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How to Design a Flyer People Will want to Take

How to Design a Flyer People Will Want to Take

With everything being online now, it is incredible how business flyers managed to keep their popularity by bringing people’s attention to the product or service. 

It does not cost much and requires a little effort for a significant impact. 

People love things they can touch, especially with brightly designed information. 

Some things are just meant to stay, and a flyer, as an effective marketing strategy, is one of those. 

Let’s go through some tips on how to design a flyer that serves a marketing purpose and gets to be taken, read, and looked through.

How to Design a Flyer

How To Design A Flyer Example

To make the flyer that will get into the category “Oh, could I have one more?” you have to take care of various graphic design specifics. 

Depending on its marketing purpose ( business, product, event, sale flyer), you have to think through every line, letter, and square. 

Turn for help to graphic design apps that will allow you to choose flyer templates, fonts, images, colour patterns, frames, etc. 

Graphic design app Crello has a magnificent collection of flyers that might inspire you to create your particular one and customise Crello’s tools to your needs.

Target audience

Any flyer will benefit from your solid knowledge of your target clientele. 

The information about age, gender, consumption preferences, socio-cultural background, and purchasing abilities. 

This data will equip you with how the information on your flyer will be placed. 

What colours are implemented, and what style will emphasise the message best? 

Operating the information about your audience masterfully lets them see the flyer as if it is created directly for them. 

The feeling of personal address makes the beholder proceed with whatever is written on.

Brand image

Best Examples Of Business Flyer Design

When creating a flyer and getting excited with all the tools, avoid getting carried away by forgetting your brand image

Depending on your flyer's purpose, targeting segment, and decided design structure, you still have to place recognisable elements that tell precisely whom this flyer belongs to.

CTA (call to action) and contact information

You are sending a clear message to your audience. 

People love seeing how they can use this flyer exactly. 

For that, there must be a call to action section.  

Maybe it has a QR code generated via the best QR code generator, or perhaps it gives a code for the discount. 

Print something like “It’s time to put yourself first”, “Get that smile on your face”, “Isn’t it a time for a massive change?”, “Start living in the house of your dreams right now”, etc.  

It can be anything if it triggers a person to perform the desired action. 

Also, place a piece of contact information so that people can easily find you and ask questions for further clarification. 

Your phone number, messengers, and email that work presently help gain your company's trust and show more interest in whatever is offered on your flyer.

Customers’ testimonials 

Have a section on your flyer with happy, smiling people who briefly but informatively share their excellent experiences from visiting your yoga retreat last time or buying real estate

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Of course, it should be your genuine clients, not random faces downloaded from the stock images library.  

Also, basic contact information and happy clientele proof gain trust and the desire to experience that success.

Make it simple

Best Free Flyer Design Templates

It is tempting to load the flyer with so much information and the latest graphic design trends so that people are left to do nothing else but stop and grab it. 

However, sometimes extreme complexity may cause quite the opposite turn of events. 

An acid mixture of colours, wrong font combinations, too many graphic elements that exclude each other when brought together, and many letters that are impossible to process without a thought-through colour palette. 

The chance that such flyers will get smacked and thrown away is high. 

All the budget spent will be money down the drain. 

Every time you feel an urge to “let’s do more”, place yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and ask yourself whether you will even bother looking at it.


As we can see, one should never estimate a flyer’s potential in developing an effective marketing strategy. 

The beautifully designed piece of high-quality paper containing only relevant information will surely attract people to whatever your plan is. 

Exact information means contacting you, and proof of being good at your business will let potential clients trust you. 

Therefore, consider you for solving their pains by approaching your company and seeing what you offer them personally. 

That’s how a flyer may serve in starting the gear that will yield a high ROI.

Do you have any more tips on how to design a flyer for your business that works? – Let us know below in the comments.

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