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3 Ways to Establish Your Brand with Content Marketing

3 Ways to Establish Your Brand with Content Marketing

In an ever-crowded digital B2B space, distinguishing your brand from the competition can be challenging and requires the right strategy for your company.

So, what is the best way to get started?

1 – Develop a Content Marketing Plan

Content Planning Calendar Guide

If executed correctly, content marketing can be an excellent strategy for demand generation and establishing your company and the individuals within as industry experts.

The key to content marketing is variety. Start by determining the content formats that appeal to your target audience and represent your brand effectively.

Your content marketing strategy could include:

  • Articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies & testimonials
  • Infographics 
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

Compare your ideas with competitor content to identify how you can differentiate.

This research can also help you determine how to create and maintain a voice for your unique content and matches your brand and its core message.

Be sure to map out your content to prioritise content production and publishing, as well as its promotion across multiple channels. 

This can also help you stay on top of changing trends to take advantage of time-sensitive topics. 

Once you have a library of content published and new content scheduled, be sure to regularly review content pieces and promote older pieces on your other channels when relevant. 

Existing content can easily be boosted and repurposed to suit your needs, such as converting a webinar into a shorter video for sharing on social platforms.

In this way, not only is content marketing an efficient way of establishing your brand’s unique offering, but it is also more cost-effective than other strategies and can create lasting equity.

2 – Post Thought Leadership Content on Social Media

Social Media Videos Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms, specifically LinkedIn for the B2B space, present marketers with a fantastic opportunity for establishing their brand and influencing their target audience.

However, before creating and publishing thought leadership content on LinkedIn, establish the individuals within your organisation who are the most suitable for reaching target groups.

Choose team members who already have a well-established network of the right connections to build upon.  

Be sure to choose someone with a broad network that includes connections to potential prospects.

Now that you have that figured out, what kind of content should you publish?

The principle of thought leadership is sharing opinions and knowledge that provides your audience with valuable insights. 

When deciding your focus, trending topics or subjects of great debate in your specific market or industry is a great starting point to start discussions. Showcasing your knowledge will result in more confidence in your company’s services.

Consider creating polls, general advice, or a series of tips spread over a long cadence of posts. 

The latter of the three rewards followers who regularly check out your content as the timely advice helps them improve upon existing skills or learn new ones.

What’s the goal?

Engagement. The more interaction, the better. 

Replying to comments individually is another excellent tactic for establishing new connections in your network and nurturing potential new relationships.

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Creating and nurturing a following can take time but is an efficient way to establish your brand and grow its influence. With enough care, this can result in boosted sales and increased traffic to your site.

3 – Give Back to the Community with Free Resources

Webinar Giveaway Examples

Giving back to your local community with free resources is a fantastic way to establish your brand, gain earned media, and, most importantly, support those in need. 

Whilst this last method requires more investment than the previous two points, you can still do it cost-effectively.

For example, you can repurpose existing content marketing into helpful guides and learning materials or make free tools to facilitate a typical process for your target audience. 

You could also share these with smaller businesses that could use more support. 

The INFUSEmedia 100 program is an excellent example of this strategy. Following the success of INFUSEmedia’s Business Reopening Toolkit initiative to support local businesses impacted by the pandemic in 2020, this new program is built to bolster small to medium businesses.

INFUSEmedia provides any small or medium-sized business that signs up for the program 100 free leads and a nurturing kit containing a variety of marketing materials and a guide to help them start the process. 

This year’s program takes advantage of the global growth INFUSEmedia has seen since expanding its network of remote teams around the globe by being able to offer this program worldwide. 

Providing free resources to communities within your reach is not only a fantastic way of giving back support and stimulating the economy but also demonstrates the human side of your brand. 

At the same time, your brand messaging and company culture are solidified positively, with your brand being positioned as an industry leader. 

Final Thoughts

Standing out from others in the digital B2B space is a constant challenge facilitated by leading with content that focuses on bringing educational insights and value to prospective clients. 

By leading with giving, you can establish your brand and voice in a respectable manner that helps to build and nurture your influence, leading to growing networks and boosted sales.

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