8 Social Media Tools You Need for Creating Engaging Posts

8 Social Media Tools You Need for Creating Engaging Posts

Everyone knows that visuals are crucial to standing out on social media. As a designer, you probably already have a go-to software for editing, illustrating, and producing content. 

But in a competitive stage like Facebook or Instagram — where you’re up against millions — you need more tricks and tools up your sleeve. 

To engage your audience, you need to consider other things beyond great design. You have to be adaptive, updated on the latest trends, and not afraid to experiment with different formats. 

To help you, We’ve compiled a list of the best social media tools every graphic designer needs for creating engaging posts.

1 – Instasize

Instasize is an excellent tool for busy graphic designers who need to edit photos or videos while on the go. 

The app works on both Android and iOS devices and allows you to make advanced edits in a matter of seconds. It’s intuitive and great for beginners with its clean and user-friendly interface. 

Best Social Media Tools Instagram

Users can make precise edits and achieve professional-grade results by adjusting lighting, colour, clarity, and more in just a toggle and a tap. 

Free users can enjoy unlimited use of 10 eye-catching filters with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription which unlocks over a hundred more. 

You can use these filters as-is or customised and combined to create a unique look made just for you. 

To create visuals that stand out, you can choose from the app’s premade backgrounds and cool vintage overlays. 

Instasize’s partnership with Unsplash grants subscribers access to millions of high-quality stock photos, which you can use on your feed or for your social media ads. 

Make your ads pop by adding a text overlay utilising the app’s curated selection of fonts

With the app’s one-tap resize feature, you’re ensured that your photos and videos are optimised for virtually any social media platform — it’s in the name, after all. 

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Price: Instasize is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store. The premium subscription starts at $4.99. 

2 – Procreate

Procreate is a digital illustration app created for the iPad and loved by artists worldwide. 

With its robust set of features and exclusive creative tools, the best-selling app allows you to have your very own art studio that you can take anywhere. 

Procreate Social Media Tool Review

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/procreate/

With procreate, you can turn your social media feed into a virtual art exhibit. Export your artwork as a JPG or PNG file and save it on your device.

One of the app’s highlights is its massive library of paintbrushes that enables artists to sketch, paint, smudge, and add all kinds of textures and effects to their work. 

You can even customise existing brushes, combine them, or build your own. If you also work on photoshop, you can import your favourite brushes directly to Procreate. 

The app gives you unparalleled colour control, giving you access to pretty much any shade you can imagine. 

As a creative, using Procreate will feel like second nature. The app will keep you productive and inspired with easy-to-use gestures and shortcuts and a powerful graphics engine. Not to mention, it unlocks your Apple Pencil’s full potential. 

Don’t settle for stills! To show your followers your creative process, you can use the app’s built-in time-lapse feature that brings your artwork to life in as quick as 30 seconds. 

For the finishing touch, Procreate has a selection of filters and effects that you can play around with and get to the final product with just a swipe on the screen. 

Price: One-time download fee of $9.99 on the App Store. 

3 – Piktochart

Infographics are informative and engaging content that your followers would love to share. But they could be pretty tedious to produce from scratch, especially if much data is involved. 

Piktochart is just the social media tool you need to simplify the process and help you publish on-brand infographics effortlessly. 

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How To Create Infographics Social Media

Image source: https://piktochart.com/

The web-based tool has a wide selection of ready-to-use templates. All you need to do is search for your category or theme, select the design you like, fill in your data, and you’re done! 

You have the option to create an infographic from scratch, which is also made simpler. Drag and drop the elements you need and add the necessary information. 

If you’re designing for a brand or company, Piktochart allows you to upload fonts and other branding elements so you can do all your editing in one place. 

With Pictochart, you can translate complex data from your Google Sheets or Excel into a visual story with ready-made graphs. 

Make easy adjustments and watch boring numbers transform into pops of colour that will surely get you instant double-taps. 

Price: Anyone can sign-up for free. The Pro Subscription starts at $24.17 a year, and the Team Subscription starts at $21.67.

4 – Animoto 

Videos have 48% more views than other types of content on social media. It’s safe to conclude that video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. 

But producing videos takes time, and video editing software can be pricey and challenging to learn. 

Animoto Video Editing Tool Social Media

Image source: https://animoto.com/

Thankfully, With Animoto, you can create quality videos with minimal effort. 

The online video editor has everything you need to create, edit, and customise videos — no video editing experience is needed. 

The tool is straightforward to use, with a drag-and-drop feature for quick uploading and an extensive stock library of music and photos. 

There’s no need to download heavy software; Animoto works straight from your browser for both Mac and PC users. 

To give you a headstart on creating your video, you can select from a set of pre-designed templates organised by theme. You also have a great selection of fonts and effects to give your video an extra boost. 

If you’re designing for a brand, you can easily display your logo and apply custom colours in just a few clicks. 

