Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Everyone involved in an online business knows that you need the traffic to where ever you are advertising your particular niche. Not only traffic, but you need quality targeted traffic that will produce results. 

No matter which way you want to look at it, you need traffic because there are no buyers, members, or subscribers to your list without traffic. 

You can create the best site within your niche, but if no one sees it, it will not produce the results you want to see. Then you can have a site that is not well put together that can produce excellent results. 

Remember getting traffic is the most crucial part of your business so concentrate most of your efforts there first. Here are some ways that can help you increase your website traffic and generate more sales for your business.

Article Marketing

Publishing Frequency Blogging

One sure way to get guaranteed website traffic is with article marketing. For most, this is considered “bomb marketing”. The whole concept of marketing with articles goes back to getting traffic with the search engines. 

If someone were to go to Google and seek information on curing headaches, the top 10 websites would display the search results. 

Now, within those results could be articles from article directories or just content from sites. If you have written some articles on “curing headaches” and have done proper backlinking, it could even be your site that shows up! Talk about a boatload of free traffic with article marketing.

Another vital benefit of article marketing is the fact that you can gain more exposure and authority status. Do you want to sell more? Go and say you are an expert in your field! 

You can also use article marketing and gain such “expert” status by usually writing relevant content. People will read your content, and, as a result, they will see you as someone to trust in your niche market. Again, you will get increased website traffic.

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Video Marketing

One of my favourite ways to drive insane amounts of traffic is with video marketing. This is probably one of the most popular and fun ways to get maximum exposure to your website. Here are some free video editing apps that you can use without spending any penny.

Making simple videos and uploading them to YouTube with your website URL in the description or within the video is easy to get more visitors to your site or blog

Imagine having a video that has gotten 1,000,000 views, and 50% of the viewers decided to visit your website and talk about many potential customers!


Smart Google Seo Tips 2021

Search engine optimisation is an effective way of generating traffic to your website and is already proven by online businesses that have seen the ranking of their sites climb high in search results. 

This traffic naturally is a good source for customers who purchase your products and services.

Search engine optimisation needs the utilisation of several techniques so that your website can be seen by plenty of potential customers. 

Many online business entrepreneurs have seen their sales increasing because of the thousands of people viewing the sites, and many of these people are do purchase the products.

Most people nowadays go to the internet if they need something. They only type a particular keyword or the keywords that best describe their particular need, and they can have plenty of available information or websites to view.

You must ensure that the primary search engines index your website through the keywords in your website title, tag descriptions, and content. 

Using correct combinations of keywords and valuable content, your site can get high rankings.

The keywords you have chosen are those that places like Google optimise, which are crucial in your campaign. If the keywords turn out to be the most popular in a particular search and give the highest volume of search, then your rankings are ensured.

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Creating Inbound Links

One of the extra well-liked routes as of late is with inbound links and posting on other websites and blogs. Imagine you have gotten a home security blog. 

You could publish helpful information on other blogs that provide comparable data and then leave your hyperlink on their site as well. 

When somebody is surfing, they will learn your post and click the link to view your entire website or blogs about home security. Pretty easy course of, huh? 

Whether or not you notice it, individuals identical to yourself do this regularly and attract loads of traffic.

Offering Freebies

Best Marketing Giveaway Examples

Articles, reports, ebooks, tips – Giving your website’s visitors freebies such as articles, reports, ebooks, or tips is one way of promoting your site. 

Since the majority of internet users across the globe search for additional knowledge, offering free articles, reports, ebooks, or tips can attract them to visit your site.

This is also a good time for you to build your reputation as long as your articles and reports are well-written and beneficial for your visitors. 

More so, you will have the opportunity of forcing them to subscribe to your email list upon acceptance of the freebies you offer.

This will ensure you get more readers while having a great possibility of converting them as potential customers. 

You can use an autoresponder that can manage your mailing list and advertise affiliate programs related to the nature of your business.

Social Media Marketing

You have to make sure that to utilise the social media site of your choice entirely, you need to sign-up and make an account. After doing so, try using creative means to attract viewers to your account, like using images through eye-catching pictures and videos wherein the content is promoting your website. It should be informative and create that will relate to the product you are advertising. 

You can link your website to your profile as it is the area in your account that most people tend to view. It is the way for others to know you better, so you should think of creative ways to make your profile attractive, like putting your brand logo, adding colours, design, video, and music. 

