I was referred to Inkbot Design in Belfast by a Web Designer and they just completed our new company brochure designs. A first-class job, produced on a tight deadline and on budget. Highly recommended.

Jon Dickinson

Company Brochure Design Services In Belfast

Company Brochure Design Services in Belfast, UK.


Inkbot Design is a company brochure design agency that can work with you to create all your business literature. From company brochure design to product catalogues, service manuals, and corporate newsletters. It is critical that your brand shines through all business literature. Keeping it consistent and conveying the information required in the best way possible.

Brochure design layout is an important aspect of business marketing. Most successful businesses offer a physical print edition alongside a digital copy.

Everything will work in both worlds. Optimised versions for printing and for screens, email and web usage. When you release the company brochure design, you can use it to produce marketing campaigns too! The more people you reach, the better the chance of gaining new clients through your brochure.

A well-designed brochure layout can convince a potential client that your company is the right choiceTheir money is safe and your results are clear to see from the magazine in their hands. Inkbot Design can help you build trust through informative and friendly copywriting. Laid out amongst imagery and in a format that is easy to digest.

Tri-Fold Brochure Design Samples

Brochure Design Cover & Layout Design Samples


Maybe just a four-page corporate brochure, or a more developed, produced magazine?

We can discuss your needs and the best options available.

How about a corporate folder to hold the magazine? Along with a covering letterhead design or flyer? That’s do-able too.

What about a digital version of the website?

Yes, that’s included with the print version, no problem at all.

Whatever you need, Inkbot Design can help.

Check out these brochure design tips to learn more.

Feel free to check out any other for our Brand Design Services whilst you're here. We are happy to offer a discount on any combined media included with the Logo Design Packages.

If you want to distinguish yourself from the competition, get in touch today for a design quote – or email us with the title Brochure Design.

Brochure Printing Samples

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Looking for a professional Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland? Inkbot Design can help with all your company brochure design needs!

8 Top Tips for a Creative Corporate Brochure Design


Not so long ago, creating corporate brochures used to be the closely guarded domain of highly skilled graphic designers and professional printers. However, these days, anyone with a bit of an eye for design and knowledge of the right software can have a go, and usually with respectable results.

Better still, you can send your finished design straight to a digital printing company who will give you an instant quote, take your order online and carry out online proofing at very competitive prices.

Professional Brochure Design

It really couldn't be more convenient.

Whether you're a sole trader wishing to make a great first impression, or you're a team member routinely tasked with in-house design jobs, here are eight handy pro tips that can make all the difference to the polish of the final creative brochure design. You're very welcome.


Set your goals and objectives

Belfast Brochure Design

Before you can even start to develop a design concept for your company brochure, you need a brief.

Why does the business need a corporate brochure? What is the document aiming to achieve?

Whether you're introducing a start-up company, creating a product catalogue or devising upscale marketing materials, it's essential that you take a step back and look at the exact purpose of what you are about to design.


Know your brand personality


Each business has an identity, or a brand personality, that acts as a compass for every activity, every interaction, every communication.

Unless you are clear about your corporate ID, designing any sort of marketing collateral including corporate brochures is likely to feel disjointed and unclear. Take a step back and do some essential branding work to define who you are first.


Put the reader first

Graphic design may be an art form, but a corporate brochure has a clear commercial focus. While it's tempting for any designer to get lost in the aesthetics of brochure design, it's essential to keep the document's business end goal in mind.

Will the brochure be posted out in response to a web enquiry or is it an exhibition giveaway? What will the content be and who is the reader?

Put yourself in the shoes of your target reader and stay on message.


Choose your paper stock

Custom Brochure Design

Think about the physical end product before you start the design process.

What size and format are you envisaging – landscape or portrait, A4 or A5, DL, folded, or something bespoke?

What about the paperweight and finish? How ‘glossy' would you like your new brochure to be? Are you making a sustainability statement?

There are many questions worth asking at the outset that can materially inform your design approach.


Select a suitable font family

Neue Helvetica Font

As a rule of thumb, corporate brochures don't require many fonts, nor any particularly ‘fancy' ones. In fact, too many different typefaces can be confusing to the eye and weaken the overall visual impact of the design – a sure-fire sign of an inexperienced designer at work.

Unless your company has a corporate font that you are required to use, choose prudently: heading, subheading and body copy font, that should do it.


Write good, engaging content


While copywriting isn't everyone's strength, it is important to realise that the words on the page are an integral part of the overall brochure design.

For designers who are used to working with lorem ipsum text until it can be replaced with a live copy, good content writing is also often the most underrated part.

Unless you're happy doing both, work closely with a commercial copywriter and consider the impact of headlines, subheaders, bullet points and quotes in particular.


Get the right images

Professional Brochure Design

Just as the copy is key to getting the message across, so are the images. To make a brochure pleasurable to flick through, choose visually stunning images that complement the story you are telling. Unless you're working with a photographer, good photos can also be obtained by using stock imagery, often for free.

For best results, do try and choose images that don't look like obvious stock pictures.


Work as a team

The chances are that you won't be working alone, nor be the only stakeholder in the corporate brochure design.

Whether you're sketching your ideas with pen and paper or are producing a draft proof in InDesign, it's essential to get buy-in for your thoughts from everyone involved at various stages of the process.

Take constructive criticism on board to guide you towards a creative corporate brochure design that everyone can be proud of.

Looking to refresh your corporate brochure designs?

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