most with your audience.

Which file formats should I use?

MP4 is the most universal video format. GIFs and LottieFiles work great for website animations. PNG and SVG allow animation frames to be used anywhere with small file sizes.

What technical tips should I keep in mind?

Use motion design to direct focus, transition between ideas, and add visual dynamics. Keep animations simple and captions short. Allow users to pause or replay as desired.

What mistakes should I avoid?

Don't add animations just for the sake of it – make sure they serve a purpose. Don't use overly distracting elements or complex transitions that don't add value for viewers. Avoid large file sizes that are slow to load.

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