Whether you're a big business, brand, or freelancer – you cannot afford to ignore the potential of social media.

Cumulatively the reach of social media is second to none, and it continues to grow daily.

By this point, you may have already started a social media marketing campaign – or at least the semblance of one.

That being said it may not be as effective as you hoped, and you may feel that it could do with a boost.

While there are many ways in which you could improve a social media marketing campaign, some are certainly far more efficient than others:


1 – Spy on your competitors




What better way to improve your own social media campaign than to spy on your competitors, figure out what works for them, and then copy it.

Make no mistake that doesn't mean that you should rip off your competitors' content outright, but rather identify what is effective about their marketing campaign and attempt to mimic it as part of your own.

To accomplish this, you should first identify your competitors and determine how effective their social media marketing campaigns are (i.e. number of likes, comments, and so on).

Once you find a competitor that seems to be doing better than you are, try to isolate how they reach out to their target audience, what their content strategy is, and any other factors that may make a difference.

In short – learn from your competitors, and improve your campaign in the process.


2 – Pay attention to trends




As you probably know social media is heavily influenced by trends.

If you're running a social media marketing campaign, you should pay attention to them.

While trends that relate to your niche naturally hold the greatest potential, you can capitalise on general trends as well at times.

The exact manner in which you can utilise trends will vary, depending on the pattern in question.

In some cases, it may allow you to produce a type of content that is trendy, while at others you may be able to select a topic that is being discussed.

Simply put, you'll have to evaluate each trend on a case by case basis, and decide if and how you can use it in your social media marketing campaign.


3 – Engage your audience on social media




Due to its nature, social media is an excellent tool to engage your audience – and you should take advantage of that.

Partially that involves responding to comments and messages, but it also partly involves creating content that encourages engagement in the first place.

Taking polls is one way to encourage engagement, as is posing a question at the end of your content.

The idea should be to get a discussion going, and then participate in it.

There are numerous benefits in engaging your audience, and it could help you to grow your social media following, increase conversions, generate more traffic, or build your brand.


4 – Try utilising live video




One of the more recent trends that have spread across social media like wildfire is live video.

Today most major social media platforms support it in some form or other, and it has been proven to have greater reach and higher engagement levels than regular videos.

In a nutshell, you should take advantage of live video in some form or other – even if just to see how effective it is.

Some of the more common ways in which live videos are used are in the form of webinars, live streams of events, panel discussions or Q&A sessions.

It may take a bit of experimentation to find the best way to use live video in your marketing campaign.

However, if it is a success you could integrate it into your campaign on a more regular basis.


5 – Track, analyse and improve




Ultimately the best way to guarantee that you're able to improve your social media marketing campaign is by monitoring its performance, analysing the data and then making improvements incrementally.

Whenever you try something new or experiment with something different you should follow the results, so you can see how effective (or ineffective) it was.

Some social media platforms provide you with analytics that can help make this easier, but even if not you can track metrics such as likes, comments, conversions, and so on.

It is best if you continuously track as much data as possible, so you will have a yardstick that you can use to measure any improvements that you make.

All the options listed above should help you to make improvements to your social media marketing campaign in a manner that is most likely to be effective.

It is worth noting however that (as mentioned previously) there are many other ways in which you may be able to improve your campaign as well – and you should be open to trying them out too.

In particular, one type of video that is proven to perform well in social media marketing campaigns consistently are tutorials and video guides.

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