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For ad campaigns and posting on different platforms, you can crop, trim, and cut videos in a breeze. Plus, there are three pre-set aspect ratios (square, vertical, landscape) that you can adapt instantly. 

Once done, you can share your video to any social media platform in a single click — all within Animoto. 

Price: Private users can sign up for free. The Business subscription goes for $15 a month, while the Team subscription costs $39 per month. 


Short for “Graphics Interchange Format”, a GIF is simply an animated image in its most basic definition. Today, however, a GIF is synonymous with short looping clips used to communicate emotion or reactions on social media. 

Using GIFs is an effective and trendy way to capture your audience’s attention while making an impact. With social media tools like GIPHY, designers don’t have to create their own. 

Giphy Trending Gifs

Image source: https://giphy.com/

GIPHY is a search engine that allows you to search for any existing short-loping videos that fall under your keyword or category. 

The website also organises trending GIFs and categories so brands can easily apply them to their communication strategies. 

Designers can also upload their creations to GIPHY and get a chance to start a trend. 

Today, GIPHY is integrated into smartphone keyboards and apps. Since Facebook acquired it, users can now search for GIFs straight from Instagram stories without leaving the app. 

Use GIPHY to enhance your social media communication strategy. Post GIFs as a response to comments on Facebook or direct messages. 

You can also copy an embed link from GIPHY and upload them on your timeline with a playful caption. 

Having this tool in your arsenal enables you to publish engaging content effortlessly. 

Price: Free 

6 – Spark AR Studio

What started as a simple photo-sharing app with just a “square” photo option when it first launched in 2010 now has over a billion monthly active users and dozens of added features. 

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app but a platform for brands and creatives to showcase their products and work in many ways. 

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Today’s Instagram experience highlights Instagram Stories, particularly the Augmented Reality (AR) filters. 

Instagram’s AR filters allow users to transform themselves or interact with their virtual surroundings in real-time over the Instagram Stories camera. 

If you’re looking for ways to engage with your audience and boost your social media presence to a broader audience, then you should consider creating your AR effect on Spark AR Studio. 

Spark AR Studio makes it possible for content creators, designers, and brands to create AR experiences and animations without learning code. You can add your sound clips and objects or asset libraries. 

With Spark AR Studio, you can transport your audience to new places and see your works of art come alive like never before. 

Since Facebook manages spark AR Studio, it’s currently the only official tool that allows you to publish your AR effect straight to Instagram and track its performance. 

Price: Free

7 – Life Lapse

Stop motion animation has been around since the history of cinema. Despite its meticulous process and the creation of simpler shooting styles, it remains a favourite among creatives. 

Life Lapse gives anyone the power to create their stop motion videos like professionals and publish them on social media. 

Lifelapse Best Timelapse App Iphone

Image source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/life-lapse-stop-motion-maker/id1281464378

The app has a built-in camera that makes shooting videos seamless and more accessible to first-timers. 

Tools include a ghost feature, interval timer, and custom grids, making the video editing process fun and painless. 

The app also has an editor, which allows users to change up their video’s speed, edit lighting, add music, and so much more. 

It can cut down the traditional timelapse video shooting and editing process from long hours (even days) to minutes! 

If you want to change up your social media grid and engage your audience, timelapse videos are a great option. 

You can even combine similar photos from your gallery to create a timelapse video illusion. If you’re still starting and worried about the positioning of elements, the app’s ghosted image feature can help synchronise and align everything from clip to clip.

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Price: The app is free to download on the App Store and Google Playstore. A Premium subscription starts at $8.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

8 – Vyper

Capturing your audience’s attention on social media takes a lot more than stunning visuals; sometimes, you need to give them an incentive. 

Vyper can help you create a viral giveaway that can quickly engage your audience and increase your following.

Vyper Viral Giveaway Tool

Image source: https://vyper.ai/

Whether you plan to host your giveaway on Instagram, Facebook, or other channels, Vyper can make the whole campaign building process easy from start to finish. 

Vyper’s campaign landing page building tool allows you to create a beautiful campaign landing page without learning code or using external software. 

Just drag-and-drop your images and branding elements, type in your campaign messaging and call-to-action, and you’re all set. You can also choose from eight pre-designed templates to create a campaign in minutes.  

All templates are mobile responsive and have excellent loading speed. You can add other elements such as social sharing buttons, countdown timers, and widgets.

The contest software also automates rewards and measures your campaign’s effectiveness using Google Analytics and Pixel tracking. Monitor landing page traffic, revenue, and ROI all in one place. 

Price: A free version is available. The Enterprise subscription starts at $149 per month, while the Agency subscription starts at $299.

Start Creating

Social media is highly competitive; you need to constantly innovate and experiment with different formats to keep your followers engaged and wanting more.  

With these social media tools at your disposal, you’re all set to create content that’s not just visually stunning but also engaging and worth sharing. 

Have at least two or three of these tools listed, and watch your content go from double-tap worthy to trending in no time. 

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