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4 AI-powered Design Tools to Build your Brand

4 AI-powered Design Tools to Build your Brand

Design is a critical part of any business. It can make or break your brand and be the difference between a successful product and a complete flop. With so much riding on the line, it's essential to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs that convey your message. Traditionally, this has meant hours spent in design programs like Photoshop, sweating over every detail until everything is perfect. But what if there was a better way?

What if you could create stunning designs without spending all those hours hunched over your computer? That's where artificial intelligence comes in. AI-powered design tools are changing the landscape of design, and with them, businesses can create beautiful designs quickly and easily – no design experience is required.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best AI-powered design tools and show how they can help you take your business to the next level. So whether you're a seasoned designer or without design experience, read on to learn how to use AI to create unique designs for your business.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer to think and act like a human. It can take in data, interpret it, and then use it to make decisions or predictions. AI-powered design tools use this technology to analyse images and generate designs based on what they see – meaning you can create stunning visuals without having any design experience!

Several different AI-powered design tools are available, each with unique capabilities. In this article, we will show you how you can create stunning business presentations and logos in a concise amount of time with AI.

Reasons You Need to Know How To Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a must-have for any business. By using AI-powered design tools, you can create better designs faster with little to no design experience necessary. This will save you time and money and allow you to focus on other vital tasks like strategy and marketing. With AI-powered design tools, you can also produce higher-quality visuals that are more likely to convert customers and make your business stand out. The possibilities are endless – all you need to do is get creative!

So if you're ready to level up your design game, start embracing artificial intelligence today! It could be the boost your business needs.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create A Business Presentation With A.I. is an AI-powered presentation design tool that can quickly help you create stunning visuals. It works by instantly analysing your content and creating a beautiful layout with no design experience required. It's fast and easy to use, producing professional and polished results. Here's how you can get started:

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Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for a account and create a new project.

Click on create your presentation:

Beautiful Ai Tool Review

You will now be able to get a free trial for 14 days. You will need to give out your credit card details, but you will not be charged during those 14 days, and you can cancel anytime:

Beautiful Ai-Powered Design Tool

2. Choose from one of their templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas.

You can now create your presentations or have presentations created with the website's AI. Let's take the introduction tour of to show you how to use the tool to create stunning presentations fast.

Create A Presentation With Ai

The AI will already create a couple of slides for you, so you can improve upon those, which will save you a lot of time:

Create A Presentation Guide

3. Upload your images, add text, and customise the look of your slides.

You can now add an image to the slide and change the template of the slide:

Step By Step Guide Ai Tools

Here comes an elegant feature that will save you a lot of time: has an extensive built-in library of stock photos and videos that you can simply insert into your presentations. As you can see, you can now insert a random high-quality image into your slide:

4 Ai-Powered Design Tools To Build Your Brand - Inkbot DesignHere is the next slide with prepopulated icons and text for you to edit according to your needs:

4 Ai-Powered Design Tools To Build Your Brand - Inkbot DesignBy clicking on the colours tab, you can change the background of the slide with one single click. The AI is smart enough to change your text colour accordingly. So when you change the background colour to dark, and the text was dark before, the text will automatically adjust to the light. There is also an option to make your icons colourful. Instead of choosing one single colour for the background of your icon, the tool will make give your icons backgrounds different colours:

Beautiful Ai Guide

You can also just swap the icon's positions by dragging and dropping them:

Step By Step Ai Tools

By clicking on add item on the bottom, will automatically add a new icon with text and add it in a visually appealing way:

How To Use Ai-Powered Design Tools

When you click the + button on the right to add a new slide, it will present you with an extensive library of preformatted slides that look amazing. You can choose one of those or click on the get inspiration tab to find even more templated slides to choose from:

How To Create A Presentation

You can also work together with your co-workers on a presentation by clicking on the invite button:

Presentation Ai Tools

You can also add animations and transitions to make your presentation more engaging and dynamic:

Creating Presentations With Ai

And when you're done, simply click on the three dots to the left and export your presentation as a JPEG or PowerPoint file to share with clients or colleagues:

Step By Step Ai Guides

Now that you know how to create presentations with this tool, here is how to harness artificial intelligence's power. When you go back to your presentations dashboard and click on create a new presentation, you will now see that at the bottom of the left sidebar, you have the option to have the presentation made by the designer bot AI:

Choose A Theme

You will now have to enter a detailed description of what you are trying to convey with your presentation. Here's what we typed in as an example:

Ai Theme Examples

Feel free to be more detailed in your description for an even more accurate result. But even with that short prompt, we get a pretty impressive presentation:

Ai Design Themes

This powerful option allows you to create a complete presentation by only giving it a detailed description of what you need!

