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Convert PNG to PDF: Pretty Simple with These Tools

Convert PNG to PDF: Pretty Simple with These Tools

PNG is the widely used image file type because of its high-quality preservation and lossless compression. However, the situation occurs when you need to convert your PNG images into PDF files. Whether you need to protect your PNGs with password security, store multiple images into a single PDF, or want to enhance compatibility, saving PNG as PDF works best. 

We will reveal the top-notch and easy-to-navigate PNG to PDF conversion tools with a step-by-step process. This gives you the reliable and instant ease of turning PNG into PDF format while keeping the quality high. 

Top Tools for Converting PNG to PDF

Adobe Acrobat Convert Png To Pdf File

Adobe Acrobat

Get this versatile and widely used PDF software for PDF management and conversion features. It has robust tools to create, edit, and convert PDF files. To turn PNG into PDF document format using Adobe Acrobat, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat: first, you have to install and launch the Adobe Acrobat software on your PC
  • Select “Create PDF”: just click on the “File” button, which is given in the upper left corner. Then, choose “Create”> “PDF from File.”
  • Choose PNG Files: now, locate and select the PNG you converted into PDF. This is where you ought to choose multiple files simultaneously.
  • Customise Settings: before converting, you should customise the settings, including orientation, page size, and several compression options.
  • Convert to PDF: click the “Create” or “Convert” button, and let this software transform the selected PNG images into an independent PDF file.
  • Save the PDF: right after the transformation is completed, save your PDF to your desired location.

Online Converters

Several online tools available around the internet do not require any software installation to convert PNG to PDF. One of the most recommended and easy-to-process PNG to PDF conversion sources is named “Cardscanner”. Although this platform mainly functions to process OCR-based conversions, it also lets you convert multiple PNG files at once into PDF. In addition to that, it enables you to extract the information (text) from PNG images and store it all in a high-quality, editable PDF format. Let's see what you have to do:

  • Visit card scanner: Move to the card official conversion website
  • Choose a tool: navigate to the Tools > PNG to PDF 
  • Upload PNG images
  • After uploading, click Convert and choose any way to proceed with these PNG to PDF conversions.
  • Download the desired PDF at once

PDF Printers

PDF printers are referred to as virtual printers that function to “print” a file to an editable PDF format. The most recommended PDF printer is the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option, which you can find on most Windows computers. Find how to convert PNG to PDF using PDF printers:

  • Open PNG File: first of all, you need to open your PNG image file using a compatible image editor or viewer
  • Print the File: move to the “File” menu and choose “Print.”
  • Select Printer: choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the provided list of available printers.
  • Configure Settings: navigate to make settings, including page size and orientation (if desired)
  • Print to PDF: click on the given “Print” button. Then, you will get the prompt to choose a location to save the converted PDF file.
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PDF Conversion Software

How To Convert Photos To Pdf

Besides Adobe Acrobat, various third-party software is available for PDF conversions. One popular choice is PDFelement, which converts your PNG images to PDF without disruption. Here's how to make a conversion:

  • Install PDFelement: download PDFelement and install it onto your computer.
  • Open PNG File: launch it, and open the PNG image file that you wish to convert
  • Convert to PDF: then, click on the “File” option and choose the “Save As” or “Save as PDF” button. This is where you can make customisation settings, including location, file name, and security options. 
  • Save the PDF: after configuring the settings, click “Save” to convert the PNG image to PDF.

Benefits of Converting PNG to PDF

Converting PNG files to PDFs comes with innumerable benefits for different use cases:

  • Multipage Documents: PDF functions to merge multiple PNG image files into a single multipage document. This makes it the perfect choice for managing and sharing your images.
  • Compatibility: PDF document format can be accessible and viewable on any device or operating system without installing any additional software.
  • Password Protection: PDF files can be accessible to password-protect; it is an ideal way to add a layer of security to your images. 
  • Annotations and Comments: PDFs let you proceed with annotations and comments. These aspects make them the perfect choice for collaborative work or feedback on photos. 
  • Searchable Text: When converting PNG to PDF format, any text stored in PNGs becomes searchable, which assists in indexing and searching content. 
  • Quality Preservation: PDF can maintain the quality of your PNGs, ensuring they look as good as standalone PNG files. 
  • Reduced File Size: PDFs come with the ease of sharing and storing as they can easily optimised for a smaller file size. 


Converting your PNG images to PDFs is straightforward; you only need to choose a tool that suits your needs. No matter whether you want to share multiple PNG files at once or need to keep your images secure, the tools mentioned above work tremendously for you. 

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