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Why Your Print Strategy Could Be A Marketing Hero

Why Your Print Strategy Could Be A Marketing Hero

The coronavirus pandemic has put a significant strain on businesses throughout the globe, with many constantly having to change their marketing approach to stay afloat.

However, now that the lockdown restrictions are gradually becoming more and more lifted, there is a sense of fresh optimism in the air, leaving many business owners considering embracing the post-pandemic movement.

Well, we’re here to help. With vast numbers of customers returning to the high street, there is now a fresh opportunity to utilise a marketing method that you may have forgotten about in light of the pandemic.

As a multi-billion pound industry, print marketing doesn’t always get the respect it deserves and is cited by many as an unnecessary expense due to the rise of the internet over the years. 

This way of thinking is wrong, though, and we’re here to tell you why.

Join us as we run through some of the key reasons as to why your business’s print strategy could be the unsung hero of your approach to post-pandemic marketing.

1 – Print is more personal

Company Logo Printed On Business Cards

Don’t get me wrong, digital marketing offers a lot of benefits to businesses, but it’s not exactly the most personal approach to take. 

Customers aren’t idiots, after all, so will know that your email newsletters are sent out to everyone rather than to them on an individual basis.

As such, print marketing is a great way to target consumers in a friendlier and more tailored manner – whether it be via a coupon or a discount code through their letterbox as a reward for being so loyal during the pandemic.

Likewise, print materials such as leaflets and business cards are great tools to have in your arsenal while trying to network after the pandemic, not only highlighting the key achievements you have made but also offering a personal insight into what working with you will be like for a prospective client.

Designing and printing an advertorial in a magazine or newspaper can also be a great way to offer customers an insight into who you are, what you do and why they should trust you to buy from.

2 – Print reaches many people

Promotional Flyer Design Dentists

While there are many advantages in tailoring your marketing efforts towards your business’s target audience, you could find you reach more customers than you ever thought was possible by investing in a range of print materials.

Whether through flyers or posters placed strategically around town, now that more consumers are returning to the high street, they are more likely to encounter your business and potentially want to find out more.

However, the success of this will largely depend on what exactly your print design is offering – from a free money-off coupon to an incentive of some kind

With the correct strategic thinking, it can be easy to source new customers without spending any money on SEO or targeted advertising.

3 – A Print strategy can reach the right people

Direct Marketing Campaign

It’s all well and good spending thousands of pounds on targeted advertising strategies but, if you’re focusing your time and efforts on the wrong people, it could all be for nothing.

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The digital landscape is incredibly competitive, after all, with hundreds of like-minded businesses all trying to outdo each other to source new customers and shoot up the rankings.

While print marketing works similarly if your business is more locally focused, you could find that targeting customers through print materials could work out a lot more effectively than via alternative digital means.

Say, for instance, you are a local tradesman trying to get some more business in. 

Rather than investing all your time and money into perfecting your website, it might prove a lot more beneficial to put a few flyers up in the local shops and schools around the area.

Final thoughts

Standing out as a business is challenging at the best of times, but it’s arguably more complex than ever before in light of the pandemic.

With this in mind, turning to tried and tested methods to market your business is generally a good idea, and there’s nothing that’s been more tried and tested than print marketing.

When used in the right way, you never know – a print strategy could make your business even more successful than it was before the pandemic started.

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