Great Branding Depends On Employee Advocacy

The key to great branding strategy is employee advocacy, which is more than a company name or a logo.

For any business, the brand is the most important thing and therefore, most of the organisations that are successful invest a lot of money regularly for this process.

It is the brand of your company that the people will talk about and mention more than you or your product.

Proper branding will ensure a better perception of the clients or customers regarding your business.

The brand is the voice of the company that defines the organisation on the whole. It helps the company to convey and the users to recognise the value of the brand.

However, branding strategies involve different elements to encapsulate in it and different rules to follow.

Branding strategies are evolving at a more rapid pace than before, which is all due to the need of the different brands to keep up with the consumer environment that is ever-changing as well.

The development and extensive use of social media have resulted in thought leadership in branding.

As a result, this has pushed the brands to find easy and alternative ways and think out of the box so that they can engage their audiences with their brands in new and more effective ways.

Therefore, while planning digital strategy for your business, you should focus more on your branding approach.

The need for Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocates

Before you start considering the strategies that are effective for more aggressive branding, you should know the need for it and all other aspects.

In this modern world, there are more than 64% of customers that pursue their relationship with different brands.

They do it based on different factors such as the shared values, the need of the company as well as the users.

To ensure that you get exactly what you expect from your audience, you must identify the most suitable and accurate branding strategies that will make people stop, think and pay attention to what you have to say to them through your marketing strategies.

In simple words, if you want to succeed in your business, then you will need to know the best ways to create a brand value which typically will become the best friend of your customers.

Branding is essential for your employees, and there are several reasons for it.

They are the ones that you and your business live, breathe and think with.

They are the ones who create your identity as well as the value of your brand every day.

In fact and according to the Edelman Trust Barometer of 2016, your employees are three times more reliable than the CEOs.

That means employee advocacy, engagement or its absence will inevitably affect the perception of your brand, depending on how you use them just as it depends on how much trust your customers have on your company.

The strategies to follow

Just as all different brands have started to recognise the importance of branding and have teams to follow the right branding strategies, you should also know the proper ways to tap the full potential of it and that of your employees.

This will ensure that you have the best results from social media branding.

Educate Employees

Understand The Client

You should educate your employees about branding and its importance.

You can do this best by providing guidelines.

This will help you to achieve a consistent and strong brand identity.

You must make sure that they are on the same page, and your employee advocates them to follow the best branding strategies and practices.

·     Ask your staff to create content. This is an excellent strategy because they will need to combine their writing skills with the type of message you want to convey as well as their depth in understanding of your brand persona.

·     You may also host a training session if you're going to engage and put your employees in your branding strategies. This is the best way to diversify the content that you want to publish online.

·     In addition to that, make sure you also organise group study and group discussions along with targeted workshops.

Most importantly, talk to your employees regarding your intent to include them in the process of your brand strategy.

All these approaches will help you to educate your employees on how they should use your brand voice successfully on different social media platforms and blogs.

Share the right resources

Employee advocacy is a useful strategy to create brand value as it has the power to create both emotional as well as insightful content that will promote your brand in the best possible way.

It will also help you to establish a long-standing relationship with your customers, offering them educational guidance.

However, great as it may be, nothing will be achievable if you do not provide them with the right resources and tools.

Therefore, in addition to that, make sure that you provide them with the desired tools that are required to achieve the desired results, the consistency and brand value that will eventually help you to provide your customers with precisely what they crave.

These tools can be anything from writing tools to research tools.

Motivate and reward

Brand Advocacy Program

Lastly, make sure that you motivate and reward your employees for their participation according to their inputs.

Select the best ones from those created and customise their messages using their voice instead of your own but make sure that it resonates the voice of your brand.

This will make them happy, and they will talk about your company, even more, taking part in social media on your behalf.

Remember, every brand ambassador likes to be rewarded for their efforts then why your employees should not be?

You do not have to raise their salary for that matter, merely mentioning their efforts in the newsletter or making an announcement in front of the team or even a small celebration.

This will make your employee advocacy strategy worth their time.