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These are just the standard methods but at the same time, try interconnecting all your social networking sites to social bookmarking sites to make the updating of your account much easier and more convenient.

Two of the most common social platforms used these days is Twitter and Facebook, as Twitter is the social media wherein you gather followers, and you follow your favourite posters like celebrities. Facebook is a social network site with the same function as Twitter but is more interactive, like chatting to your friends using the chatbox. 

If the contents you posted on Twitter are fascinating, your followers will click on the website link you had provided on your profile, thus having a great deal of traffic on your website.

Create Quality Content

Average Shares By Content Type

Perhaps most important is to include content on the Web site that is considered high-quality. It must make some contribution to the online world. This can be done by including articles and blogs on the site that include various relevant keywords. 

Audio and video files can also be embedded in the site, providing visitors with a multimedia experience. Make the site clean, not cluttered, and use eye-catching colours and graphics. You can go for hosting such as InterServer or Bluehost, which are pretty affordable and beginner-friendly. 

Pay Per Click

This ensures your site will show up on the first page of a search. This is ideal since people very rarely go past the first page of a search. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have services that you can use to ensure first-page success. 

There are several reasons why 97% of online businesses fail, and adequate advertising is one big reason. You may have a superior website, but if no one knows it is there or how to get to it, you will have little if any website traffic to your page.

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Many times, a person surfing the web has a specific need or desire, and they are looking for a solution or answer to fix it. You may have just what they need, but you must direct them to your site first! Pay per click uses keyword optimisation that targets a specific market to your site. 

When someone types in a question, a phrase, or a word into a search engine, you want them to end up at your site. Think about the people you are trying to target and what service or product you provide that will meet a need or fix their problem. Then design your keywords around them.

If you are into spending a little money on your advertisement efforts, then pay per click would be a great way to go. One thing you would want to do is a little keyword research for your niche. 

The more competitive your niche is, the more cost per click you’ll most likely be facing. Just make sure you know what you’re doing in the pay-per-click networks, though, or you could find yourself broke!

Forum Marketing

Best Online Business Forums

Yes, I mentioned forums. Some of you may be asking how a forum can be good for linking? Well, a forum is an excellent way to build targeted traffic to your site, and here is how. When you go to a forum, people are asking questions. 

Maybe you are selling a product that helps a guitar player play the guitar. You notice a question on a forum asking what to buy an electric or an acoustic guitar first. 

This would be an excellent opportunity for you to spill some knowledge you have on the subject. Make sure you edit your forum signature to link back to your site before you make your post and write your answer. This is a great way to build credibility in your niche, and people will start to think of you as the “go-to person” for their questions. 

This means more money for you because they will be easy sales. It is essential to stay active on these forums so you can keep getting those links pointing back to your site along with gaining more credibility.

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Use of Newsletters

You can provide visitors with your products catalogue, helpful information, interesting articles, and entertaining tidbits through your newsletter. The more exciting and entertaining your newsletter is, the more people will sign up for it and recommend it to others. As more people sign up for your newsletter, you will direct more traffic to your website.

Produce As Much Content As Possible

Most Engaging Content Social Media

Whether you like it or not, the content will always be your secret to doing well in affiliate marketing. They with the most content will always win. 

If you’re anything like me, you are probably are tired of all the useless drivel targeted towards beginners. By now, you already know how to set up a blog, buy a domain name, and all the other minor stuff that people overthink.

So, here’s the meaty stuff – there’s no way to get around content. Before you even think of putting up a website because you found a niche that you think will convert, see if you can write at least ten articles on it. 

I’ll be bold enough to say that you need to be able to write 100 articles on it. If you can’t do that, you’re wasting your time, and you’ll never see the amount of website traffic you want. That means no affiliate commissions for you. 


In conclusion, beware of many of the marketing companies that are trying to sell you something. 

They all make themselves sound great, and sometimes our emotions get the best of us when something sounds so good.

Be familiar with the many forms of advertising that will produce significant results. Many of them are at a very minimal cost, and several are even FREE.

Author Bio: I am Shubham Chopra, founder of Marketing Savior and an exuberant content creator with a great zest for providing insightful reviews about digital products that will quickly help startups & SMEs penetrate the online world.

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