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How Many Screens to Use for Optimal Productivity

How Many Screens to Use for Optimal Productivity

Do you have a problem with focus? Many people seem to think that the more screens they use, the more productive they'll be. 

But is that true? Or are you just getting distracted by all the noise and activity happening on your different devices? 

If you want to know everything about monitors and their specifications, is the best site to visit. Here you'll find all the answers to your questions related to multiple screens and monitors. 

Like most people, you probably use at least two screens. Using multiple monitors has become common for computer users who want to be as productive as possible. 

In this post, we're going to explore how many screens you should use for optimal productivity, and it might be fewer than you think! 

Stay tuned!

How many screens do you use for optimal productivity? 

Best Dual Monitor Setup For Designers

Nowadays, it's hard to find a person who doesn't have at least one device in their hands, whether you're browsing the web on your phone or watching TV while sitting next to someone else and listening carefully.

The future is here, and it's big. 

With larger displays that can better support multitasking comes a new line of work for those who are detail-oriented: programmers; data analysts will find themselves needing help navigating their way through these screens with ease.

Several reasons to use multiple screens: 

  • Research shows that using multiple monitors reduces the time spent switching between windows.
  • During an 8-hour working day, this can save you 15 minutes of toggle time.
  • The use of multiple monitors can also enhance workflow.
  • If you need to reference data or visuals on one screen and write or communicate about it on another, multiple screens can work wonders.

Two or three monitors

Multiple screens are beneficial for different tasks. For instance, you could use one screen to control your video editor and another display images from the project file or even see what's going on in social media without having to switch back and forth all of these times.

I think it's great when people have multiple devices because they can do so many things, with video editing being an example.

Triple monitor setups are great for boosting productivity and saving time. According to a study of computers, using three monitors at work can boost workers' productivity by up to 35%. 

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The average user scored 10% higher than those using dual-screen setups.

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Triple Monitor Setup is beneficial when working on photo/video editing tasks or 3D modelling software like AutoCAD, which requires extensive visual information at once.

Three monitors for optimal productivity

With three monitors, you gain the freedom to work in an environment with one monitor dedicated specifically for each task. 

The workspace will see better performance when switching between these screens, and having them at different angles or orientations that can take up less space on your desk is another bonus.

You'll be able to preview your project, work with the timeline and see any effects on one screen. You can easily switch between landscape or portrait modes depending on what task best suits each monitor type.

Multiple monitors vs one big screen

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When it comes to productivity, more is better. So if you're looking for the best way to boost your workflow and be as efficient with time, then triple monitors might do what's been missing from before.

The majority of people in our survey ranked them higher than single screens, even going so far as saying that a pair of 17-inch displays are preferable over an oversized 22″ monitor.

The benefits don't stop there either; having two screens also means increased viewable space, making everything easier on both eyes and brain. 

A study by the company found that two monitors increased productivity by 25% compared to single-monitor setups. Three increases it 35%. So, give three a try; maybe you'll never look back.

Downsides of using three screens 

When working on three monitors, your productivity should go up dramatically. But it can be challenging if the workspace isn't comfortable or has too many distractions for focus.

Maintaining an active lineup of files and programs across all screen sizes takes getting used to at first. Once mastered, it offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency and creativity. 


The multiple screens come into their own when you have different tasks or one task with very diverse aspects. 

Some might find this helpful in keeping half of the eye on communications feeds such as emails and Slack (or Teams), which give them updates about what's going on around us, etc. 

Other users prefer newsfeed shared price fluctuations alongside videos streams from YouTube, whatever floats your boat. 

Most users use triple monitors as substantially more helpful than single or dual screens. 

If you're committed to getting the most out of your workday, then it's time for a change. 

Two monitors can make all but one hour more productive than they would have been without them, and three screens increase that number by 35%. 

So what are you waiting for? Give this new way into productivity another shot today. 

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