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With, you can save work hours while creating high-quality visuals to impress everyone. This AI-powered presentation design tool will help you create stunning presentations with minimal effort and time. The AI quickly analyses your written content and automatically creates beautiful layouts for you without any prior design experience.

This tutorial has shown you how easy it is to start with and create stunning presentations in minutes. So, if you’re looking for an AI-powered presentation design tool to help you save time and energy while creating high-quality visuals – is a perfect choice!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create A Logo With A.I.

If you want to start your own business or are in the creative space, you might need a good-looking and unique logo. This is where comes into play. is an interactive logo maker that infuses technology and design to create a unique logo for any business or individual. stands out as it allows users to create logos with a few clicks and customise them easily, helping companies to develop an identity of their own in no time.’s powerful artificial intelligence algorithms shorten the process and make the design more accessible than ever while allowing unlimited edits until the user is satisfied.'s extensive library of icons and fonts provides an almost endless selection, allowing users to create designs beyond their imagination. With, choosing a logo should not be a hassle but instead fostering creativity along the way, making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

Click start to begin your logo creation process:

Ai Logo Design Online

Now you are prompted to enter your business/logo name and your slogan:

Ai Logo Design Guide

Next, you must choose the industry you are in. As we would like to create a logo in the creative space and there is no matching choice, we will go for “other”:

Logo Ai

Now you have to choose your approximate colour scheme. Let's pick the gradient colour scheme, as it looks pretty refreshing:

Ai Colour Scheme Tool

Now it's time time to choose your font style. When you hover over the different choices, you will get a preview of the fonts in question:

Ai Logo Styles

Once you click on generate, you are presented with many professional and unique logos. That's where you choose the one you like and edit it to your liking:

How To Create A Logo With Ai

In this step, lets you personalise the unique design it has already given you. You will see that when you click on edit for your preferred logo, you get the option in the left sidebar to choose from various variants of the symbols in your logo. You also have the opportunity to fine-tune your logo design by changing the position of any part, changing the font and changing colours.

Creating Logos Online marks the end of the days when you had to pay a logo designer fortunes. Even though you will have to pay a small fee to get your finished product, the cost is minute compared to what you would have paid an agency in the old days.

With that said, is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create their logo quickly and easily. With its powerful AI algorithms, extensive library of icons and fonts, and customisable options, provides users with an almost endless selection of creative designs that can be tailored to fit any business or individual’s needs. It saves time and effort compared to traditional design services. It allows businesses to express themselves more effectively through their logos without paying the hefty price tag associated with professional designers. So if you need a unique logo fast – give a try!

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A Free Text To Image AI Image Generator

Text To Image Ai Tools

Fotor’s AI Image Generator is ideal for businesses that want to save time and money by creating copyright-free images that enhance their brand message and identity. Let’s look at how this tool can benefit businesses and how to use it effectively. 

What is Fotor’s AI Image Generator? 

Fotor’s AI Image Generator is an online image generator that creates copyright-free images from text-based content. The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate ideas based on keywords, which makes it easy for businesses to generate professional-quality photos quickly and easily. With this tool, companies can create visual content that enhances their brand message and identity, allowing them to stand out.  

Advantages of Fotor’s AI Image Generator for Businesses 

Using Fotor’s AI Image Generator can help your business save time and money because you don’t have to hire a graphic designer or buy expensive software to create visuals. Additionally, you can quickly generate professional-quality images tailored to your needs without prior design experience or knowledge. And finally, using this tool allows you to create visual content that enhances your brand message and identity, helping you stand out from the competition. 

Create Ai Generated Images

How to Use Fotor’s AI Image Generator Effectively 

To get the most out of Fotor’s AI Image Generator, you need to know your target audience so you can tailor the visuals created by the tool accordingly. Additionally, it would be best to use relevant keywords when generating visuals with this tool to maximise its effectiveness. Keyword research tools such as Google Trends can help find relevant keywords to engage your target audience more effectively than generic terms. Finally, you need to make sure your visuals are tailored specifically to your needs so you can capture attention and boost engagement with your target audience.  

