7 Telltale Signs of Fresh Content and Why It Positively Impacts Google Rankings

7 Telltale Signs of Fresh Content and Why It Positively Impacts Google Rankings

For any business to succeed, effective marketing is a necessary tool to employ. 

Getting your product or service to reach your target market is a tricky—but important—first step on your brand’s journey; this is where website SEO services help.

As the age of digital marketing has been ushered in, almost 90 per cent of organisations have taken up content marketing as an effective strategy. 

Using this strategy, business owners create and distribute relevant content to attract their target audience and stimulate interest in their services.

The content you put out is integral to the success of your content marketing strategy

After all, relevant content creation has been cited as the most effective website SEO tactic used by marketing professionals around the world. 

How you present your brand’s values, services, and personality is an essential tool for generating more significant leads for you. The goal of content marketing is to increase your brand’s traction and boost sales.

Why Is Fresh Content So Important?

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If your website hasn’t been updated in years, you’re not likely to impress any visitors who stumble across it. 

With the latest blog post dating back to 2017 and a “we’ve got something exciting coming soon” banner flashing across your homepage for the past two years, you’re not doing your marketing efforts any favours. 

For all the visitor knows, the business could have shut down several years ago, making any information presented on the website unreliable. 

Search Engine Optimisation is all about new, fresh content. 

Outdated information that lacks the necessary keywords won’t be able to create the kind of traction you’re hoping to see. 

When you present new information and research to readers, it presents dynamic content that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.

 The phrase “Content is King”—popularised by Bill Gates—has transformed into the fitting “Fresh Content is King” in recent years. 

Frequently generating the kind of content that will resonate with your audience and uses the buzz-worthy, trending keywords will increase your search traffic. 

You can’t just rely on a few existing informative blogs and service pages to do the job for you.

In this post, we’ll list a few noteworthy signs to look out for when you’re trying to produce fresh content. 

What Are The Signs Of Fresh Content?

Targeting the right keywords

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Fresh content offers greater visibility to your brand. 

The trick to generating traffic for your website is to use the best keywords that have proven to work. 

Obscure, unrelated keywords will do nothing for your content since they won’t increase your search visibility. 

SEO is competitive, and one way to guarantee you show up on the first page of a Google search is to use specific keywords that are relevant to your business. (source BillLentis.com)

Instead of using one or two generic terms as your keywords, opt for keywords that are four words or longer. 

These long-tail keywords will attract your target audience to your website better than broader keywords that won’t create any traction. 

This is especially useful for small businesses in large industries; it presents an effective way to compete against industry giants by catering to a specific niche. 


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When it comes to content marketing, quantity and quality are equally important. 

Freshness has a lot to do with updated content. When you’re adding one blog to your website every month, the odds of your content showing up in a Google search are slim. 

Frequent—and consistent—uploads let you stay updated with the latest trends, making you a force to be reckoned with in the world of content marketing. 

If you’re flooding your website with content one month and taking a three-month hiatus before another bulk of the content, won’t help you in any way. 

Updating your website and social media pages regularly help you keep up with the trends and increases your interaction with your audience.

A new perspective 

A simple search on the internet will prove that there’s no shortage of information on any topic under the sun. 

That’s why it’s essential to bring something new to the table that’ll separate you from the crowd. 

Regurgitating the same old content won’t attract your target audience but providing a new perspective definitely will. 

Website SEO strategies are all about creating value and providing new information through your content.

Connecting with your audience

Know Your Audience Quote

Reaching your target audience is the first step of a successful content marketing strategy. The second step is making sure you retain that audience. 

One way to do this is to take their feedback into account and incorporate it into the fresh content you publish. 

Getting your target audience to visit frequently and interact with your website doesn’t just ensure success from an SEO perspective; it also generates sales for your services and products. 

Understanding who your readers are and what they want, through their comments and frequently asked questions, will help you address specific areas they’re interested in. 

Setting yourself apart from the crowd

Among the plethora of small and large businesses marketing their content online, it’s essential to set yourself apart. Branding allows you to distinguish your businesses from other competitors. 

Creating fresh content that represents what your brand stands for determines how your audience sees you. 

Adding an element of uniqueness and personality to your content increases how recognisable it is for your target audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Positioning yourself as an industry authority

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When you produce fresh, relevant content that provides ongoing value to your audience, you increase the credibility of your brand. 

Your insight on the specifics of your industry makes you an expert authority in the field

The fact that your audience derives content that helps them out keeps them coming back to you. 

Over time, your website will be viewed as an authority by the search engine’s algorithm, resulting in higher traffic. 

Increased linking opportunities

Consistently producing fresh content allows you to use internal linking to your advantage. Many content marketers fail to use this strategy to direct traffic from one page of their website to another. 

Boost your link profile by referencing your existing blogs and services in a strategic way to make your website more crawlable. 

Internal linking isn’t the only way you can improve your brand’s chances of showing up in search engine results. 

Inbound links—or backlinking—is a definitive way to increase your content’s traction.

When you post fresh and relevant content that proves you’re a trustworthy authority in the industry, other websites will link back to it. 

In highly competitive niches, backlinking is vital in attracting the attention of your target audience as opposed to several other competitors.

Fresh Content & Google Rankings: What’s The Connection? 

Google Search Console

Google’s algorithm update focused on providing users with fresher, more recent results to their searches. 

This freshness update aims to sift through the plethora of content added onto the site every day to provide users what’s most relevant to their search. 

The emphasis on recency meant greater practicality for SERPs since the content that is most relevant and up-to-date will receive the most traction. 

For content marketers, this means the need to create fresh content is more necessary now than ever before.

Google’s “Query Deserves Freshness” (QDF) methodology outlines the need for fresh content if a brand wishes to rank higher in searches. 

This feature allows for content-related topics that are particularly popular at the time to gain more considerable attention. 

As a content marketer, you can make use of current events and trending keywords to get a boost in the search rankings.

If, for example, a particular award show is popular these days, you could incorporate it to add a new and relevant component to your content. 

While that topic is trending, your website has a higher likelihood of appearing in the top results. 

This is the perfect opportunity to make use of if you’re looking to build a loyal following and attract a targeted audience to your website.

Fresh content isn’t just about recentness; it’s about crafting your content in a way that improves your Google rankings. 

The reason you’re using content marketing is to attract a particular target audience to your website with the hopes of converting these visits into sales. 

Employing visual components, infographics, presenting value-adding information, and consistently providing quality content to your audience will help you keep your content fresh and relevant. 

SEO services are an essential aspect of digital marketing and can open new doors for your business—whether it’s a small business or a well-established one. 

The content you produce needs to account for various types of searches:

  • Direct answers: Frequently, people search specific questions on search engines that don’t require them to click on a website to obtain the solution. Positioning your content in a way that answers these questions while also encouraging readers to direct traffic to your website is a success. 
  • Vertical searches: Content that focuses on a specific aspect rather than a broad range of interests

Author Bio: The author, Joseph Dyson, is a digital marketing and small business SEO expert at Search Berg, an award-winning digital marketing firm that provides website SEO services to small business owners. He specialises in marketing solutions such as on-page SEO and link building services. Dyson has been providing his expertise to start-ups in the tech industry for over 5 years. 

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