Letterpress Printing

Letterpress Printing

Glasgow Press are an amazing letterpress printing house based, as you may have guessed, in Glasgow ( but offering their print services throughout the UK.) I’m not affiliated or connected with them in any way, but thought their work was so nice it deserved a little post on the blog.

What is letterpress printing?

From their site:

Letterpress printing is truly an ancient art, dating back to A.D 175 in China. From those early days until the 1400s, the process remained more or less unchanged, with non-printing areas cut away from blocks of wood or stone.

Although letterpress printing has been entirely forsaken by the industry in favour of other methods better suited to mass production, letterpress still has much to offer. The look and feel are unmistakable – when combined with the right paper, the inked surface becomes slightly debossed adding another dimension.


Letterpress Printing

UK Letterpress Printers

Letterpress Printing Uk

Glasgow Press Letterpress Printing

Glasgow Press Letterpress Printing



Above Pictures are © Glasgow Press.


Digital pictures of printed letterpress type really doesn’t do it justice. You have to hold and feel to really get the benefit of the traditional method, that’s when you know it’s worth paying a little bit more for the quality.

I’ve always loved letterpress and the feel that, especially on business cards, you are holding real quality – not just some run-of-the-mill print job. When you receive someone’s stock business card, you act with the faux-general, “oh yes, this is your details, nice” then stuff it in your wallet or pocket on the way to the bin. A well-designed letterpress business card I can guarantee you will look twice at, feel the dimpled lettering effect, smile and reply with, “wow, these are beautiful!”.

That’s certainly the reaction I had when I opened the sample pack of printed materials Glasgow Press had sent over. Accompanied by a personalised, handwritten message, it is very clear that they are passionate about what they do and will provide a more ‘human’ experience than dealing with websites like Moo – I previously wrote a post about my own Moo business cards. I’m not saying they’re better than Moo, just different. Moo is the ‘everybody’, Glasgow Press are ‘the creatives’.

The reflective quality of the underlying material really makes the logo ‘pop’ when the card is angled into the light. Straight-on, the word Norse is black on a black background which is quite hard to see. It’s only when you move it a little does the logo catch the eye and curiosity ensues.


Who does the best letterpress prints in the UK?


Glasgow Press prints more than just business cards. The above shot contains a compliment slip, postcard and advertising / promotional print. According to their website, they can letterpress print: Stationery, Packaging, Invitations, Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Promotional mailers, Report Covers, Menus, Orders of Service, Christmas Cards – the list genuinely goes on and on!

I recommend getting in touch with them if you are looking something printed and they’ll let you know if it’s doable.

My next business cards will most definitely be letterpress – the current ones are okay, but now feel bland in comparison! Letterpress printing is a little more expensive than regular printing (which is to be expected) but is by no means ridiculous.

They say on their site:

letterpress does take a little longer than conventional offset lithography and is usually used on fine papers which can add a little to the cost. We feel that the value which letterpress adds more than compensates for the small additional expense.

At the end of the day, as a graphic logo designer, the way I present myself needs to blow people away so as they will want to work with me. Business cards are still an effective and efficient way to pass details to a potential customer and if they come across as staid then what’s the point?



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  1. Josie Toll


    Please can you give me a quote for a square 120 x 120 letter press invite which I’m planning on placing inside a 140 x 140 gatefold card for my wedding invite!

    Looking for a old english style scroll font..

    We would need 80 day invites & 25 evening invitations..

    We’re in a hurry for them and ideally would like them within the week if possible?

    Thanks in advance

    Josie & David

    • Stuart

      Hi Josie, I’d recommend getting in touch with the Glasgow printers directly for a quote – I’m a designer and don’t deal with the printer myself.

    • Stuart

      Haha, yes it’s possible. I watched that again a couple of days ago and thought it was funny how they reacted similar to designers when they see other designers business cards!


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