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12 Crucial Web Design Tips To Drive More Customers

12 Crucial Web Design Tips To Drive More Customers

People only take 0.05 seconds to form an opinion for your website. The theorem of “Don’t judge the book by its cover” does not work here. 

They see, form perception, and the next second, they leave. So, you don’t have enough time to make them sit and talk about your methodologies. 

A website is a core element for an online business. Even if you bring enough traffic to your page, you might not see the excitement of the sale. 

This may be because your website isn’t optimised, or people do not feel secure while surfing it. 

There are always some notorious elements that we all fail to see, which directly or indirectly hampers your business’s growth.

This article will discuss 12 web design tips that play an essential role in building a robust website that you might not have acknowledged yet.

1 – Talk about your niche

We often tend to ignore the importance of having a niche. Instead of talking about everything, you need to find that one unique topic that excites you and holds your attention. 

A niche is your area of expertise, where you can comfortably talk for hours without fearing the loss of content. 

Something that establishes you as an expert, so whenever someone talks about a specific topic, your name automatically pops up in their brain.

It is the same while building a website. People like Neil Patel or Brian Dean have captured the market through their skill and have become an expert in their area. 

Writing about everything might feel like a great idea initially, but eventually, people get confused and lack trust as they move forward.

If you are confused about how to find a niche, then you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my strengths?
  • What is that one topic where no one can defeat me? (The narrower, the better)
  • Is the market appropriate? (Search for your competitors, make sure it’s not overly saturated)
  • Double-check your niche (Write 100-200 topics and see if this overwhelms you; because building a website is a long-term commitment. You cannot stop at any point)

Yay. You just found your dream niche, and it will make your content game much more potent than before.

2 – Ensure mobile accessibility

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is for your website to be mobile accessible. 

50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and it should be your utmost priority.

In an article posted by Sweor, 85% of people want a website that works better than its desktop version. 

Many businesses have specially built a website that includes a mobile interface and is now seeing an increased growth rate.

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The market has many free and paid website builders containing dedicated plugins to build a robust user interface. 

You can quickly build a roadmap on what features you want to include within your defined budget.

3 – Focus to manage all core web vitals

Google announced the released core web vitals last year in May, where they announced three significant parameters that every site has to pass to get a high search ranking. 

You must integrate these parameters into your website before May 2021

Site owners still have time to mend their mistakes and pass all the core web vitals’ verticals.

The new metrics majorly focus on visual stability, responsiveness, and speed. 

Let’s give you a brief on what we are talking about with these web design tips:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – It is a parameter that judges the unexpected visual shift when a user pops on your page. An ideal CLS must be less than 0.1.
  • First Input Delay (FID) – It is the total time taken for a page to become interactive. An ideal FID should be fewer than 100ms.
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – It is the cumulative time taken for a page to load fully. An ideal LCP must be less than 2.5 seconds.

These metrics are incredibly crucial to build a lucrative website. Google will prioritise pages that follow all three parameters. 

As of now, only 13% of desktop and 12% of mobile websites have got through CVW assessment. 

You must also ensure that your website passes all these parameters to offer an optimal user experience.

4 – Add Customer Testimonials

Inkbot Design Review And Testimonials

Video marketing is becoming a top marketing strategy for B2B companies nowadays, and 80% of marketers quote that including videos on their website directly helped boost sales.

Customers do not want to read a sales pitch on your website; they believe in what they see. 

So, adding customer video testimonials and case studies will allow visitors to analyse your services’ benefits and enhance their trust in the brand. 

When visitors watch a video and listen to people explaining how much they have benefited from your product or service, it creates a whole lot of positive impression towards your brand in the visitors’ minds.

According to researchers, 74% of people believe word of mouth. Hence, it would help if you told your prospects about the various types of services you offer and how these people have benefited through it. 

Testimonials mostly work because people are tired of listening to sales pitches. 

