7 Strategies to Boost Local Branding in 2019


It is the distinguishing factor that sets you apart from the competition.

It is also the fundamental element that will help your customers to differentiate your products, organisation or personality from all the others shouting for attention in the market.

Thus, the importance of proper branding cannot be underestimated.

However, how do you undertake this intricate and demanding process and gain the desired results amidst overwhelming competition?

What factors make the most significant difference and impact when it comes to local branding?

The discussion that follows highlights strategies that can significantly help you boost your local branding.

1 – Understand Your Market: Some Research Will Help

Identify Target Audience

For your local branding needs, one of the advantages is that you are restricted to a small geographical area.

In consideration of this, it might be easier to narrow down your research to particular target audiences.

Doing some research before committing resources for your branding needs will help to address and answer the following concerns among others:

  • The number of competitors within the same region and their strengths and weaknesses
  • The geographical reach (how wide/far) your target market is.
  • The best/most effective branding method to reach your audience

Narrowing down on these factors allows you to concentrate your resources in a manner that is more effective and result-oriented.

If, for example, you choose a radio broadcast to reach your audience, how would you be sure that your target audience will most likely be tuned in at the time of the transmission?

If you use a daily newspaper, you will need to know what is the reach, how does it perform on your chosen days of placing the advert and so on.

If you choose social media for a given population, what guarantees you of return on investment?

This is the essence of market research.

2 – Building Partnerships within the Local Community

Community Partner

There are several ways of getting your name out to your target community.

Building partnerships within the community is a reliable way of getting your business and products out there.

Be part of the community's event, sponsor projects, engage in CSR and curve a positive image within your borders.

One of the best ways of maintaining community partnerships is organising events periodically.

Tailor these events to solutions that the community is facing.

They can range from simple clean-up exercise to more involving charity events such as medical camps.

The essence here is to advance your agenda and be seen as a blessing to win the people's goodwill

Also, as part of your local branding strategy, consider hiring members of the community in your team.

They will be good ambassadors, and you truly need that.

Besides, attend community events and even be on the lookout for engagements where you or a representative can speak about the business.

In other words, please make use of every opportunity represented by the local community to reach out to them.

Community partnerships are one way of ensuring continuity and attachment especially when you address some of the local challenges.

3 – Localise Your Brand Message

Mcdonalds Local Branding

The story you want to send out needs to be in a tone and language that the community for which it is intended can resonate with.

Every community is unique it the way it consumes and uses language.

Even words that generally mean the same are sometimes tweaked to fit the environment of the community in which they are used.

As you craft your brand message, endeavour to use catchphrases that are popular within your target audience.

This is especially helpful in popularising the message and makes it memorable.

Localising your message also involves using the people's cultural elements in the brand message.

For example, while creating a TV or social media commercial for a beverage, you may pick local celebrates, sceneries or situations that depict those of the community you target.

This way, you will give the audience a chance to own the brand message.

If you are using human subjects in the advert, dress them up in a manner that the community is reflected.

Indeed, there are several ways of localising the message to suit your needs and have the people fall in love with it.

There are several lessons to be learned from political campaigns.

Politicians do everything possible including learning a few words and phrases from the community they intend to attract.

Quite often, they will greet the people in their own language or say a thank you in the people's dialect.

This makes them part of the community.

The bottom line here is to use the people's lingo to your advantage.

4 – Use Digital Media to Your Advantage; SEO Is An Integral Part

The rise and rise of digital technology offer businesses hitherto unprecedented possibilities to succeed in branding.

There are numerous avenues to use to get your message to a local audience with little sweat.

Perhaps the easiest way of doing it is using the short messaging targeting mobile phone users.

One of the advantages of this method is that it is an offline service that doesn't necessarily require an internet connection.

However, you need to accumulate a good list of phone numbers for you to run it successfully.

Perth SEO says that this is achievable if you create healthy partnerships with the local community.

Your website should also be a good platform for the creation of a great brand story.

This is where you employ lots of SEO tactics to uplift your brand image.

To start with, ensure that your online presence is enhanced.

On your website, Name, Address and Phone (NAP) should be the very first point of integration.

Let it be easy to find you online.

Additionally, create content that relates well to your target community.

While looking at the use of digital media to send local stories, social media becomes an essential factor in this matrix.

It is one of the easiest, fastest and reliable ways of creating your brand stories.

Social media becomes successful depending when you give people something to talk about.

In recent times, we've seen the rise crafted messages going viral for the sake of generating likes and shares.

Your brand should exhaust all resources to ensure that it can start a conversation locally and keep it fuelled.

While at it, be proactive in Mobile Friendly Usability.

The role of mobile-friendliness to business success is immeasurable and presents entrepreneurs with several ways of reaching out to potential customers.

It is detrimental to send out branding messages that are not consumable through mobile devices.

At the very least, your website should easily be accessible through mobile phones and so should be your social media pages.

5 – Seek Reviews

Customer Service Social Websites

Positive reviews help to instil confidence in people.

After successful transactions, ask for reviews from your local clients.

People tend to go over business reviews before deciding to transact.

When the reviewer specifies their location, it becomes more relevant and convincing, thus raising your chances of getting more business.

This must, however, be backed by excellent customer relation since people relations are central to business success.

It also helps to create follow up strategy so that you keep close contact with the online community that builds up with time.

A good approach is to treat reviews like personal referrals.

It has been increasingly confirmed that consumers trust online reviews in almost the same magnitude that they trust personal recommendations, even though many reviews are left by strangers.

A recent survey indicated that 88% of consumers take referrals seriously and go ahead to procure business with an organisation that is positively reviewed.

This demonstrates that reviews left by people within your community would even rake in more positive responses.

6 – Make the Local Media your Friend

Local Media Branding

Constant appearances in the local media for positive reasons raise your credibility as well as visibility.

This is very important in advancing your brand message.

It is, however important to choose the platform wisely.

If possible, avoid outlets that advance biased political agendas as this will leave out some of the audience you would like brought on board.

Paid advertising is the easiest way to scale through the media.

However, appearing in the general news segment gives you greater mileage.

This notwithstanding, your relationship with the media is a journey to be carefully calculated.

Harness it wisely to your advantage.

7 – Keep It Simple

Shop Local Brands

The essence of local branding is to have the message get to the relevant people and turn it into business.

Your team should endeavour to keep the technical things simple to easy dissemination by the public.

Your brand message, colours, events, and even social media engagement should be easy to memorise, and should not be confused with the competitor's efforts.


Branding remains one of the critical aspects of business development.

Local Branding for your business in the community is even more natural as opposed to an international outlook.

There are always new emerging ways to do things, making it essential to keep learning along the way.

It is also a capital and resource intensive process, thus the need to do it right.

Author Bio: Joel House is a founder of Joel house search media. According to Joel House Perth SEO, Clients need quality to get the best ROI. He ensures that business owners get the best, fast and profitable results. He can be found on social media as well.

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