Fotor’s AI Image Generator provides an effective way for you to create professional-quality visuals quickly and easily without needing any prior design experience or knowledge. It helps you save time and money while enhancing your brand message and identity through generated content tailored specifically towards your target audience using relevant keywords found through keyword research tools like Google Trends. We hope you found this overview helpful and encourage you to check out what this fantastic tool offers!

Is There an A.I. Hub For Business Designs?

The development of artificial intelligence in the past decade has been staggering, making its way into all sorts of industries and applications. Now, an A.I. hub is specifically designed for businesses needing a reliable project design system. offers many different capabilities at one central location, meaning companies no longer have to jump from site to site to access the tools they need for success. From dynamic structural designs for building projects to custom graphic designs for marketing purposes, has it all; this makes this A. I hub perfect not just for small businesses but enterprises too!

Ai-Powered Design Tool offers several benefits that make it easy for brands to create unique logos and videos that stand out from competitors with just a few clicks.

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Here are some of the features offered by 

Unique Logos with a Few Clicks  

Using’s unique logo creation tool, you can easily customise existing logos or create new ones in minutes without any required technical knowledge or graphic design skills! The process works similarly to by first providing the necessary information to the platform, which will generate variations based on what you’ve uploaded and provide access to thousands of free fonts and vector graphics elements to customise your logo further until it’s perfect!  

AI Voiceover for Video Creation 

Creating videos for your business has always been challenging with's AI Voiceover and stock video feature! With this feature, users can easily create professional-looking videos within minutes without having to hire expensive voice actors or spend hours editing audio files manually! All you have to do is upload your script onto the platform and select from over 100 different voices and videos before clicking “Generate Video” – it really couldn't be simpler!

Branded Social Media Creatives in One Place makes creating branded social media creatives incredibly easy too! All you have to do is choose one of their templates which will automatically generate various sizes optimised for each major social media platform – no more spending hours manually creating graphics for each social media network! Plus, dozens of filters are available on the platform, so you can customise your creatives until they perfectly match your branding needs!  

As you can see from all these features offered by, there’s no reason why anyone should struggle anymore when creating unique logos, videos, and social media creatives, thanks to this fantastic tool! From providing access to thousands of free fonts and vector graphics elements for logo customisation purposes to allowing users quickly generate professional-looking video content without having any technical knowledge – countless benefits come along with using, which makes it an essential tool for any brand looking to stand out in today's crowded digital landscape. Try it out today!

Critical Considerations For Successfully Using A.I. For Your Business Designs

1. Set Clear Goals: Before you start designing with AI, it’s essential to take a step back and identify your goals for the project. Think about what kind of visuals you want to create, and ensure they align with your business's overall message and brand.

2. Choose The Right Tool: When creating stunning visuals with AI, the most important thing is to choose the right tool. Not all AI-powered design tools are created equal, and depending on your needs, it may better suit some for your project than others.

When selecting an AI-powered design tool, consider its features, ease of use, and cost. Some tools may be more feature-rich than others, but you may pay more for them. On the other hand, some AI-powered design tools may be free or very affordable but lack certain features. Do your research and choose a tool that meets all of your needs.

3. Use High-Quality Images: AI-powered design tools use images to generate visuals, so it’s essential to make sure you’re using high-quality photos and graphics. Low-resolution images can produce pixelated results, which won’t look as professional. Invest in a stock photo site subscription or use your images to ensure you get the best results.

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4. Test and Experiment: Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and test different versions of your designs. AI-powered design tools are very versatile, so take advantage of this by playing around with different colours

Wrapping Up

Designing for any business should be a priority. Not only does it need to look professional, but also unique and visually appealing to stand out in today’s crowded market. With the advent of artificial intelligence, creating stunning designs has never been easier.

We have seen how this emerging technology has drastically changed how we make business presentations and logos with easy-to-use tools like and that allow us to create impressive designs without prior design skills or long learning curves. As much as A.I. is beneficial, it is crucial to remember vital keys for success for AI design tools, such as clarity, context and relevance, before you start crafting designs for your business. 

Therefore, when used correctly, A.I. can revolutionise the entire design process, allowing everyone to give their business a visual punch-up with minimal effort and maximum impact. If you are ready to jump on the AI bandwagon with innovative ideas that captivate audiences on visuals alone, don’t wait any longer! Get started creating beautiful designs for your business today, and let us know your experience with AI Design Tools below!

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