They want facts and reviews that help them decide whether the offer can salvage their needs.  

However, remember that not every testimonial is made to be published. Here are the key factors that you can take care of while selecting a testimonial:

  • Make sure to choose a testimonial that talks briefly about your offer and further explain the success they proclaimed.
  • Select a customer testimonial with a high-quality visual, which does not tear down when watched on desktops or mobiles.
  • Please do not include any testimonial that talks fake of their achievement. You do not be associated with any future scandal.

5 – Prioritise User Experience

An incompetent website with a bad user experience can cost you over $205 Million. Yes! Sit down and let that figure sink in.

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A big brand like Mark & Spencer, launched in 1884, tried to revamp their website by adding new features. 

This transformation cost them over $150 Million; however, as the changes went live, that decision turned out to be a disaster. 

The website was hard to navigate, and users didn’t like the way it was responding. This resulted in a sales loss of more than $55 Million

The company quickly jumped out to the previous format but had to bear a cost of $205 million just because their website didn’t prioritise user experience.

Their many other examples that we can mention to salvage our point. 

If you are still building your website’s foundation, then avoiding such mistakes can save you from a significant loss. 

Here are some significant traits of a great UX/UI:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Not cluttered with unnecessary information
  • All elements are in place
  • Visually appealing interface
  • A touch of human elements
  • Every minute detail matter

6 – Publish high-quality content

Content Length Google Ranking Factor

One of the website’s primary goals is to reach out to its potential customer. You can do it by posting content that delivers exceptional value. 

There are over 1 Billion websites worldwide, making it extremely hard for content to rank on search engines. 

However, you can achieve that through dedicated tailor-made content that efficiently highlights the required information. 

To write well-designed content, you can follow some of the strategies mentioned below:

  • Identify your target audience: Before posting any random topic on your website, you need first to analyse, “Whom does this content belong to?” or “Who can benefit from this post.” It will strategically help you reach your targeted audience.
  • Research for a relevant topic: After the first step, people usually jump out to write on the very first topic that comes to their mind. It is a big rookie mistake. Google doesn’t work like this; you need to analyse what subject will have a chance to rank on the platform. You can take help from Ubersuggest or Ahrefs to find the Right Keyword, its volume or the Keyword Difficulty of the given keyword. So, if you think you can rank this, then surely go for it.
  • Offer value: We have already heard this a million times that “Time is Money,” and nobody wants to waste their precious time on content that does not offer value or is just a copy from another website. You need to carve content that people enjoy reading and is filled with quality information.

7 – Gather Quality Backlinks

Good content and quality backlinks are the only way to reach the top #1 spot of the Google first page. 

Backlinks are mostly links from another website to your page. 

For instance, if you have posted well-researched content on cloud computing, then other websites can link your work to their blog to offer a much-detailed explanation of the topic to their readers.

In research published by Brain Dian on Backlinko, it was found that websites with higher google ranking mostly had quality backlinks. 

Google has prioritised backlinks for years; these are seen as validation that content receives from other websites.    

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Let’s answer the most awaited question in your mind right now. How to get quality backlinks?

  • Research your competitors and find out their backlink sources.
  • Write fabulous content
  • Cold email high-quality website, highlighting your best work
  • Publish authoritative stats
  • Build a reliable network of aspiring bloggers

8 – Don’t Be A Sales Page

Sales And Marketing

People are tired of listening to offers. They crave websites that provide them with valuable content and are not aimed at selling products. 

So, whenever you build a website, make sure to highlight your target audience’s problems and difficulties rather than just boasting about your offerings. 

You need to understand the power of personalisation for your business and how it can help you win over your customers.

Researches show that 91% of buyers are more likely to shop from a website that offers a personalised experience. 

And you can do this by finding a point where you both salvage each other’s needs. Your job is to make them realise that you are one of them, but with a solution.

