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Business Signage Design Services

When someone stumbles upon your storefront windows, do they notice what’s written there? If not, they didn’t see anything eye-catching, which means your signage design isn’t doing its job. 

It could be because your sign was poorly designed, but even if you have a great-looking exterior piece of advertising signage, it may still fail to grab attention from a passerby. 

The right way to go about designing these graphics types should involve considering several factors like functionality, colour selection, placement, and other considerations. Let us look at creating compelling signage design using a few methods.

Choosing Signs

The first step towards designing good looking signs involves choosing them correctly. Before getting started, you need to consider many things, including brand colours, fonts used, size, material, etc., depending on whether they’re made of metal, plastic or wood.

Also, make sure that whoever is responsible for making the signs has a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives and any legal requirements related to signage usage. 

You can ask questions such as “How long does my sign need to last?” Or, “What kind of maintenance would I require to keep the sign functioning correctly?” By knowing answers to those kinds of questions ahead of time, you’ll avoid potential problems down the road.

Signs That Don’t Stand out

Aside from having strong visual appeal, your signage must also make sense. They shouldn’t look confusing or hard to understand. 

When customers walk by a giant advertisement with lots of words and letters flashing back and forth, they might get frustrated trying to figure out exactly what it says. 

Try breaking up text into multiple lines to prevent this problem and use simple shapes instead of complicated letterforms. Also, don’t put too much information on each sign – only include necessary details.

If possible, opt for rectangular rather than square signs since rectangles stand out better against backgrounds (i.e. asphalt roads). And remember that the same goes for the frames surrounding your advertisements. 

You can achieve similar results through careful planning and coordination between different sign parts. For example, consider placing signs near areas where pedestrians will pass most often. 

Placing your big banner close to the ground helps increase visibility and makes it easier for people walking past to read everything printed on display. However, putting tiny signs higher on poles won’t work very well unless they contain special features like illuminated characters or reflective surfaces.

Creating Effective Graphics

In addition to being legible, your signs should convey specific messages clearly and unambiguously. To accomplish this goal, you’ll want to pay particular attention to three key elements: Color choice, Font selection and placement.

Colour Choice

Selecting the right colours for your signage design gives buyers a general idea of what type of products or services you offer. Colours play an essential part in conveying feelings and emotions, especially during high traffic times. 

So, choose bright hues that attract shoppers’ eyes immediately. Avoid dark shades altogether since they may cause eye strain over more extended viewing periods.

As far as sizing goes, signs come in standard sizes ranging from 4 feet wide to 100 feet tall. Most manufacturers feature a variety of dimensions within these ranges, letting you select whichever height works best for your situation. At the same time, however, never place your signs directly next to power cables due to the risk of electrocution.

Finally, incorporate contrasting colours into your message to draw customers’ attention away from distracting background objects. Using black ink on white paper is always recommended as a basic rule of thumb.

Font Selection

While bolder letters certainly catch peoples’ eyes, they can sometimes appear less professional than more straightforward sans serif styles. Because of this, it’s usually best to stick with clean, readable fonts that are easy to read under direct sunlight. 

As a general guideline, you’ll find the following font families helpful: Helvetica Neue Regular, Arial Black, Courier New Bold, Georgia Bookman Old Style, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS Extra Light, Century Gothic Medium Condensed.

Font Size 

Along with selecting the correct font family comes choosing the right font size. It turns out that specific brain functions rely heavily on fine motor movements and therefore require bigger font sizes. Therefore, if you’d like to make your signage legible yet attractive to readers who live outside major metropolitan areas, pick the largest font possible.

On average, the optimal reading distance varies according to age groups. Just remember that older folks generally enjoy closer proximity, whereas younger generations typically have better eyesight.

Placement Of Your Design

Before finalising the layout of your signage design, think carefully about how you plan on installing it. 

  • Will it hang from a pole or be affixed to a building wall? 
  • How visible will it be once installed? 
  • What materials will cover it? 

These decisions affect how well your signage performs.

Outdoor signs made of aluminium, steel or plastic operate best when mounted horizontally along walls. Metal signs are popular among advertisers thanks to their durability and versatility. On the flip side, wooden signs are cheaper to produce and maintain but aren’t suitable for mounting outdoors because of moisture damage. 

Regardless of material, you should strive to mount your signs no more than four stories above ground level. 

Anything taller than five stories poses a significant liability risk since falling debris can easily smash through glass panels.

Use Banners Wisely

Not every ad space requires a full-blown billboard. Instead, you can use banners strategically placed around town to highlight specific aspects of your business. 

Banner stands located beside busy areas or local businesses are beneficial for promoting retail locations. Other ways to maximise effectiveness include:

  • Hanging banners above garage doors.
  • Suspending them from trees.
  • Attaching them to the bumpers of cars and setting them atop roofs.

Remember that your banners aren’t permanent fixtures and can be replaced quickly and inexpensively if needed. 

Plus, if they fade over time, you can buy new copies online. With the right approach, banners can become a powerful marketing tool that brings visitors flocking to your doorsteps year after year.

With a little bit of creativity, you can transform boring billboards into eye-catching displays that bring in many new customers. It takes a little knowledge of creatively applying these guidelines to your projects. 

Now that you’ve learned the basics of designing effective signage, why stop here? Take your newfound expertise further by learning about other things you can do to improve the aesthetics of your storefront.

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