Logo Design for a New Company

Logo Design for a New Company

There are so many things to think about when starting a new company that, often, the importance of certain aspects get underestimated and overlooked. One such aspect is the logo and branding. The decision that faces all business starters is how much time, effort and money to put into the logo design and it’s application.

Available budgets can often be low when just starting out on a new business and spending a large portion of those funds on logo design is not something all people are willing to do lightly.

Some decide to try it themselves or get it done on the cheap that leads to them adopting a very basic logo and overall brand image for their company. The hope, then, is that the company’s function will be successful enough so that the logo and branding does nott matter so much.

It can, of course, be argued that this is possible. But is it likely?


Here are four reasons why you should consider paying for a well-designed logo for your startup:

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Do you judge a book by its cover?

The Importance of Logo Design for a New CompanyDespite the well-known phrase, in this case, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. When you set up and run a business, no matter the size or function, your logo is your face. It represents you and the business as a whole and will make an instant impression on anyone who sees it. It needs therefore to be spot on.

I know I’m not alone when I say that whenever I am out and about, browsing the internet or looking for a service, my decision to buy from or invest any time in something is heavily affected by the logo representing it. If I can see that the logo is poorly designed, I assume that the person responsible for it, i.e. the company, hasn’t put much effort in. This then leads me to wonder: ‘what if the same goes for their products and services?’

Because of this, I decide to look elsewhere. All because of a cheap looking logo design, that company loses business.

Just remember that, in the eyes of the customer, the quality of your logo reflects the quality of your business.


It’s worth it, really.

By far the biggest put-off factor in getting a logo designed professionally is the costs involved, but it needn’t be so daunting as it doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

Most designers worth their salt will tailor a package exclusively for you, which suits your needs and your budget (however large or small) and will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with what you are getting. It may seem like a good idea to save money and cut corners on a cheap logo design to begin with but this can cause you a lot of trouble further down the line.

A bad logo, as I mentioned earlier, can turn off potential customers and you end up losing money in the long run. Spending that little bit more on the face of your company from the very start will save you a whole load of grief and worry in the future, trust me.

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One less thing to worry about.

Logo-Design-To-Do-ListSpeaking of grief and worry leads me on to another good reason to outsource your logo design professionally. There’s nothing better than a little peace of mind when setting up a business. There is so much to think about, so much to organise, it’s bound to be stressful. It makes sense, therefore, to seek help where you can.

When hiring a graphic designer to create your logo you are still very much in control. You simply inform them of your ideas and wishes and they do the difficult part. If you don’t like it, it will be changed, no problem. Your time is valuable and spending it learning how to design a decent logo is not what you need. So don’t do it; knowing that the most important part of your company startup is in professional hands is very comforting, so try it. You’ll be glad you did


Great logo design is the gift that keeps on giving!

As I mentioned earlier, your logo will initially cost you money but it will also make you money if you get it right.

A well designed and properly applied logo as part of your overall branding will improve the credibility of your company, thus providing a steady and loyal stream of custom in the long term.

Companies with high quality, memorable logo designs typically see much more popularity and higher conversion rates compared to those with poor ones. Good quality logos are also far better at standing the test of time, so paying a one-off fee at the beginning will easily see your company through years and years of happy trading.

Based on the above factors it is safe to say that a professionally created logo design is invaluable when it comes to startups. Try to see past your doubts to the bigger picture and all the benefits your business will reap as a result of this one very important factor.


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I really enjoyed this post! I agree that nothing beats a great logo, it’s what people will remember about you and the first thing people will notice about.


Same as.


Logos are important and I completely agree. I think any business or a start up aims to grow big someday. But the preparations of that day starts from the very beginning. A logo is your identity and this cannot be delayed or ignored, I completely agree this post, thank for sharing such wisdom 🙂

Bruce & Sally Witt

Great post. Logos are so important, and not something to change lightly.

Elizabeth Telson
Elizabeth Telson

I enjoyed your post very much. It reaffirms how important logo design is and how it can make or break a start up!