The 7 Golden Rules for Managing Social Media Brands

The 7 Golden Rules for Managing Social Media Brands

Social media websites are a powerful tool for businesses. 

They benefit businesses as large as Apple and the small SMEs you have in your nearby neighbourhood. 

Social networks are a great way to market your products or services and enhance traffic to your website. 

This can help you retain subscribers and customers, generate leads, improve sales, and even improve SEO search rankings. 

Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention. 

Here are the seven golden rules you need to follow to manage your branding on social media successfully.

1 – Communicate

Talk To Customers On Social Media

Uninterrupted communication is essential to social media managers’ day-to-day tasks, helping you retain your audience. 

The key to the golden rule of communication is to communicate with your audience regularly and without fail. 

Communicate transparently, honestly, and authentically with every post and response on social media. 

Internet users’ interactivity is the key to having a better image of your brand image on social networks. 

Give voice to your audience. Over time, this will build the confidence of your followers. 

They will look to you as a source of reliable information and advice.

2 – Share

Sharing gives your audience reliable information and makes them feel important and involved in decision-making. 

Sharing content on social media as a brand is thoughtful because you provide value to your audience and a potential audience that may not have heard from you yet. 

Sharing is how brands amplify the excellent content they’ve worked hard on.

The way to master the art of sharing is to create unique experiences across different social media platforms. 

Every piece of content you share should look original on the channel you’re sharing it on.

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3 – Keep a consistent model

Best Social Media Kit Templates Graphics

The first step in developing a successful social media branding strategy is to stay focused on your business image. 

This includes the design and logos used across all online platforms and posting content on a regular schedule that best represents your brand. 

While at it, remember that your brand name should be the same or similar across all networks to make your business easier to recognise. 

Consistency is your strong point to implant a full and personalised brand image in the minds of your audience.

4 – Determine who your target audience is

Be sure to identify the needs of your community when creating social media content. 

Focus on those in your sight and offer the information those followers are asking for. 

Word of mouth is always at the top of the marketing list, and connecting with the right people creates influential brand ambassadors. 

Easy ways to find out more about your fans and followers on social media are to conduct surveys, ask questions, study customer service concerns, and research the competition. 

Specific social media platforms will work better for your brand, depending on your target audience. 

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram are the most prominent platforms but don’t neglect to take advantage of video marketing on YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat or TikTok. 

Knowing your audience’s favourite watering hole, where they congregate most, will help your brand focus on the best social networks where you’re more likely to be successful. 

For this, you can also seek help from a professional advertising agency that will assist you in narrowing down to your target audience. 

5 – Build trust with the customer and prospects

Social Media Marketing Goals

Loyalty and support are crucial elements for your community. 

The key is not to approach them as a marketer but instead as a relationship builder. 

A trusted brand creates word of mouth and shows people that your business is one that people can count on.

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Find creative ways to add value to your audience and meet your current and potential customers’ needs. 

Social networks are a place to share tips, useful information, answer questions, offer free products and services, and keep lines of communication open and friendly.

6 – Be creative

The two pillars of social media design and marketing are images and videos. 

People have an incredible ability to remember visual information. 

Studies have shown that adding an image to information can increase its memorisation substantially. 

Another study found that shoppers who viewed a brand’s video are much more likely to purchase a product than those who haven’t seen the video.

Creating engaging images and videos is one of those social media rules that marketers continuously strive to adhere to. 

And with the evolution of technology, the coming years promise to bring us even more tools to attract even more internet users’ attention.

7 – Set goals and measure your progress

Once you’ve created a social media community, your brand will need to set specific goals and actions to follow. 

To track your progress, you will need to analyse your business to know the effectiveness of your brand’s reach on social media.

Find out what is working and change the strategies that are not working well. 

Make sure you handle and respond to any complaints, and pay special attention to social media engagement, translating into sales later. 

Every brand is unique when it comes to creating a social media strategy. 

Always be flexible and open to change by testing your results and adjusting your strategy.

What other tips can you share on managing social media brands today? Let us know in the comments below.

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