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Advertising Text: The Key to Attracting the Right Audience to Your Ads

Advertising Text: The Key to Attracting the Right Audience to Your Ads

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when that picture doesn't convey any message and, sometimes, is out of context? Exactly, you waste your time and work.

In addition to an image, your work must have a good advertising text that meets all its characteristics. 

If you don't, you'll always be stuck in the same place, wondering what you did wrong and why nobody consumes your business idea.

For this reason, for your advertising text to be a success, reach thousands of people, and meet the objectives you want, you must follow these guidelines. Don't worry. They are simple, easy, and practical.

Are you ready? Take out your notepad, and don't leave out any details. 

What is advertising text?

What Is Advertising Text

It is content that seeks to attract users' attention and make them perform a specific action, which goes hand in hand with the objectives of your advertising campaign and invites them to buy your product or service. 

In other words, they are texts with a high power of persuasion and commercial purposes, which must be included in every marketing plan. 

Every ad or advertisement must include an advertising text that reaches the desired audience and generates sales opportunities.

What are the characteristics of advertising text?

All advertising copy should contain the following elements so that it is well structured and thus meets the objectives of your campaign.


In the advertising copy, you must be clear about your message to impact the audience significantly, and your message has a greater reach. For this, you must be very clear with what you say. 

For example, suppose you are making a commercial about a new car entering the market. 

In that case, the important thing is to tell the product's characteristics and not talk about the car's origins. Be clear with your message. It motivates people. 


You are looking for an advertising text to persuade, convince, and attract the public's attention as quickly as possible. How do you achieve this? By being direct and concrete.

You already know that your advertising copy must have a clear message, but now you must remember that this message must also be brief and precise. What's the point of having a great idea if you can't say it in a few lines? 

Before writing an advertising text, a good tip is to put yourself in the other person's shoes and, with total sincerity, answer if you would read what you are doing or would pass it by. 


Always be original. It applies to your work, your life, and all areas.

If you are creating an ad text guided by a phenomenally successful one, don't do it. Just follow your instinct and go with your ideas. 

You must believe in your brand and don't depend on the work of others; avoid being a copy of the universe. However, if you choose to copy, you can simply paraphrase it. By doing this, you can appear to be the original author without actually copying it.

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Think about creating your brand, which you have always dreamed of and want to materialise. Create your path so that other people start following your steps.


Headspace Ad

You must be clear, concise, and original when writing your text. But what would happen if you don't know how to combine these three characteristics? It wouldn't be a success.

You can't say you're an animal advocate and then make an ad copy offering animal meat or fur. Look at it however you can, but it doesn't make sense. 

Copywriters and paper writers know how important it is to be consistent in your text to convey the message correctly.

So, before writing your advertising text, remember the brand's values, principles, and characteristics. 

Do you already have them in mind? Ready? Write them down on paper and stick them on your desk, or hire paper writers to help you. 

This way, whenever you write, you will keep them in mind. 

Sometimes, the success of a good advertising text is due to the message's coherence.

Target audience

What group is your message aimed at? Are they children? Adults? Students? It would help if you always defined your target audience since that will determine how you write your copy.

You cannot write the same for a child, a young person, or an adult. Each one has its way of communicating, and you must know it to write the text. 

In addition, you must remember the social context in which you will transmit an advertising message. Study the area, get to know your customers, and, above all, what they want.

What types of advertising text are there?

In addition to knowing what an advertising text is and its characteristics, you have to know what types of advertising text there are. 

In copywriting, there are two main groups of advertising text: argumentative copy and narrative copy.


Advertising Copy

As the name says, these texts use arguments to persuade the target audience. In addition, it is a descriptive message that explains the characteristics of the product or service as part of the argumentation. 

This argumentative advertising text is easily found in the cell phone and technological device industries. They are brands that try to convince users by describing functions, differences, and other aspects. 


Brands that appeal to emotionality and feelings use narrative advertising copy for their campaigns. This is due to using narratives and stories to connect with the receiver. One brand that uses this type of advertising copy is Coca-Cola

Appeal to emotions to arouse a feeling in your target audience.

Tell a story with an introduction, development, and conclusion (which would be your product or service).

Place your brand on an emotional plane, contextualising the audience in a familiar situation.

Show your brand from a more “human” side.


Summarise all that we have mentioned above. Remember that advertising text should be clear, simple, concise, original, coherent, new ideas and significantly impact the public. 

Follow this advice to the letter so that you become an expert on the subject and, in the future, maybe your ad copy will be a total success, and everyone will talk about it.

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