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10+ Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress to Boost Your Followers

10+ Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress to Boost Your Followers

Social media has become inescapable, with over 4.48 billion users worldwide, especially marketers, brands, and businesses. 

This statistic proves that social media is undoubtedly not a platform to be missed by brands. 

Social media offers brands much valuable content that brands can use to increase the engagement of their website visitors and urge them to redirect to their social media handles. 

WordPress has become the most trusted website building platform as the world is shifting towards establishing an online presence. 

And when it comes to enhancing visuals on the website, social media stands tall as an excellent help for the business. Therefore many businesses are keen on using the social media feed plugins for WordPress.

Yes, displaying your social media content on your WordPress website can help a great deal in motivating your visitors to click that Follow button on your social media handle. 

If you are wondering how to display the content seamlessly, keep reading as you will learn about the best plugins on the WordPress directory that you can use to perform this strategy. 

Before we dive into the plugins, take a look at the reason to use a social media plugin for increasing your followers. 

How Can Displaying Social Media Content Help In Boosting Followers? 

Top Reasons For Using Social Media

As mentioned above, social media is a massive platform comprising a variety of content. 

Since its inception, social media users are mainly using the platform to post content around brands and their personal experiences. It will not be surprising if your brand is being spoken about as well! 

Ultimately, socialising is not the only thing users do. Many users act as brand ambassadors and create posts around the products or services in pictures, videos, reviews, tweets, etc. 

This is User-Generated content, and since it is unsponsored and created by your users’ will, it is highly authentic and genuine! 

Now, displaying such content further on your website would keep your visitors hooked for longer since more than 85% of users go through User-Generated content before finalising a brand or product! 

Additionally, it would intrigue your website visitors to personally interact with your brand, boosting your social media followers. 

Now that you are clear about the biggest reason for embedding your social media feeds on your website, in the next section, we shall be telling you about the most user-friendly and responsive social media feed plugins for displaying your social media content. 

Most Responsive Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

Even though there are thousands of social media feed plugins available in the WordPress directory, we have shortlisted the 10+ best below:

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1 – Social Media Feeds By Tagembed

Social Media Wordpress Plugin Tagembed

Social Media Feed is a plugin by Tagembed, a leading User-Generated Content and social media aggregation platform that enables you to create, curate and embed content on your website. 

It brings the same magic to its Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin that not only eases in the embedding process but provides various features that add significant value to the plugin.

The platform effectively allows you to collect content from over 15+ social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. 

To make the social media widget more impactful, the users can customise it according to their preferences. Users can select from a variety of templates, layouts, fonts, etc. 

It helps you add more grace to your website, and your website comes out as well organised and presentable. 

All these measures help you in creating a good impression on your visitors. And we all know the impact of a good impression in the business.

The advanced content moderation panel allows users to remove unwanted or objectionable content from the widget to maintain the content of utmost quality. 

Additionally, the users can leverage insightful analytics to keep track of the performance of the widget. Users can leverage details like total impressions, clicks, and other crucial numbers. 

Lastly, the users can take assistance from the back support team of the platform if they come across any issue or problem while using the platform. 

2 – Novashare 

Another light and highly responsive social media plugin are NovaShare. This plugin allows its users to display social media icons on the website. 

The users can redirect the users on their social media platform by embedding social media icons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

If you are worried about the plugin slowing down your WordPress site, then don’t worry! NovaShare is a super-fast plugin that does not affect the loading or accessing speed of your website. 

However, you must know that this plugin only displays your social media buttons and does not showcase your social media feed on the website. 

3 – Social Warfare 

Social Warfare 2 0 Display Page

Another lightning-fast and responsive social media plugin is Social Warfare. Similar to NovaShare, this plugin also enables users to showcase their social sharing buttons on their website. 

The major drawback of this plugin is that quite like NovaShare, it does not showcase your social media feeds on your website. It only displays the social media sharing buttons. 

However, if you encounter any issue while using this plugin, it has a strong back support team to assist its users. 

4 – Push Engage 

Unlike the other plugins mentioned above, Push Engage allows you to send notifications to your website visitors after they have left your WordPress site. 

The most significant advantage of this plugin is that it allows you to stay in touch with your visitors, who may become your potential customers in the future. 

You can send notifications in a multimedia format like photos, videos, blog posts, etc. This way, you will interact with your visitors and urge them to follow you right away. 

5 – Raffle Press 

Rafflepress Wordpress Plugins Download

Raffle Press can be your best bet if you are looking for a plugin to host a social media contest. 

