Is your Logo Design up to date?

Is your Logo Design up to date?

Depending on the type of business you are running, the chances are that you already have strong branding built up.

Brands are what customers associate with quality products and companies they trust – the more established a company is, the more trust it can get from consumers.

However, that is not to say that new players on the market do not stand a chance.

Good design and product branding and company materials can lead to huge market breakthroughs, all based on simple things such as logos acquired from professional graphic design services.

How can you tell if your logo design is up to date with modern design standards?

Types of Logo Design to consider

Designing a company logo is much more complicated than you might imagine.

Consider hiring an expert designer as soon as you start thinking about a logo redesign since it can save you a lot of time and money.

That being said, there are some different types of logo design to consider as your future branding.

Even if you have a logo already, try comparing it to these types and see which type corresponds to your current branding:


These logos are completely abstracted, meaning that they do not have any wording present.

Think about Pepsi and you will have the right idea.

Logos like these take years to become memorable and should be used only if your company already has a history.


Logos that have mascots such as puppets, company founders or funny/warm characters present.

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Toy companies, food chains and fast-food restaurants use these logos often.

They resonate well with the audiences and instil confidence in those who see it.


This is a combination of the previous two types.

You can easily imagine the Pepsi logo with “Pepsi” written inside the logo, and you will be very close to the mark.

This is a good choice for corporate branding and international companies that have a broad range of services.


These logos are used by hotels, expensive restaurants, vineyards, etc.

These logos combine emblems with an inscription of a year and serif font to boot.

These logos are used by family businesses and firms with very long histories, often operating locally.


This is a familiar logotype for companies that produce technology worldwide.

Anyone can offer you several examples such as NASA, HBO, CNN, BBC, etc.

These are companies that use initials instead of wording the entire name of the brand.


Pictorials are used similarly to abstract logos, but with a small note – they are not abstract.

Graphic logos always represent something that people can recognise in the world such as Apple‘s apple or Target’s target.


As the name suggests, the last type of logos represents a word inscribed in a stylistic, graphical manner.

You can imagine Sony, Google or Coca-Cola and you will not be far from the mark.

These logos are often created with the help of a writing service using a professional writer who worked closely with a designer.

Compare & Analyse

Now that you are familiar with the various types and their respective examples, what can you do to ensure your logo is up to date?

Comparing your logo to other brands in the industry seems like the logical first step.

Knowing what the trends are is the only way to decide whether or not it is time to redesign your branding.

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Keep in mind that any redesign can easily backfire and make your customers opt-out of using your products.

Such was the case of Pepsi who suddenly faced a huge dip in sales due to a redesign of visual identity which people did not resonate with.

Take a look at your partners and competition before deciding to do anything about your branding.

If you think that their visual elements are more modern and attractive than yours, open your doors to a designer and start considering your options.

Remember your roots to keep your Logo Design up to date


What most companies cannot understand is that people are traditionalists.

They will always go for an established brand that fills them with trust rather than a slick new name that just showed up.

Going back through your company’s history and looking at how it all began might just be the thing you need.

Some of the top design agencies will tell you that branding is all about being memorable and trustworthy.

Why not use that and create a new logo based on traditional vintage elements that made your company functional in the first place?

Do small market research with two different kinds of logo, one being traditional and the other one being modern and see how it resonates with your audiences.

After all, the main reason for redesigning your brand now is to boost sales and grow your company further.

Personality over information

People will always be attracted by a smart, witty personality rather than raw information.

That is why picturesque logos are more successful in younger audiences than word logos.

Illustrated logos with colour and life will always attract more attention than bland, corporate branding that serves as nothing more than a name on the wall.

That is not to say that corporations have it backwards – huge international companies need to have a more sterile visual identity that caters to their multinational crowd.

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They do not have the luxury of creating an illustrated logo because it might upset some of their partners.

Regardless of that, always strive towards infusing your brand with personality before overloading it with information.

Even initials can be enough when it comes to wording if the rest of your logo is up to the task of differentiating your brand on the market.

Hire a copywriter

If your brand is still young and unheard of on the global market, it might not be too late for a complete overhaul.

You can start by hiring an expert and doing a small analysis of how your brand is currently accepted.

Copywriters should always work in tandem with a designer who will do the latter half of the work and visualise the words they come up with.

These writing experts are essential in establishing a meaningful and memorable identity for your brand before you move into the global market.

Custom over pre-made


People do not react well to pre-made graphics.

You might have found an interesting spot on Google Images and imagined your company name next to it.

This is a good start to your branding efforts, but it will not be enough to skyrocket your business.

What happens when you become famous enough, and people start asking questions about your company?

Someone might accidentally stumble onto your favourite spot image on the internet, and you might risk losing business credibility over it.

If you want to ensure the best review you can get, you have to consider working with experts in visual advertising.

Always hire a professional designer to create custom graphics for your company.

Never use stock assets from the internet just because it might be cheaper in the short run.

Consider the utility

Not every logo is 100% printable.

This is something you should think about carefully before committing to a particular branding choice.

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Depending on the type of business you are running and the need to print different materials, your logo should be as simple as possible.

For example, printing complex, multicoloured logos with small details and text on small packaging or pens and lighters might be impossible to pull off.

The same goes for creating large advertisements using the logo outline to cut out a particular shape and put it somewhere in public – again; it might be impossible to pull off.

Think about the utility of your current and future logo should you consider redesigning it.

A logo is much more than a cute picture with your company’s name on it.

Discuss it as a team


Even though you may be the CEO of your company, the entire branding effort should not rest on your shoulders.

The reason for this is that it is not just your business you are talking about.

Tens, hundreds of thousands of workers are employed under the umbrella of your company, and you are responsible for every single one of them.

Besides the prominent designers and marketing experts, your board should also be present for any discussions and changes that come to your branding to keep your logo design up to date.

Analysing the market and testing your new logo with a controlled group is always a good idea, and it can lead to some healthy brainstorming that you should find time for.

Don’t rush any decisions when it comes to redesigning your visual identity and always ask for a second opinion.

Build for lasting impression


Classic brands keep their logo design up to date.

Coca-Cola is a good example of a logo that has been around for a very long time with only minor tweaks that came along.

Use the same logic when you think about your branding and never think about the immediate future.

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Something that might be trendy today might become completely forgotten tomorrow.

You will then find yourself in a situation where you have to use a company to help you create a new logo just because you rushed your decisions beforehand.

Think about the mission of your business and the vision that you collectively strive towards.

You will quickly realise the direction of your branding and everything else will come naturally.


All it takes is a single spark of creativity to create an astonishing visual brand identity.

Logos are always a tricky thing to pull off since there are a huge number of factors to consider.

Your logo might be up to date, but the rest of your visual elements may need sprucing up, which will also require an expert designer to be done.

Think of the logo design process as part fun, part work, and it should be much easier to handle the pressure of changing a company’s identity.

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