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How To Show Facebook Reviews Widget On Your Website

How To Show Facebook Reviews Widget On Your Website

Reviews play a significant role in making an image of the brand or business since more than 85% of shoppers go through reviews, recommendations, and experiences of a brand's existing customers before going ahead with a final purchase. 

Being one of the biggest, oldest, and highly growing social media platforms globally, Facebook has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. 

Its enormous user base provides brands and businesses with a solid reason to make a solid presence on the platform. 

Facebook Reviews – A Brief Introduction & Its Importance For Brands 

How To Show Facebook Reviews Website

Ever since Facebook started the Facebook business page feature, multiple brands and businesses started using the platform for promoting their products and services by creating a business page on the platform. 

Moreover, the brands' customers started using the platform to leave their reviews and feedback on the page, starting with the concept of the Facebook Reviews widget. 

These reviews tremendously help brands to increase their clientele, engagement and to improve their presence and visibility on the platform. 

Soon enough, brands started utilising the reviews left by their customers and incorporated them into their website to target their potential customers and the various other spectacular benefits, including making the website look better, displaying social proof, instilling faith and confidence, and generating revenue sales. 

Displaying Facebook reviews widget on the website has become a common scenario for most brands, and there are multiple tools available in the market to do the needful. 

Keep reading as we shall be telling you about the best tool to embed a Facebook review widget on your website, and none of the tools mentioned in the next section would require any technical or coding skills! 

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews Widget On The Website

Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox Wordpress Widget Facebook

Taggbox is the Best User-Generated Content and social media aggregation platform that enables users to collect seamlessly, curate, and embed Facebook review widgets on the website. 

Taggbox is not at all complicated and allows users to display the content on the website by pasting the generated embed code on the website's backend. 

The platform is highly user-friendly and offers various additional features to enhance the Facebook reviews widget. 

The tool offers customisation features that allow the users to select their preferred layout, designs, colours, fonts, and other options amongst the provided options. 

The advanced moderation panel enables the user to moderate the content by removing anything that is unwanted or may tarnish the brand's image. 

Taggbox also offers an analytics feature that allows users to keep track of the widget's performance by giving detailed insights around the overall impressions, the number of clicks, the number of users visited, behavioural analysis of the visitors, etc. 

Lastly, the platform has an excellent back support system that assists the users if they come across any technical issues or any other hindrance while using the tool.

Feed Them Social 

Feed Them Social is another efficient platform that allows its users to collect relevant and essential content from Facebook, including reviews, and displays it beautifully on the website. 

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The platform offers multiple customisation features to its users to enhance the look of the Facebook review widget. 

It allows the users to upload as many feeds as they want to. 

Embed Social 

Embed Social is a platform that allows you to integrate your Facebook content into your website. 

It enables the users to collect User-Generated Content of all forms from their Facebook account and embed it into their website. 

The platform's other features allow users to customise their Facebook reviews widget by selecting various templates, designs, layouts, etc., to enhance its look further. is a platform that allows you to collect and display the content on your website and analyse the response from your visitors. 

The platform is easy to set up and exceptionally user-friendly, and you do not require any additional technical knowledge to use the platform. 

It effectively allows the users to collect Facebook reviews, and curate and embed them on your website in the form of a widget. 

Final Thoughts 

Embedding Facebook reviews on your website is an excellent way to generate interest and grab your audience’s attention. You can disable comments on Facebook Ads and leave only the review part for others to preview.

It not only makes your website more attractive but also increases the engagement levels of your visitors, improvises the visibility and presence of your brand, and helps you increase your conversions and sales. 

We see no reason why you must skip embedding Facebook reviews on your website and are optimistic that this blog proved to be a helpful guide to help motivate you to try out this fantastic marketing strategy to grow your business. 

Now that you are aware of the importance of the Facebook review widget and know about the best tools, leverage this information immediately and enjoy the benefits! 

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