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3 Best Ways to Convert PNG to SVG Vector

3 Best Ways to Convert PNG to SVG Vector

Yes, whenever you don’t want the PNG image to become pixelated when viewed on a large display screen, you ought to convert a png image to SVG with an online png to SVG converter for free. 

Unlike raster images, SVG vector graphic files automatically figure out the pixels and their colour when they are expanded and update the information. 

In this informative context, you people will explore a few best tools that can assist in converting PNG to SVG on both Windows and Mac systems. But, before that, you should have to be familiar with the reason behind PNG file to SVG conversions. 

Read on!

Why Convert PNG to SVG?

One of the most apparent reasons to transform PNG to vector SVG files is that SVGs are resolution-independent. 

This indicates that, unlike PNG raster graphic file, SVG vectors assists in retaining the same quality no matter at what screen resolution or even the size they are being viewed at. 

So, if PNG files appear blurry on a retina display, SVGs will still look high quality. Well, it’s the best time to choose a free version of PNG to SVG converter from the source of that convert png to SVG vector files in a matter of seconds without any quality loss. 

How to Convert PNG to Vector SVG on Windows?

Convert Png To Svg Vector Online

You just ought to stick with these given steps to learn how you can convert png files to SVG using Inkscape on a Windows computer. 

  • Bear in mind that this tool works as a best png to SVG converter; it takes minimal effort to export png as an SVG file. You need to download and install Inkscape on your Windows PC.
  • Once done, go ahead to File > Open and then use the choose file option to open the box. This is where you have to open the png image that you want to convert to SVG
  • Then, you need to click on the image import preferences box to quickly bring the source photo to Inkscape, leaving all the configurations as a defaults
  • This png to SVG converter provides you with the editing tools through which you can easily make any modifications to the particular image (if required)
  • You must move to the File option and click the Save As option.
  • Finally, on the given Select file to save the box, you need to choose a destination folder; make sure that Inkscape SVG ((*.svg) or Plain SVG (*.svg) is entirely selected in the Save as type drop-down menu, and then hit Save to convert PNG to SVG with this png to SVG converter for free.

How to Convert PNG to SVG on Mac?

You can learn how GIMP work as a PNG to SVG converter to turn PNG into SVG; follow the given instruction right now:

  • First of all, you need to install GIMP on your system and launch it, and for ease, you ought to drag the PNG file that you want to turn into SVG and drop it instantly inside its UI (User-Interface)
  • Now, use any of the selection tools by this PNG to SVG converter to swiftly choose the portions of the image (or even the entire photo) that you aim to export to SVG
  • Then, go ahead to the Select menu using the given menu bar that is at the top
  • Very next, make a click to the Path to quickly create a path out of the selection
  • Now, you need to move to the Paths pane of this PNG to SVG converter that is on the right (and if the pane is not available yet, then go to Windows >Dockable Dialogs, and click Paths), make an instant right-click the on the path that you just created, and hit the Export Path
  • Then, on the given Export Path to SVG box, you ought to type a name which is followed by .svg in the given Name field, choose a destination folder from the given Places bar on the left side
  • Finally, click on the Save button of this PNG to SVG converter to quickly turn PNG into an SVG vector image file
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How to Convert PNG to SVG Online?

As the name reveals, the source of the online converter provides you with the best PNG to SVG converter to convert single or multiple PNG files to SVGs without any quality loss. Check out this list to find the best free image converter for your needs.

The following steps help you export png as an SVG file online:

  • Just go to “”
  • Make a click on the given toolbox and add single or multiple PNG files that you want to convert into SVGs
  • You could be able to perform PNG to SVG conversions according to different illustration presets, choose one preset from the given drop-down list
  • Once done, it’s time to click on the convert button and lets this PNG to SVG converter turn them without any quality loss
  • Finally, press the Download Zip file or download one by one your converted SVG vector files


If you are regularly dealing with PNG image to SVG vector file conversions, the above-discussed programs significantly do all conversions jobs. Good Luck!

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