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You can create a fun giveaway and keep rules to like or follow a post on your social media or comment on a particular post to get fun prizes. 

This would push your website visitors to instantly redirect to your social media handle and take some action. 

6 – Monster Insights 

Even though Monster Insights is a fantastic analytics plugin, you can effectively analyse your social media traffic’s performance and reach your marketing goals. 

You can leverage sources like Google Analytics, Search console, etc., and get track of the social media traffic and other crucial details. 

7 – Smash Balloon 

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

The following plugin on the list is Smash Balloon. This plugin allows you to display feeds from multiple social media platforms and is extremely easy to set up and use. 

Furthermore, you can display the feeds entirely as per your needs and requirements. Hence, you can create a stunning social media feed widget to engage your website visitors and increase your social media follower count. 

8 – Enjoy Social Feed Plugin for WordPress

Enjoy Social Feed Plugin is another fantastic plugin that helps you add social feeds to your WordPress website. It is a one-stop solution for displaying hashtag content from Instagram and public Instagram accounts.

The plugin provides a responsive widget that adjusts itself according to any screen type. And to make your website more organised, it also allows you to use the Carousel and Grid widget in the dedicated section.  

Both of the styles have their benefits. Grid provides an equal display to each post so that visitors can look at various social media content at once.  

On the other hand, you can use the Carousel widget to display an enlarged content view. You can use it to illustrate your brand’s story or showcase various products under a similar category.

9 – Candy Social Widget

Candy Social Wordpress Widget

The last WordPress plugin on the list is – Candy Social Widget. Candy Social Widget is a fantastic WordPress plugin that provides you with a social media widget for your WordPress plugin. 

It helps you to use social media feed for WordPress. It has a vast list of compatible social media platforms. Hence you never face a shortage of content websites. 

And as there, you will be able to display content from various social media platforms. You also provide a sneak into your social media presence to your visitors. 

If they like the content, they also can follow you on the respective social media platforms. 

You can maximise the usage of social media feed for WordPress by including social profile widgets, about me widgets, and more. 

All these widgets help you in establishing social media presence and increase your followers. 

After all, in this age of social media, these platforms also help determine the brand’s reputation and quality. More followers mean – better brand reputation and quality.

10 – Miappi Social Media Wall

Miappi Social Media Wall plugin helps users unite all social media posts and displays them on your website. 

The plugin collects all social media posts and showcases them as one unified presentation allowing users to convey their message to more audiences.

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You can create an attractive and appealing social media wall on your website using this social media feeds WordPress plugin and enhance the visuals of your website. 

Furthermore, you can customise the widget as per your need and add grace to your widget. All these measures help you make a good impression on your visitors and add beauty to your website.

With the moderation feature, you can remove all unwanted and irrelevant content from your post and keep it related to your business. 

Moderation also helps you display the best of the social media content on your website to maintain the quality of your website.

11 – Social Blend

Social Blend Wordpress Feed Plugin

Social Blend is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows users to showcase engaging feeds and content on their respective websites. 

The plugin automatically fetches all social media feeds from your desired source and showcases them on your website without any hassle. 

This social media feeds plugin for WordPress covers most of the major social media platforms; hence you do not have a shortage of the content to display on the website. 

It allows you to fetch the content using a username and hashtag. So if you are looking to run a hashtag campaign to draw more attention to it and capture as much of the audience as possible, then this plugin is especially suitable for you. 

It provides infinite scroll, hence holding the visitor longer on your website and keeping them engaged. And with the responsive grid, visitors from using any device will be able to view your content. 

Custom CSS, analytics are some of the other features of this social media feeds plugin for WordPress.

Closing Note 

Your social media follower count determines not just your fame on various social media platforms but also decides how likely you are to get more conversions and sales in the long run. 

Being a significant marketing touchpoint in the current digital landscape, paying attention to your social media followers is mandatory since they can be your business’s most prominent influencers and brand advocates. 

Even though we emphasise a lot on social media and social media marketing, it is still underutilised. Social media offers a lot more than we reap from you. 

Using social media platforms within its boundaries is a bright idea, but using it beyond is a more innovative way to utilise these platforms. 

And this is where the strategy to embed social media feeds on the website comes into play. And while you are using a WordPress website, you can use social media feeds WordPress plugin to ease the process and enjoy excellent benefits. 

Since you are now aware of the best social media plugins for WordPress, choose the one that suits you best and get set to take off!

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