The best tip is just to be yourself; you don’t need to be anyone else to seek fake validation. The readers want to know the personality of the person behind this content and whether they can trust their words.

9 – Integrate Social Media Marketing

The best way to promote your website is to use social media marketing. 

3.6 billion people are actively using these platforms, and this number is expected to increase by 4.41 Billion by 2025.

If you still haven’t optimised it for your business, this would be the right time to make a public account and create awareness about your brand. 

All big companies and websites regularly post content to reach out to their target audience.

Another aspect could be to integrate social icons on your website. 

It will ensure that a person can easily share your content on their social media handle, fetching you a new lot of traffic. 

Google prioritises social shares, so when people share your blog posts, Google’s algorithm automatically assumes that the content is incredible and promotes higher ranking.

10 – Use Compelling CTAs

Test Your Call To Action

CTAs or Call to Action are built to tell the visitor their next step without which your potential customer will visit your website, check your offers and click skip. 

According to HubSpot, integrating a compelling CTA can boost your conversation rate by over 121%

Your CTA must be loud and clear for your customer to understand and take that step.

A CTA can be amalgamated into your website’s various elements, maybe on a sales funnel ad or urging to join your email list or create urgency to sell your product. 

But whatever it is, make sure that you do not offer any false promises for the sake of some attention. 

Here are some of the best CTA you can inspire from:


“Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime”

The brand has summarised its primary USP in a sentence. This CTA directs the customer to easily access Netflix anywhere with a promise to cancel it anytime during the trial period.

WP Engine

“Drive your business forward faster with managed WordPress hosting.”

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Unlike Netflix, they have used strong words like “drive” or “faster:”; these words energise the prospect to take the next step.


“Enter your email list to get access to my proven SEO and traffic tips.”

The platform has beautifully crafted the CTA by adding the word “Proven.” 

The copywriters know that Brian Dean is a big brand, and hence they want to know what he can offer.

11 – Talk Through Photos & Videos

Our brain captures visuals 90% faster than regular text. So, while building a website, make sure you talk in pictures to ensure that your prospect can visualise your thoughts. 

Even 95% of B2B buyers have requested sellers to integrate shorter but precious visual content on a website to grasp it better.

Visual marketing is becoming popular each day, and most websites now create compelling infographics, visuals, or videos to attract potential customers. 

These elements have respective roles to play when a customer sees them.

Here is how you can create a perfect balance of these elements on your website:

Photos: Integrate photos whenever you want to highlight something. Using Normal text might wash out the real essence of your offer; however, an image in the middle of texts gathers utmost attention.

Videos: These are like answering FAQs but on a screen. Businesses mostly use videos to talk about their offer’s different aspects (the complicated terms) and how you can solve your problems. Enterprises dealing with highly technical products or services must integrate videos to help buyers understand the multiple concepts. Videos mostly tend to form a more personal connection than any other visual element.

Infographics: These are used to carve out mind maps or charts representing big data in a more straightforward form. Its significant role is to educate the visitor without hurting their brain.

Screenshots: Integrating screenshots in your website helps you prove your point. People want to see the result you can offer, and screenshots can back up all your claims.

12 – Build A Secure Payment Channel

Ecommerce Stores Payment Methods

This should be at the top of your priority list. 

People who are willing to buy from your website deserve a secure payment channel. 

As a seller, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your clients’ confidential information. 

The hacking environment is becoming stubborn each day, so it’s crucial to implement safety policy on your webpage; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Enable Recaptcha to avoid bots
  • Keep your website updated
  • Integrate safe payment gateways like PayPal, Square, or Stripe.
  • Install paid security plugins to safeguard your website.
  • Choose a website builder that offers a strict safety policy.


A website is a one-page representation of your brand. 

In this virtual world, only a fraction of people know you personally, and majorly all your potential clients come after they visit your website. 

It becomes vital that you place every element on the right corners. 

The mentioned web design tips will surely help you build a highly-responsive and lead-generating website.

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